Never Let Me Go


Title: Never Leave Me

Author: Kazuo Ish Guru

Translator: Hamila Qaraguzlu

Publisher: Nik Farjam

Subject: English stories

Age category: Adult

Number of pages: 286

Language: Farsi



Book Introduction Never Let Me Go

Never Let Me Go is the original title of Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro, published in 2005 and its style is considered sci-fi, but love also has a special place in this novel. A writer who was born in Nagasaki, Japan, but his family immigrated to England when he was five years old. Ishiguro’s books bear no resemblance to Japanese literature, and he publishes his novels in English. He himself admits that he is not very familiar with Japanese literature.

The novel Never Leave Me with its strange story is a book about taking refuge in love and to some extent taking refuge in art. The story from which a film was made in 2010. Andrew Garfield also plays a role in this film and it can be said that it is one of the good films made from books.
The novel was nominated for a Booker Prize in 2005 and was named Time Magazine of the Year by the same year. Also in 2017, Kazuo Ishiguro won the Nobel Prize. Describing Ishiguro’s work, the Nobel laureate writes: “One who, in his novels, has discovered, with great emotional charge, an abyss beneath our unrealistic sense of interaction with the outside world.”

In the back of the book, Never Leave Me, we read:

The book is one of Ishiguro’s best-selling works in the world, but not because of the romance that takes place there, but because of the efforts of its protagonists to taste life despite the painful fate that has overshadowed their fate.

Never leave the book
The story of this novel – set in the late 1990s in England – is told by Katie H. and is about students who grow up with a specific goal in a special school called Hillsham. Katie, who narrates the novel, has been working as a nurse for 11 years now and has the great privilege of choosing her own patients. During this selection, the patient reaches out to his two old friends, Ruth and Tom. The children he grew up with in Hillsham. Ruth is a close friend of Katie and Tom was a boy with strange behaviors. Tom was always harassed, but over time he developed a close relationship with Katie and Ruth to such an extent that the relationship between the three became very complicated.

When Katie meets her friends,

She begins to review her memories and recounts the days they spent in Hillsham. When they both knew what awaited them and did not know. It tells of strange days and strange things that happened at school. That they should have a weekly medical examination in Hillsham and avoid anything that might harm their health. For example, smoking in school was a great crime.
I’m sure they would have preferred us never to know of something called a cigarette; But since this was not possible, every time there was a mention of smoke and cigarettes, they preached to us in vain. (Never Leave Me by Kazuo Ishiguro – Page 93)

There are many things that school children avoid doing. Mostly because they themselves are not interested in doing it or a horror story prevents them. The upside downness and hearing of the children is such that the reader is amazed and feels that there is something wrong with the workplace. And there really is a problem, but you have to be patient and gradually understand the story.

Painting, crafting, and the like are some of the things that are very important to Hillsham’s supervisors. Each time the children do a lot of work, “Madame” comes and selects the best work and takes it to the “gallery”. But the children have discovered something strange about Madame: Madame is afraid of them. An adult woman who is highly respected by all caregivers but is afraid of children! what is the reason?
* The following are excerpts from the book about the purpose of the Hillsham School, but do not refer to the main points of the book. If you are sensitive to exposing parts of the story, it is best not to read it.

The specific goal of Hillsham School is for children to grow up to donate organs.

All of them must sooner or later donate their bad organs, and if they have a good chance of donating a third or fourth organ, they will survive.

Planned for your life. First you grow up, then before you grow old, even before you reach middle age, you start donating your vital organs. That is why you came into being. (Never Leave Me by Kazuo Ishiguro – Page 110)
As mentioned at the beginning of this article, this novel has a science-fiction story. The children of Hillsham School are not really human beings, but simulations created for a specific purpose. In appearance, they all look like human beings and even understand a feeling like love, but they are modeled on human beings. This is what makes them afraid when they go to school.

This is what keeps school principals away from smoking, and this is what makes these children unable to have children. But it is not clear in the story exactly how these children came to be or who they were modeled on. Instead of addressing this issue, the story is about love and trying to experience life.

Summary of the book Never leave me

Never Leave Me is a work by Kazuo Ishiguro. The novel takes place in a world where clones of humans are made to donate their organs in adulthood.
The novel follows the life story of Katie. A clone that is being raised in a school for the future. This book is a reminder of memories. Katie is now one year old and preparing for her first organ donation.

For the past eleven years, she has worked as a nurse at the Clones Hospital to care for them among their organ donations.
Katie remembers the time she had in Hillsham. Two of his most important friends are Roth, a charismatic but lying man, and Tommy, a kind but mischievous boy who hates the rest of the students. Katie recalls many anecdotes about why her relationship with the two has changed over time.

