The Ski Bum


Title: Goodbye Gary Cooper

Author: Roman Gary

Translator: Soroush Habibi

Publisher: Forbidden

Subject: Forbidden

Age category: Adult

Cover: Paperback

Number of pages: 288 p

Language: Farsi

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The Ski Bum is one of those fascinating books that everyone should enjoy reading at least once. Goodbye Gary Cooper is one of the most famous books by Roman Gary, a French author published by Niloufar Publishing in Iran. With its beautiful and artistic sentences and delicate humor, this novel has delighted its readers so much that some people compare Roman Gary with the great French writer Celine.

About Gary Cooper’s Farewell Book
Lenny is a 20-year-old American who leaves the United States for fear of being called up for military service in the Vietnam War and goes to the home of his intellectual friend Bagh Moran in Switzerland. Apart from Lenny, other young people came to the bug house, which is briefly described in the story. They, like Lenny, run away from a reality in their lives.

Gary Cooper has two narrators. In parts of the story, the narrator is a resident of the bug house. The interesting thing about this character is its hidden identity. He is the only one who talks about other people in the house except Lenny. Other parts of the story are defined in the form of a third-person narrative in the language of the author. Lenny seeks liberation, and the greatest thing that comforts and liberates him in this world is skiing in the Alps. He hates any affiliation and wants to have nothing to do with it, not even his homeland, from which he has now fled. But Lenny is not very successful in this escape.

He has a picture of Gary Cooper that was torn apart years ago. Seeing this photo reminds Lenny of his homeland, America. For him, Gary Cooper is a symbol of a free and liberated human being. He keeps this photo to himself, but his friends say to Lenny, “Do you know what Lenny is? Let me tell you.
There is no more news about Gary Cooper. It will never be found again. A cold-blooded American who was firmly on his feet, fighting with Naxa and defending the right, and finally rubbing the snout of the wicked into the ground. America is right, goodbye! Now the Vietnam period. It is the period of the university revolt, it is the period of building black walls around the neighborhoods. “Chow, goodbye Gary Cooper!” But even though he is tired and annoyed by the darkness of the world, there is still hope in him that is illuminated by seeing Gary Cooper’s photo. What ultimately marks the turning point in Gary Cooper’s farewell story is the arrival of a love that suddenly enters Lenny’s life and, while promising, can be a threat to his freedom.

Goodbye Gary Cooper; A book of symbols and symbols
In Gary Cooper’s Farewell Story, Lenny travels to the Alps and escapes the war with Vietnam. But what Roman Gary portrays to the reader in this story is Lenny’s escape from earthly affiliation and the contradictory society of the time. Lenny’s all the fun in life is skiing. Heights and heights for Lenny have a meaning of purity and light. As the cover of the book shows the image of a man who wants to escape the shackles of modern life and the spinning era of modern civilization. Lenny takes refuge in the peaks of freedom, love, and liberation with the idea of ​​liberation, and ultimately what Roman Gary describes in the book is the true dependence and the essential essence of the existence of existence, “love.”

The Influence of Roman Gary by Two Famous Writers
Gary Cooper’s farewell book, The English Ski Bum, has thirteen chapters. The first chapter, which is one of the longest chapters of this book, can be considered as one of the most beautiful chapters of the novel in fiction. If you have read The Magic Mountain, a masterpiece by the English author Thomas Mann, you will notice Roman Gary’s influence on Gary Cooper’s philosophy in writing Farewell. In The Magic Mountain, the protagonist of Hans Castrop’s story goes to Joachim to see his cousin, who lives in a mountain sanatorium, and from there, adventures begin for him.

Sixties; The American Scandal
The United States was at war with Vietnam in the 1960s. The period that became known as the American scandal in the world and caused a lot of noise from various social groups, youth and intellectuals inside the United States. For this reason, this period is a politically and socially critical period in the society of that time. In the dialogues of the book’s characters, one can also find hints that express the views of intellectuals such as Lenny’s bug. “People generally do not like Americans,” he says somewhere, for example, and this phrase reflects the impact of this disorder on the events of that period of American history.

Roman Gary; 20th century French Celine
Roman Garry was born on May 8, 1914, in the city of Vilnius, Lithuania. He grew up in France, studied law at university, and eventually trained as a pilot in the French Air Force. Gary joined the “French Free Forces” in World War II. Margins, ups and downs, and strange happenings Roman Garry’s personal life has always been a fascinating subject for literary lovers.

He has published more than twenty novels under four different names as a writer, and in two films he has directed behind the camera. His real name was Roman Katsev, who changed his name to Roman Gary. Roman believed that Katsev was a Russian name and that a great French writer could not have a Russian name, but such a name would be great for a violinist. In addition to Katsef and Gary, he co-authored the works Fusco Cini Baldi and Shatan Bugatt, and with his two pseudonyms won the Goncourt Literary Prize, which is awarded to each author only once in his lifetime. , Receive.

Roman Gary was shot dead in 1980 after the death of his wife at the age of sixty-three. Before his death, Gary left a note in which he wrote: “It was not because of my wife. “I had nothing to do anymore … I really enjoyed it, thank you and goodbye!”

Roman Gary’s works
Romain Gary was a prolific writer throughout his life, and many of his works are available with good translations. His books include “Situation in the Highlands of Kilimanjaro”, “Life Ahead”, “Roots of the Sky”, “Man with a Dove”, “Death and a Few Other Stories”, “Birds Go to Die in Peru”, “Miad at dawn”, “Lady L.” and “fake” mentioned.

Goodbye Gary Cooper for the first time translated by Soroush Habibi
Soroush Habibi is a prolific Iranian translator whose name has been known for more than forty years for translating outstanding works of world literature in Iran. Many people know Habibi as “War and Peace” by Leon Tolstoy. Soroush Habibi was born in 1961 in Tehran. The first book he translated was “The Tatar Desert”, with which he introduced “Dino Butzati” to Persian speakers. Habibi is one of the country’s leading translators who has translated many outstanding works directly from various Russian, German and French languages.

Works such as “The Tin Drum” by Günter Gross, “Dumb” and “Demons” and “The Gambler” by Dostoevsky, “Germinal” by Emil Zola and “Anna Karnina” by Tolstoy are among the great works. There are writers who have taken their credit in Iran from the name of Habibi. Soroush Habibi first introduced Roman Gary to the Iranians with Gary Cooper’s Farewell Book. This book has been published by “Niloufar Publishing” and another translation of this book has been translated into Persian by “Bahman Behforozi”. Habibi went to the United States in 1977 and has lived in France since 1979.

Excerpts from The Ski Bum Book
His parents had built this mountain house for him at an altitude of two thousand three hundred meters, because at this height there was no sign of shortness of breath. But the bug did not breathe easily at this height. “This is his idealism,” said his psychiatrist in Zurich. He refused to admit it. It was unnatural. But an elite anti-nature. Bad luck summary What do you want worse than this? This house was very expensive. His stones were lifted one by one by sledge to the top of the mountain. It was like a battle castle built on a rock. The village of Wellen was seven hundred meters below it. Ebbig was found there. There you could see the clouds under your feet. There was more snow around than anywhere else except the Himalayas. Everything in this house was beautiful and glorious.

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