Stop Reading the News


Title: Do not follow the news

Author: Rolf Dubli

Translators: Adel Ferdowsipour, Behzad Tavakoli, Ali Shahrooz

Publisher: Cheshmeh

Subject: Attitude, life skills, negativity

Age category: Adult

Cover: Paperback

Number of pages: 142 p

Language: Farsi



“Stop Reading the News” is the latest Rolf Dubli work to be released in 2019. This book, like other Dublin works on life skills, is written with a psychological view of mass media and negativity.

Introducing the book Do Not Follow the News by Rolf Dubli
It seems difficult and impossible to put aside the news and get rid of the bustling media world. But in order to get rid of this addiction, you need to be aware of its harms and get acquainted with the mechanism of the media. Following the news wastes your time, plays on your emotions, and most importantly, distracts you.

Rolf Dubli, author of Do Not Follow the News, advises that instead of reading time management books, try a more efficient method, which is to leave the news.

Do not follow the news about the book
The story of writing the book “Do not follow the news” dates back to 2013. When Rolf Dubli published an article on his website about the dangers of following the news, the article came to the attention of the Guardian’s then-editor, Rasbridger. After meeting with Rolf Dubli and hearing his arguments on the subject, the Guardian newspaper published an article entitled “The News is Bad for You”. This article quickly gained the attention of the audience and became one of the most read newspaper articles in the whole year. This article is the main structure of the book “Do not follow the news”. Do Not Follow the News takes a more holistic view of the issue and offers more arguments for the claim.

Rolf Dubli has stopped listening to and following the news since 2010. In the early chapters of this work, he explains how he became addicted to the news without being aware of it and was unaware of its intangible harms. He started the news with a 30-day program, describing it as a tough 30-day period. He says:
“After thirty days you will reach an important turning point: you will find that you have not lost any useful information despite staying away from the news. As you will not lose anything in the future. If something really important happens, you will be informed through the specialized media, your friends, family or someone you are talking to. When you hang out with your friends. Ask them if something important has happened in the world. This will be a great question to start the conversation. What is their usual answer? “Not really, no.”

Some of the chapters of the book “Follow the News” are:
How I put the news aside
News for the mind is like sugar for the body
News outside your competence
Following the news is a waste of time
The news confuses the big picture
The news confirms our mistakes
News is a barrier to thinking
Journalists make news
The news gives us the illusion of empathy
Not convinced?
So what about democracy?
Do not follow the news about Rolf Dubli, the author of the book
So far, three books by Rolf Dubli have been translated in Iran, and he is a well-known name in the field of psychology and life skills. Rolf Dubli gained much of his fame in 2011 after the publication of The Art of Clear Thinking. Dubli was born in 1966 in Switzerland. He is a graduate of philosophy and ambivalence and holds a doctorate in economics. He is also an entrepreneur and co-founder of getAbstract. This website publishes short and useful summaries of various books.

Among the works of Rolf Dubli that have been translated into Persian, we can mention the books “The Art of Clear Thinking” and “The Art of Living Well”.

Stop Reading the News

In a part of the book, do not follow the news, we read
Pseudo-knowledge suppresses our creativity. This is one of the reasons that mathematicians; Writers, composers and entrepreneurs often reach their most creative achievements at a young age. Their minds can roam freely in a vast and pristine space and create and pursue new ideas.

I do not know a single creative person who is addicted to the news; No writer, composer, mathematician, physicist, scientist, musician, architect or painter is like that. On the other hand, I know extremely immoral people who consume a huge amount of news.
Why is this so? No matter what the question, problem, or responsibility you have, the first idea that comes to mind is usually the one you have heard before. Early ideas are rarely creative. For this reason, before reading a book or a long article, I take a few minutes and force myself to have my own thoughts in the field of discussion. It’s hard work but it’s worth it because I know that as soon as I start reading, the writer’s thoughts will fill my mind and take away my ability to cultivate personal thoughts and ideas. But if, after personal reflection, I am gradually immersed in the book, then I can compare the author’s thoughts with my own. Sometimes they are in harmony.

Sometimes not, what is needed is to turn the reading experience into a mental dialogue with the author. This trick is very effective in dealing with long books and articles, but not for the news. News is designed with exactly the intention that you can not cultivate your thoughts. You get stunned before you move on from the first house. The news is glamorous, fast-paced, and immensely simplified. That is, the ideal food for thoughtless consumption.
The repressive effect of news on creativity may be related to a simpler issue that we have already discussed: Focus. Creativity requires focus. If the news keeps distracting you. You can not come up with new ideas. In the words of Friedrich Nietzsche, “to give birth to dancing stars requires a little peace and quiet in the maternity ward.”

The counter-argument I usually hear is that if we simply pursue information that fits our scope of competence and ignore everything else; We eliminate the possibility of unexpected discoveries. But we overestimate the unexpected.

News is toxic to our minds
Rolf Dubli does not follow the news in his book. He believes that the content of the news is selective. This has led to the formation of misconceptions in the minds of the audience, and beliefs are the main cause of misconceptions in people.

According to Dubli, news is toxic to our minds and like sugar to the body. News closes the way of thinking, kills creativity and destroys our peace of mind. Do not follow the news book helps you to think better and you can improve your quality of life and live regardless of the margins.

Why not follow the news book was noticed by the audience?
Do not follow the news book is a valuable and rich book for the audience, which has had a positive effect on their lives. Also, the double pen has been considered in their writing and selected topics. The simple and fluent translation of Adel Ferdowsipour and his colleagues has made it easy for readers to understand the concepts of the book Do Not Follow the News and enjoy reading it.

Book Review Critics Do not follow the news
Do not follow the news in the book. Dubli believes that news is poison for the mind and soul. But for some critics, people are just looking for news that matters in their lives. Fewer people follow the news of the world and the Middle East on a daily basis. Critics express their criticism in such a way that Dubli describes the word addiction in an exaggerated way in the book Do Not Follow the News.

They say, “Imagine a law that has been enforced in the country since today, and people unknowingly violate it because they do not know it, so if they put all the news aside and get on with their daily lives, the double word is not true.” But critics also understand Dubli. Because today, due to the corona virus, people are pursuing deaths, vaccines, etc., and excessive stress is sitting in their body and soul.

Audience Comments Do not follow the news about the book
From the point of view of the audience of the book, do not follow the news, it has touched on exactly what the society needs today. A society that is immersed in daily news and moment by moment, and like a glutton of time, destroys us. They believe that Dubli boldly critiques the daily news rationally and writes his words meticulously and with a more open mind.

Although half the audience found the book appealing to them at first because of the translator’s name, Adel Ferdowsipour’s fame was not unreasonable for not following the news. Some have read this book and come to the conclusion that the more immediate the news, the more insignificant it is. Audiences consider this book superior to other double books. Of course, some of them also criticized it. It is said that when we live in a country where all the events in the world and so on affect our livelihood, then it is not possible to stay away from the news.

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