Roth is an unrivaled female bluffer

In the story Never Leave Me, Helishem is a place that places a lot of emphasis on art, writing and other forms of creativity. Suddenly, a mysterious lady named Madame arrives and selects the best works of art to be placed in the gallery. Tommy has no talent issues like this and never had anything to do with being in a gallery. This is part of the reason why he’s immoral. One day when she was thirteen, Ms. Lucky, the teacher and bodyguard, told her that it was okay if she was not creative, because it did not matter at all, and Katie was very shocked.

Katie also remembers many stories about Roth lying. At one point, Roth pretended to be very good at chess. While he knew nothing about chess. At other times he pretended that his new rigidity was in fact a gift from his teacher, but in fact he had bought it for himself. Katie was a good friend of Roth. When Katie lost the tape containing Katie’s favorite song (Never Leave Me), Roth helped her find it.


Never let me go forward with love. One day Ms. Lucky tried to explain to the children how difficult and tragic their lives would be when they donated. However, students could not analyze this information. At the age of 16, Tommy and Roth began dating. Katie was jealous but tried to hide her feelings for Tommy. A few months after Roth and Tommy were together, the students graduated and were sent to live in huts. Where students can drive and do whatever they want.

In the cottages, Roth succeeds in impressing the older students. Two older students, Chrissy and Rodney, take Katie Roth and Tommy on a trip to Norfolk because they believe they have found the original copy of Roth from which it was cloned.
During the trip, Chrissy and Rodney talk about the rumor of love between two students who postponed their donation to be together for a few more years. No one had heard of the program, but Roth pretended to know everything about it.

The story of Tommy’s death

Tommy and Katie break away from the rest of the band and, at Tommy’s suggestion, go to the music store to look for the tape that Katie lost years ago. They spend emotional moments there. Roth realizes this and tries to break their relationship. He tells Tommy that Katie does not like his paintings and tells Katie that Tommy will never fall in love with an ordinary girl like him.

In this situation, Katie voluntarily leaves the huts to be trained in nursing. Years later, he hears that Helisham School is closed and learns from an old friend that Roth has begun his donation and is acting poorly. That’s why she volunteered to be Roth’s nurse.
Roth asks Katie to take him on a boat trip for a few hours, and he agrees. He learns that Tommy has also started donating and that his recovery center is near the boat. When they reunite, Roth apologizes to them for separating and asks them to postpone the donation so they can spend more years together. And gives them the address of Madame who she hopes can help.

About Kazuo Ishiguro

Kazuo Ishiguro was born in Nagasaki, Japan in 1954 and immigrated to England as a child. He studied English philosophy and language in England and wrote his first book, The Pale Landscape of the Hills, based on his dissertation. The use of Japanese culture in the novels he writes in English is a feature of his writing.

According to critics, Ishiguro’s novels are a combination of the works of Jane Austen, Frances Kafka and Marcel Proust. He does not follow anyone and creates his own aesthetic world. Ishiguro creates worlds that give a larger picture of the historical themes, the way of governing and the behavior of the people, just when its readers are in indefinite periods of world history.

Kazuo Ishiguro writing style

Ishiguro’s books are minimalist prose about the reaction of humans in different situations. Depending on the time period and the country in which the characters live, their position in society changes. The strength of the novel is that it is read on a deeper level and is communicated by different generations. This feature of the novel makes it suitable for addressing philosophical issues in a more fundamental, profound, and universal way.

Ishiguro is reluctant to write about morality in his novels. It is by talking about emotions that some aspects of being human are highlighted. He does not seek to tell his readers what to do or not to do, but to show how it feels to be in that situation.
The connections between the characters are important in Ishiguro’s novels; Because by describing these connections, a more natural characterization takes place. In his view, these relationships should be realistic and genuine, and instead of a stereotypical and standard relationship, they should represent a surprising and astonishing relationship. The memories, conscience and worldview of these characters are at the center of the story. These characters come to life through the audience’s mind, so the worlds presented by the novel affect the audience’s mental worlds in many ways.

Ishiguro’s works are in beautiful harmony with his worldview.

One of the things that has always been interesting to Ishiguro is that humans live in small and large worlds at the same time;
They all have a personal space in which they have to strive for love and happiness, but this space inevitably overlaps with the larger world; A world ruled by politics or even anti-urban worlds. Humans live simultaneously in worlds large and small, and none of them can be ignored.

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