Title: Cow

Author: Gholam Hossein Saedi

Publisher: Look

Subject: Persian scripts

Age category: Adult

Number of pages: 96

Language: Farsi

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Introducing the book of cows by Gholam Hossein Saedi
it is a story whose creator, “Gholam Hossein Saedi” nicknamed “Gohar Morad” is one of the prominent contemporary Iranian writers and intellectuals. The story of “Cow” is one of the most prominent literary works left by “Gholam Hossein Saedi”, which in addition to being taught in the book of Persian literature, is also a film from the new wave cinema of the same name and based on the story of “Cow” by the famous director. Made by Dariush Mehrjoui.
In this film, he has used the great stars of Iranian cinema such as “Ezatullah Entezami”, “Ali Nasirian”, “Jafar Vali” and “Jamshid Mashayekhi” to play roles.

The story begins with portraying the great interest and intimate and close relationship of a middle-aged rural man named “Mash Hassan” with his beloved “cow”. Mash Hassan, who is married and childless,

The only valuable asset he can imagine is the “cow” he worships madly; It is as if Mash Hassan’s “cow” is the only cow in the village. But the story takes a turn for the worse, and when Mash Hassan leaves the village for a short time, his pregnant “cow” is found dead in storage.
Mesh Hassan’s friends, worried about his reaction to the incident, hide the remnants of the “cow”‘s death, and when Mesh Hassan returns, they tell him that the cow has escaped. But it is so difficult for Mash Hassan to accept this statement and face this great sorrow that he gradually suffers from psychological collapse.
The efforts of the villagers and Mash Hassan’s wife to save him from this situation and bring him back to his former life are depicted.

Gholam Hossein Saedi (born January 15, 1963, Tabriz – died December 23, 1985, Paris) was an Iranian writer and physician nicknamed Gohar Morad.

Saedi also wrote plays and was considered one of the most famous Persian playwrights after Bahram Beizai and Akbar Radi.
Saedi was considered a follower of Jalal al-Ahmad in literature and political thought; And joined it from the beginning of the formation of the Writers’ Association of Iran.
Excerpts from the book

“I am not Mashdi Hassan. And I am a cow. I am Mashdi Hassan’s cow,” Mashdi Hassan continued to chew. – Kadkhoda said: “Do not say this, Mashdi Hassan, you are Mashdi Hassan” – Mashdi Hassan fell to the ground and said: “No, I am not, I am Mashdi Hassan’s cow, Mashdi Hassan is sitting up there and watching over me.”
– Kadkhoda said: “Mashdi Hassan, you turn to God. What is the matter with you that you taught Bill? You are not a cow; you are Mashdi Hassani.” – Mashdi Hassan kicked his foot on the ground and said: “No, I am not Mashdi Hassan. Mashdi Hassan went to practice.
I am Mashdi Hassan’s cow. “- Kadkhoda said:” What kind of cow are you, Mashdi Hassan? What do you have from a cow? “Where are you going?”
Although he was stepping on his head, he was shouting at the wall until he reached the front of the priest and stood. For a few moments, his chest went up and down. Then he took his head in Kahdan and filled his mouth with fodder and came and stood on the well; Where Aslan had poured straw. With a voice that barely came out of his throat; He said, “Can’t I be a cow if I don’t have a tail? Can’t you accept me without a tail?” And he started kicking the ground with his foot.

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