Title: Union of Fools

Author: John F. Kennedy Tull

Translator: Zohreh Gholipour

Subject: American stories

Age category: Adult

Cover: Hard

Number of pages: 456

Publisher: Atisa

Language: Farsi



a-confederacy-of-dunces by John F. Kennedy Toll is the story of a boy who spends his entire life weaving philosophy. He now hates the state of his society and thinks he can change the world on his own. Despite having a master’s degree, he can not make a living for himself, but due to his mother’s insistence, he is forced to work, but he always does things that fire him.

When a true genius is found in the world, you can recognize him by this sign: All fools unite against him.

Janet Swift
The Idiots Union is the life story of a very fat and lazy boy with a green hat and yellow and blue eyes named Ignatius J. Riley who lives with his mother in New Orleans. Ignatius has a master’s degree in medieval philosophy and an idealistic spirit. He is very passive and has nothing to do but eat and sleep and write things that he thinks will change the world.
A fat and strange boy who realizes the strangeness of his behavior from the very beginning of the story and you are probably very greedy for him, but the further you go, the more you get to know his temperaments and spirits, and maybe you even fall in love with him in the end!
In the meantime, Peyman Khaksar, the translator of this work, may not be without grace in expressing Ignatius’ character: “I lived with Ignatius all the time I was translating this book. “I laughed at his actions, I was worried about him, I hated him, and finally the result of this strange experience was that I loved him like my brother.”

Ignatius has a unique wisdom that makes him unable to cope with the realities of society, he hates the current society but his mother’s insistence and desire to work makes him come out of his privacy and face society This in itself causes troubles for him and for others.

For example, while working in Levy’s pants, he encourages black workers to demonstrate and revolt because he believes that militancy and tyranny are the condition for survival, and that the world only understands the word force, but only in a ridiculous way. It ends and leads to his dismissal. Or working with a sausage cart and arguing with people, which eventually leads to his rejection by his mother and those around him.


The story of the book is told by Ignatius, who visits the cafes and streets of the city with his mother and creates events and communicates with different characters. Characters who do not meet temporarily and are present throughout the book, confirming Ignatius’s claim that the world today is a circus.
Colonel Mancuso is a clumsy undercover detective who has been deported to the bus station toilet. Novin digs into psychology, these and other characters like this, getting into parallel adventures and finally coming together like pieces of a puzzle to form a union of idiots in the society that exemplifies the present.

In this way, the only person who rushes to the aid of Ignatius is Mirna, a friend and classmate of his university, who agrees with him to some extent, and their correspondence during the story is of special interest. In the end, this girl seeks to save Ignatius.

Perhaps the book’s popularity can be compared to that of Natour Dasht, Ignatius is a modern-day Denkishot. It can be said that the Union of Idiots is one of the most comedic works written in the last century, which mocks the realities of life and is considered a first-class comedy and one of the best American literary books.
At the end of this review, we can refer to Rolling Stone’s words in introducing this book:

“The idiots’ union has been criticized everywhere and all critics have fallen in love with it. “Exceptionally, they are right this time.”

The book Union of Fools is a unique book whose name suggests the depth of the folly of the characters in the story. Agnisses is the protagonist of the son of the educated American Arajifbaf, who is immersed in his own worldview and cannot comprehend how incompatible he is with the world around him. The author well describes a lazy and critical anarchist (whose economic circumstances force him to step out of his solitude and pursue work like a madman).
The other characters in the story are Agniesz’s drunken mother, a fraudulent sausage seller, the unmotivated manager of the bankrupt Lee’s pants factory, a handcuffed police officer, and Mirna, a college student and Agnissus’s only helper. They shape the story.

Excerpts from the book a-confederacy-of-dunces

“Employers feel I’re questioning their value.” “They are afraid of me. “I guess they understand that I had to work for a century that I hate, and that was true even when I worked for the public library.”
“But Agniesz was the only time you worked after graduation. “It did not take more than two weeks.”
Agnisses aimed a paper ball at the chandelier, burping it and saying that was exactly what I meant.

“The card was just to stick a piece of paper on the books.”

” Yes. But I had my own aesthetic to stick them. Some days I just stuck to three or four labels because I wanted to be satisfied with the quality of my work.

Librarians hate my perfectionism. “They just wanted an animal to stick paper to spit on books.”

