The Call Of The Wild


Title: Wild Sounds

Author: Jack London

Translator: Arezoo Alizadeh

Publisher: Rain Rain

Subject: American stories

Age category: Adult

Cut: paperback

Cover: Paperback

Number of pages: 152

Language: Farsi



The Call Of The Wild is arguably Jack London’s most famous and popular work; The book, published in 1903 and still being translated into more than 70 languages ​​and selling millions of copies, is still in print as a worldwide bestseller.
The Call Of The Wild is one of London’s most influential books. It tells the story of a domestic dog who, at the hands of the times, escapes from the harsh Klondike environment during the time of the gold diggers’ invasion of the Yukon State. An unnatural fate that causes a civil war in his mind to forget the innocence and security of life in the master’s house and become his real self, the predatory wolf in the wild forest. Just the opposite of “White Tooth” in which “London” introduces the dog-wolf through the wolf to the human world.
The beautiful atmosphere created by the author’s high imagination and the adventurous stories that indirectly criticize the American capitalist system and subject the capitalist order to the law of the wolves, double the beauty of this story and fascinate anyone reading a novel.
In The Sound of the Beast, Jack London tries to enter the mysterious world of a loyal dog and take the moment of his life with him.
Throughout history, writing has not usually been the so-called “bread and water” for the writer, or at least during his lifetime, but for many it has also been the starting point of a new and good life; Jack London, a popular American author, is one of them. He was the first successful American working-class writer whose sweet, fluent writing style, and ability to write more than a thousand words a day led to the creation of many famous works in 18 years.
His prolific work can be easily seen in the 51 books and several hundred articles he has published. With a monthly income of $ 25,000, which he earns from writing and selling his material, he was the most expensive as well as the most widely read American author of his time, and even at the end of his life, his income doubled as the President of the United States. His famous works include “The Voice of the Beast”, “White Teeth” and “Sea Wolf”.

In a part of the book “Sound of the Beast” we read:
Finally, the day of John’s losing the kind and cheerful heart came. Card, who had given his pistol to the woman in exchange for food, struck the animal lying on the road with an ax, then removed it from the sledge, pulled its carcass, and carried it to the side of the road. Buck and other dogs who saw such scenes knew that this was their future. The next day Kuna died and only five other dogs were alive;
Joe, weak in his power to do evil, and Pike limping, his consciousness so low that he was no longer in trouble, Solex, with one eye, continued to sled sincerely, but tormented by his inability to sled. He cried and cried.
Tick, who was fresher because he did not travel in the winter, was more exhausted than the others due to his inexperience. Although Buck was still the leader of the dogs, he no longer wanted to force order among the dogs, and he was so weak that he could not even see the front of his legs, and only touched the path by walking on the road. Takes forward.

In The Sound of the Beast, Jack London depicts scenes that he has seen most with his own eyes, and the protagonists of his stories are taken from real characters. From this novel, several films and series have been made and it is considered as one of the most popular and influential Jack London novels.
The Call of the Wild is arguably Jack London’s most famous and popular work; The book, published in 1903 and still being translated into more than 70 languages ​​and selling millions of copies, is still in print as a worldwide bestseller.
Buck has a different journey this time, he goes from the human environment to the wildlife. In his other novel, White London, Jack London tells the story of a wolf-dog that enters the human world through a wolf. These two novels have been called “dog novels” by Jack London.
Buck is a popular domestic dog who travels to the Yukon State after adventures in the harsh Klondike environment during a gold digger invasion. The book The Sound of the Beast was a account of a trip to Clandike and the story of a wolf dog named Buck, who, after serving his masters, his loyalties, and his caresses and sufferings, feels a pull to the forest environment and only to the love of his kind master. He stays among the people, and as soon as his master is killed by a group of natives, he goes to the forest to join his ancestral life and to shout among the forest brothers.
American writer Jack London himself had traveled extensively to the snowy northern lands. From the experience of his risky travels, he wrote stories that were translated into different languages ​​and immortalized his name and the characters of his works.
Jack London was born into a poor family in San Francisco, USA. He had little formal education and learned everything himself and read many literary works in the Auckland Public Library. Many of his stories are tied to nature and wildlife. In 1897 he sailed with the gold diggers to Dawson in the Yukon, and this adventurous voyage is reflected in his novels. In The Sound of the Beast, he has tried to enter the mysterious world of a faithful dog and accompany the moments of his life with his soul.

In another part of the book, we read:
The day Buck’s life changed, just like all the other days he lived at Judge Miller’s house in California, began. Early in the morning, the lively and agile judge called Buck to go for a walk together.
“Good morning, buck, how are you my dear dog?” Buck nodded in response, his big head covered in gray hair. He had inherited his large body – about seventy-five kilograms – from his father; A dog of the San Bernardino breed. But it was his Scottish mother who gave him his wolf-like nose and jaws.
Buck and Judge secretly hit the stalls and the dogs’ nests; Where smaller dogs seemed to stare at the buck. The two judge’s sons, who were swimming in the pool, asked Buck to jump into the water. But he preferred to walk heavily and dignified with his best friend. The last stop of the judge and buck was next to the garden flowers to see closely the latest flowers of the autumn season. Manuel, the gardener’s assistant, smiled when he saw Buck. Only he knew that this was the last day of the arrogant tame animal walking under the hot sun of Judge Miller’s estate.
After dinner, the buck sat in front of Miller facing the wall heater and watched the flames. The old man speaks to her as if he were talking to someone else: “Buck, you know, the gold rush has driven people crazy. They leave their homes and families and move north to the same capital, where they can not stand the cold and living in a semi-civilized country. “Even now, in 1897, many people are willing to do anything for money.”
That same night, Manuel, distressed by the heavy losses, showed how right he was with the judge.
Jack London, the most expensive writer of his time
Jack London is a highly successful author in American classical literature whose work reflects nineteenth- and twentieth-century America. Jack London Jack London was born in January 1876 in San Francisco to a poor family. The family’s financial problems caused him to work hard in a factory as a child. After experiencing various jobs as a laborer, he went to Japan by ship, which brought him many experiences. After this trip, when Jack London returned to Auckland, where he lived, he decided to go to the University of California. He worked hard but left the university unfinished after a year due to financial problems.
After leaving school, he joined a group traveling to a Canadian city. Jack London fell ill on the trip and was treated by a doctor. Returning to his hometown, he pursued writing in earnest and, inspired by his illness in Canada, wrote The Firefighter. In the United States, under the influence of the political and social conditions of the society, he pursued the idea of ​​socialism and published his short stories in local magazines in order to earn money.
After a while, Jack London’s works became very popular and he became one of the most expensive writers of his time. Jack made a lot of money writing and became a successful writer. In his mid-twenties, he bought four square miles of land in California and engaged in farming. Jack London died in November 1916 and was buried in his own queen. The land is now Jack London Historical Park and is administered by the US Government. There are more than 50 books and articles left, many of which have been translated into Persian. His books include The Sound of the Beast, White Teeth, Martin Aiden, and The Round Star.
The Voice of the Beast was written and published more than a century ago; But the character of his narrator, a dog named Buck, is a representation of the oppression that history and human nature have inflicted on them. At least in the last half century, there does not seem to be a place in the world where “dogs” are burned and their carcasses are left in the desert! Listen to the voice of the beast to see how Jack London tells his story of praising life and surviving in difficult conditions in the language of a “dog”.

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