Too much and never enough


Title: Too much and always insufficient, how my family made the most dangerous man in the world

Author: Mary L. Trump

Translator: Arash Houshangifar

Publisher: Azarmidakht

Subject: Trump, US President, family, autobiography

Age category: Adult

Cover: Paperback

Number of pages: 228 p

Language: Farsi



Too much and never enough can be considered one of the most controversial books published in 2020. This book is written by Donald Trump’s nephew and presents a new image of the forty-fifth President of the United States to the world.

Book introduction too inadequate
Trump’s nephew sparks controversy over Donald’s childhood! Mary Trump in the book Many but Insufficient: How did my family create the most dangerous man in the world ?! He deals with the life of his uncle, who is one of the most marginalized American presidents. On the first day, the book managed to record a record sales of one million copies.

Too much but not enough:

Mary Trump, the son of Donald’s older brother, uses the science of psychology to describe the problems of his famous and wealthy family and to analyze the character of his uncle, a politician and businessman. Since Mary is an experienced psychologist with a good track record in this field, her analyzes are quite principled and can be considered.

The personality of all human beings is formed in childhood; The story of Donald Trump goes back to the distant past, and the book “Too Much But Insufficient” introduces you to two generations of the Trump family to understand the depth of the tragedy and the roots of Donald’s personality problems.
In this book, you will read their family relations in interesting details and you will get acquainted with Fred Trump, who is the father of the American president. Mary considers this man to be one of the main reasons for her family problems and considers his character to be very harsh. According to Mary, her grandfather treated his wife and children cruelly, and if there was any love, it would only affect his children because of their blood relationship.

In general, the person was not interested in his children and was completely unfamiliar with the word love. This ruthless man only cared about his eldest son because he was going to take over in the future. This had a profound effect on the character of Donald, the younger son, and made him always seek his father’s attention, and this emotional need made him a violent and aggressive character.
Anti-social, violent, bullying, abusive, etc. are various titles that Mary attributes to her uncle and believes that unhealthy and inappropriate family relationships have led to Donald Trump. However, today, the United States is ruled by someone who is still struggling with family problems and has not been able to get over the broken childhood complexes.

The grandfather of this family is a key and important person; Because he has made his children strangers with love and constantly compete with each other to satisfy a father who is no more. Mary refers to Fred Trump as a full-fledged mental patient who has repeatedly abused his wife in the most brutal way possible in front of his children.

Should be mentioned; Donald Trump also made remarks about this book and did not ignore it. Donald defended his father, calling him a kind, forgiving and strict man, declaring that he had nothing to do with Mary Trump.

Who is recommended to read a lot of books but not enough?
Even if some of Mary’s claims are true, the childhood of Donald and his siblings was a nightmare, and this book can help you become more familiar with this political figure. So, if you are interested in American politics, do not miss reading this controversial book.

Too many but not enough books:
– After many books written by Trump, the work we needed was finally published. (Vanity Fair)

– The President does not want anyone to read this book; Because it invalidates many of the myths he has created about himself. (Los Angeles Times)

– Mary Trump has been the best at portraying someone who sold her soul to get to the White House. (CNN)

Selected but not enough book sentences:
– The sinner is not the one who commits the sin but the one who creates the darkness.
– I have love in me, a love that you can imagine less and also a madness that you will not believe.
– Donald has escaped from a monster inside him all his life.

In part of the book we read a lot but not enough:
They lived in what is known as my grandmother’s grandfather’s house. The house, especially in the middle of the night, still looked like a strange house. So when 12-year-old Marin saw her mother moaning and unconscious in one of the upstairs toilets, she could not find directions. The whole floor of the bathroom was bloody. Marin often did not want to disturb her father in the bedroom, but now she was so frightened that she hurried to the other side of the house to wake her father.

Fred got out of bed, hurried to the reception, and found his wife unconscious. He hurried back to the bedroom while Marin walked behind him. There was a telephone in the bedroom and Dad started calling.
Fred was a powerful man who had a good relationship in a Jamaican hospital. He quickly contacted someone who could send an ambulance home and made sure the best doctors were waiting for them in the hospital emergency department. Fred explained the situation in the best way he could to the person behind the phone. Marin heard her father say, “Menstruation, menstrual bleeding.” The word that came out of her father’s mouth was very unfamiliar to Mary.

Shortly after Mary arrived at the hospital, she underwent emergency uterine removal. Doctors found that she was suffering from very serious postpartum problems that had not been diagnosed before. Nine months ago, Mary gave birth to Robert. Postpartum problems led to an abdominal infection, which worsened the condition.

Book contents too much and always insufficient
A word from the author
1- Home
2- The first son
3- I’m big
4- Waiting for the flight
5- He fell to the ground
6- Play with zero sum
7- Parallel lines
8- Escape speed
9- The art of saving
10. Fall does not happen overnight
11- The only currency
12- Sudden fall
13. Political affairs is a personal matter
14. A government employee in a public residence
15- The tenth ring

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