The book has a special appeal. This attraction prevents the reader from being able to let go easily. The feeling that this book gives to the reader cannot be easily overlooked; In some places the reader is stunned, there are scenes in which you smile as you read, and in other places the writer makes you laugh (especially in the last fifty pages of the book).
Throughout the story, the reader feels the concern of people who know nothing about life except breathing. Almost at the end of the book, you breathe a sigh of relief, you can not believe that even a character like Agnissus can be created, this is the beauty and masterpiece of the story. This “rightness” for Ignatius himself is a stupid thing he has to do. But as long as the reader wants to believe this correction, with Agnisses, Mirna returns to the road and takes Mirna back to her former state, which also raises Mirna’s suspicion.

“The Union of Fools is one of the funniest books ever written,” writes Republican, one of the book’s critics. “If the value of a book is measured by how much it makes you laugh, the idiots’ union is the sweetest deal of the year,” writes Time magazine, which I think is indeed the case.

The story of the publication of the a-confederacy-of-dunces
The story of the publication of this book, like its content, is a bittersweet comedy. John F. Kennedy wrote The Stupid Union at the age of 30, but ended his life when no publisher was willing to publish it. Eleven years after John F. Kennedy’s suicide, the publication of this book caused a stir in the United States, which not only won the 1981 Pulitzer Prize, but also became the most popular and greatest comedy of the century.

I confess that throughout the time I read this book, I always had the feeling that Agnissus, the same unbearable and ignorant character, is somewhere, breathing, and as if I had seen him nearby, even as if I could hear the sound of his burps. I laugh at Agniesz’s work, I worry about it, and sometimes I get disgusted with it. Of course, this feeling is not unique to me. Most of my friends who have read this book had such an opinion. I give you all a wonderful comedy book reading with a wonderful ending. You enjoy reading it. (Critique of Zahra Naseri)

The book The Union of Idiots in the form of humor expresses a bitter reality that we have all faced at least once. A society full of lies, greed, hypocrisy and hypocrisy that even if a person is found to wake up and die consciously, he is oppressed and even the closest person to him, his mother, does not understand him.
In the union of fools, corruption and injustice have grown in such a way that if anyone acts against it, not only will he not be supported, but all members of society will draw their swords against him.
In The a-confederacy-of-dunces, the author tries to portray himself as a protester of ignorance in the face of oppression and injustice. But in his real life, this story has also been established.

Because after many attempts to publish his work, when no publisher was willing to publish his book, Yas finally ended his life.

But the book was published by a university professor during the nine years of his mother’s efforts, and soon won the Pulitzer Prize and has been recognized as one of the top American literary books for the past 25 years.

Excerpts from the book a-confederacy-of-dunces
If I were to sell a building in the suburbs, I would install at least one chain on the brick walls of the duplex villas.

When suburbanites get tired of watching TV and ping pong and other things they do in their small homes, they will chain each other for a while.

Everyone will love it. The women say, “My husband chained me last night. that was perfect.

“Did your husband do this to you recently?” And the children eagerly come home from school to be chained by their mother.

Children will be helped to regain their imaginations on television, and child delinquency will be reduced.

When the father returns home from work, the whole family grabs his hands and feet and chains him because he is so stupid that he worked from morning till night to cover his expenses.
Before our nation can destroy itself, a law must be imposed on it without any reason. The United States needs some theology and geometry, a little taste and shame. Now we are stumbling on the edge of the abyss.

“You have to pay the dead man, Ignatius. Do you want to see me in prison? Aren’t you ashamed of yourself if your mother is thrown behind bars?”

“Can you please not talk about prison anymore? It seems to be on your mind. Of course, I think you enjoy thinking about it. In our age, oppression is meaningless.”

“Right at the height of their protests, I threw all the old – and, of course, uncorrected – leaflets out the window. The college was too small to accommodate such a protest against the scum of the contemporary academic world.”
“You never told me that, Ignatius.”

“I did not want to upset you at that time. I also told the students that I hope you all become barren to save the future of humanity.” “Until then, I could not see the illiteracy and misconceptions boiling in the dark minds of the students. I will be the same wherever I work.”

I do not want to see the half full. Optimism makes me nauseous. . Man, after the fall of this world, deserves only misery.

About the Author a-confederacy-of-dunces: John F. Kennedy Tull
John F. Kennedy Toll is an anonymous American author who became famous in Gore. He is the creator of his only work, The Union of Fools, which he wrote at the age of thirty, and in 1969 he died of frustration with the rejection of his novel, after no publisher had published it. His mother worked for eleven years to publish the book, until the University of Louisiana finally agreed to publish it

His book caused a stir as soon as it was published and was critically acclaimed, winning the Pulitzer Prize in 1981. According to the New York Times, the idiots’ union was precisely the publishers who, by rejecting the book, deprived us of the collection of works of one of the greatest literary geniuses.

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