La Trahison d’Einstein


Title: Einstein’s Betrayal

Author: Eric Emmanuel Schmidt

Translator: Shahla Haeri

Publisher: drops

Subject: French play

Age category: Adult

Number of pages: 98

Language: Farsi



La Trahison d’Einstein by Eric Emmanuel Schmidt was published in 2014.

This is a readable play that has been performed several times on the theater stage to date. This play is an interesting and thought-provoking dialogue between a poor wanderer and Nobel laureate Albert Einstein on the shores of a lake in New Jersey, USA. In this work, Einstein shares his concerns about the Nazis building an atomic bomb with this tour. In humorous and comedic language, he expresses his inner conflict and remorse for the role he may play in spreading the war.

About Eric Emmanuel Schmidt

Eric Emmanuel Schmitt French-Belgian writer, philosopher and playwright Eric Emmanuel Schmitt was born on March 28, 1960 in Lyon, France. He grew up in an athletic family and became interested in writing after attending a theater as a teenager. Also, he continued his studies in philosophy at the Sorbonne University until his doctorate and taught at the school for some time, and started writing in the nineties and published glorious and readable books. In 2001, he published the play “Ibrahim Agha and the Flowers of the Qur’an”, which sold more than 200,000 copies in France.

خیانت انیشتین

Eric Emmanuel Schmidt addresses fundamental issues at the heart of specific stories, usually created in a surreal setting.

His works have been translated into more than 30 languages ​​and have been performed in more than 50 countries. The author has a distinguished track record and to date has received several international awards, including the Balzac Academy Award, the Goncourt Prize, and a number of academic awards in Ukraine, Canada, and Poland. Among his works that have been translated into Persian are “Mysterious Song”, “Fiery Night”, “Petty Crimes of Marriage” and “My Gospels”.

Translation of Einstein’s book of betrayal into Persian

The book “Einstein’s Betrayal” written by “Eric Emmanuel Schmidt” has been published by Qatreh Publications and translated by “Shahla Haeri” in 2014. “Shahla Haeri”, the translator of this work, has completed her studies in the field of communication sciences and French literature and comparative literature, and is teaching at the university. He has translated many French plays in his repertoire, some of which include “Bread”, “A Beautiful Rainy Day”, “Who is Mr. Schmidt?”, “Human Voice and Pocket Theater” and “Fear and Shiver”. ».

In a part of La Trahison d’Einstein book of betrayal we read:
Einstein: Do you like war?

Tramp: As if to ask me, I love death. Sir, I did not win the Nobel Prize, not even the Nobel Prize for begging or stabbing, so I do not pursue stupid questions. War comes to an end, whether you like it or not, there is no escaping it. Like death.

Einstein: Wrong. War is not the only way to resolve disputes. I prefer negotiation, raising morale. While for centuries the training of the people has been entrusted to the armies. Why else. Read textbooks. General praise and praise of Marzoboom. From the monarchy, from the nation. Praise to the victorious emperors, to the clever commanders, these monsters who leave thousands of corpses behind. They talk about their victories with trumpets, when these victories are in fact the defeat of humanity. Your son obeyed the government.

What is the job of the government?

Protecting people, giving people the opportunity to make their dreams come true through their jobs, their art, their families. The government should be our servant, not our slave. Man should be at the peak of dignity and his life should be holy and honorable. In my opinion, when the government forces us to carry out military operations, it commits an illegal act, and when it forces us to kill and shed blood, it commits an immoral act. In this case, he betrayed his mission. I do not want war like you. Fighting for peace means inspiring the spirit of understanding and causing a moral revolution.

Stray: How?
Einstein: First, nationalist sentiments must be eliminated, because this love of self, for example, leads to hatred of others. Second, the youth must be persuaded not to serve in the army. Isn’t it better to use this time and money to train brains for whom life is honorable and valuable? Third, the industry that secretly supports nationalism must be destroyed. In this case, I believe that one should not act half-heartedly.

Complete end, permanent disarmament.

Governments must relinquish their independence and military power for the benefit of the League of Nations. In the event of a dispute, comply with the ruling of the International Court of Justice. Our future depends on the world government. In this case, humanity becomes what we desire. And one day, one day away, perhaps, but one day, the war will be completely gone, and even his word, instead of frightening anyone, will only remind us of the incredible madness of our ancestors.

Introducing La Trahison d’Einstein Betrayal by Eric Emanuel Schmidt
On the shores of a lake in New Jersey, two strange people meet and sympathize with each other. One is Albert Einstein. The other is a tramp who is fighting against society.

For this Muharram, Einstein reveals his accidental secret of dilemma and hesitation.

As a fighter for peace, Einstein knew the dire consequences of his theoretical work and feared that Hitler and the Nazis would build the first atomic bomb. Should he ignore his conviction and warn Roosevelt that the United States will win this arms race? What if the FBI starts suspecting him of being a German, a left-wing fan … and maybe even a traitor?

In this clever, serious, and sometimes hilarious comedy, Eric Emmanuel Schmidt portrays the moral struggle of a genius and inventor who is at loggerheads over his invention of a machine to destroy the world.

Another part of Einstein’s book Betrayal

Einstein: Well? Did you enjoy the show? Stray: It was amazing. Yacht, dazzling light on the lake, your speed line on the water … I thought at least five times that you should turn left. Einstein: Wow, thank you … At least I did not bother myself. Stray: Because they can handle it. Einstein: What? Sleeping on the waves or turning my body? Stray: To be interested in a sport in which you have as much talent as an elephant to dance. If I was so clumsy, I would give up. Einstein: I have been shipping for many years. Tramp: Wow … Einstein: I enjoy resisting anything. Stray: In this case, your choice was correct. You will not be bored with the wind. EINSTEIN: Breaking the waves makes me comfortable. Like playing the violin.

Excerpts from Einstein’s Betrayal Audio Show:

Patriotism is a childish disease, the chicken pox of humanity.- The world is not destroyed by those who do evil, by those who watch indifferently.
– Emotional adventures are more dangerous than war: in battle, one is not killed more than once, in love several times.
– Stupidity has a better chance to be believed and repeated, until it becomes something normal and takes on the color of truth. Splitting the atom is easier than bias.
– He asks himself questions that no one has ever asked himself and sometimes finds answers to them. This is what makes a genius out of two! It distinguishes us.

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