Title: Elmet

Author: Fiona Mazli

Translator: Nooshin Heidari Thani

Publisher: Azarmidakht

Subject: English stories

Cover: Paperback

Cut: paperback

Number of pages: 264

Language: Farsi



Introducing the book of Elmet

Elmet by Fiona Mosley, a young English writer, was nominated for the Man Booker Prize last year for her novel Elmet.

The novel, published by Penguin Publications in 2017, tells the story of a young boy named Daniel who experiences a difficult life with his little sister Katie and his father and travels to the north of England in search of an unknown person.

In a short note to the Guardian, Moseley spoke about the book, saying that all his writing in the novel was inspired by his hometown of York, England.

York is a historic city with old walls in the north of Yorkshire in the north of England, built by the Romans.

“York is not known for its old churches or the stained glass windows of its houses, but for the cultural and literary growth of the city and its spread throughout Britain,” Mosley wrote in the memo.
“I think York is basically a mysterious play that takes place on wagons along the streets,” he said.

These scenes are well illustrated based on biblical writings or ancient documents, which I only entered in 2000 when I was 12 years old.

In York City, many groups of playwrights and actors work as amateurs and professionals, the most famous of which is the Shakespeare York Theater Group.
These groups are actively performing in this city, which has increased in number and activity since the 1950s.

“All these theatrical scenes inside theaters or in the squares and alleys of the city were more influential in my writing than any other book, and it must be said that the novel Elmet is the offspring of all these scenes,” writes Elmet is Fiona Mosley’s first novel published in 2017. In September 2017, the book was shortlisted for the 2017 Man Booker Literary Award.

The Man Booker Prize for Literature is one of the most important literary prizes in the world, awarded annually to the best new English-language novel.
Until 2014, the prize was awarded only to writers from the Commonwealth, the British and the Irish; But since 2014, all works written in English have been eligible to participate.

The name of the winner of this award is widely reported in the press, and therefore winning the Booker Prize has a great impact on book sales.

In 2005, another award that every living writer from around the world is eligible for was named the Man Booker Prize. The Russian version of the award, called the Russian Booker Prize, began in 1992

The book derives its extraordinary title from the last autonomous empire of Great Britain, which until the seventh century covered the western part of Yorkshire and its surroundings.

A quote from the poem Remains of Elm Ted Hughes is provided at the beginning of the book to describe an area that until hundreds of years later was considered a “badass” and a haven for criminals and outlaws.
The story begins with a vague recollection of a scorching scene and ends with the phrase: “The remnants of the almighty are under my feet.”

As Manderli recalled at the beginning of Daphne Dumourier’s classic masterpiece, Rebecca.
Daniel, Katie and their father are not refugees, but they have decided to move to a land that does not belong to them legally and does not recognize them, and puts a stigma on their foreheads.

The story of the book is about two children who are taken out of normal life by their boxing father. She is a beautiful giant who is like a hero to her children. And we see the world through the eyes of one of those children.

Their father decides not to send them to school anymore so that they have more freedom of action in their lives. Their mother is absent and the father builds wooden houses in the woods with his own hands. For a short time, their life in the heart of nature is very beautiful and can be described as beautifully as possible.

They live in a way that we have forgotten for years. The novel is more about those connections that we have forgotten.

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