Moein dictionary


Title: Moein dictionary

Author: Mohammad Moin

Publisher: Milad

Subject: Glossary

Age category: Adult

Cover: hardcover

Number of pages: 3 volumes

Language: Farsi



Moin dictionary is one of the important dictionaries of Persian words that was formed about 5 decades ago and the developments of the last 5 decades have caused a lot of information to be missing.

Dr. “Mohammad Moein”, the author of this culture, believes that no complete culture should and can not be the work of one person. In his culture, Moin has used 300,000 receipts provided by a group of talented friends and over 400 students over a period of 20 years.

According to the public relations of the Islamic Propaganda Organization, certain culture has been compiled in six volumes and has been published many times in Iran and includes the following sections:
A: General cultures include the following books:
No. 1- Culture (detailed) Persian language and literature which has been compiled for scientists and researchers and will include several volumes.
No. 2 – (Great) Persian culture, which has been written for students, teachers and orientalists and will include several volumes.
No. 3 – (Medium) Persian culture, which has been compiled in four volumes for students, writers, speakers, businessmen, Iranologists, etc.
No. 4 – (Small) Persian culture, which is a summary of culture number 3 in one volume, for students and those who know the limits.
No. 5 – (Short) Persian culture, which is short for Farhang No. 4 in a small volume for junior high school students and those who are aware of the limits.
No. 6- Persian (pocket) culture, which is a summary of No. 5 culture in a pocket volume, is for beginners and other interested people.
B: Cultures specific to Persian language and literature, including the following books:
Persian culture in terms of etymology and lexicography
Persian culture in terms of Persian grammar
Persian culture in terms of different pronunciations and their history
Persian culture in terms of spelling (calligraphy)
Culture of corrections and distortions
Synonymous and contradictory culture
Persian culture in terms of the history of using words
Persian dictionary in terms of the use of words
A: Thematic cultures include the following books:
Culture of Persian prose
Art culture
Natural culture
Medical culture

A certain (average) dictionary consists of 3 parts: words, foreign compounds and its announcement.
A- Vocabulary section includes (materials, spelling, pronunciation, principle and root, grammar, meanings and concepts, evidence and proverbs, synonyms and antonyms, explanations and words approved by the Academy)

B- The section of foreign compounds includes (spelling materials, pronunciation, origin and roots, grammar, meanings and descriptions of declarations, evidences, explanations, histories, names approved by the Academy). Iranian, Arabic, Turkish, Mongolian, Hindi and European languages ​​used in Persian (both eloquent and slang) and knowledge of pronunciation, knowledge of the roots and derivation, and combinations and combinations of words.
Due to an untimely stroke, the final sections of the announcement were left unfinished, which were later completed by Dr. Jafar Shahidi and added to the collection.

According to experts in this field, the definitions of science in the Persian dictionary “Mohammad Moin” are related to 30 years ago, which does not meet the needs of the client and needs to be updated like other dictionaries.
For example, these experts use the word “population” in this six-volume dictionary and say: “By referring to this word, we realize that the population information of Iran 30-40 years ago is below this entry.”
Abdolkarim Jafari, who founded Amirkabir Publications in 1328, wrote in his book “In Search of the Morning”: In the initial negotiations with Dr. Moin, this culture was to be published in a volume of 1500 to 1600 pages, of which 1000 to 1100 pages are included. Vocabulary and 500 to 600 pages should be included.
Amirkabir Publishing, which is the publisher of this work, says that after 45 years, it has always felt responsible for the Persian culture of “Mohammad Moin” and therefore, since eight years ago, it has held many meetings to address criticisms and suggestions regarding the re-editing of Moin culture. Has taken place, has held.

Amirkabir Publications has reprinted Mohammad Moin Persian culture 25 times so far and has not presented a new edition of it during these years.
“Mohammad Dehdashti”, the cultural advisor of Amirkabir Publishing Institute, says in this regard: “Amirkabir Publishing House has tried in these eight-year meetings to select a person to serve as the director of culture who has the ability to correct this culture.”
According to him, the selection of this worthy person, although the strong point of Mohammad’s Persian culture, has become its Achilles heel and has made it difficult to approach it.

As a scholar, Moin was a realistic and trustworthy person, always on the side of moderation and strongly avoided intentions. This feature caused many great figures of Iranian literature such as Allameh Dehkhoda and Nima Yoshij to continue collecting, compiling and publishing their works.

“Dimensions of life” of Dr. Moin is straightforward and clear, and this researcher has very brilliant characteristics, among which we can mention dignity and toughness, resonance of kindness, compassion, textualism as well as mastery and grammar as examples.
Dr. Moin did a great service to the literary community by providing a six-volume collection of Persian culture, while Moin culture was prepared with an innovative method and the use of different cultures and methods.

Dr. Moin, a patriot and lover of Iranian culture and literature, died in July 1971, and Lee presented a treasure trove of valuable works to Iranian culture and literature.

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