Creative writing


Title: Creative Writing

Author: Adele Ramet

Translator: Asieh Ranjbar

Publisher: Noda

Subject: Writing

Age category: All ages

Number of pages: 236

Language: Farsi

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Introducing the book Creative Writing by Adele Ramet
Creative writing is a short but heartfelt work (Adele Ramet); She is a short story writer, columnist for women’s magazines and local newspapers in the UK and abroad.
In this book, Ramet paves the way for writers who are looking to strengthen their work or are just starting out, by pointing to the most subtle points and components of a story.

Ramet quickly gets to the heart of the matter and incorporates the most points into the shortest sentences. In creative writing, he considers not only writers of fiction, but also writers of non-fiction texts and journalists. .

Ramet tries to make the writing process simple and accessible. However, it does not ignore the subtleties and sensitivities of this creation. Ramet points to the common features of human beings that are the main tools of writing. As a result, it gives young writers the strength of heart to realize their dream of writing with the coherent and organized steps it gives them, and …
Adele Ramet has had tremendous success as a writer of short and complex stories in fiction and non-fiction articles.

With a highly experienced degree in creative writing and a bachelor’s degree in education, he is an important speaker at writing workshops and literary festivals across the country.
When I first started writing this book, the word creative writing conjured up a picture of a novice writer. Only a handful of students in the classrooms were creative in their writing or had an understanding of how the publishing industry works.

But things have changed dramatically over the last few years, and each time I start a new course, I find that students have become much more aware of the writing industry. The further we go, the more it seems that students are witnessing writing competitions on television or listening to radio programs about writing taste. Students are increasingly studying for a Creative Writing degree, becoming members of book clubs, and being equipped with a world of information on authors’ websites.

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