Daddy long legs


Title: Daddy long legs

Author: Jane Webster

Translator: Meymant Dana

Publisher: Serna

Subject: American stories – 20th century

Age category: All ages

Cover: Paperback

Number of pages: 152

Language: Farsi



Daddy long legs novel by Jane Webster, first published in 1912.

Judy Abbott is an 18-year-old girl living in an orphanage. One day Judy is informed that a mysterious millionaire has accepted to pay for her education and make one of her biggest dreams come true.

Judy feels that for the first time in her life, she has someone she can consider her family. But things are not going to go well for Judy because the rich man intends to remain anonymous and asks Judy to write him a letter only about his academic progress.

But after all, who is this generous and mysterious man really? Can Judy meet him one day?

Judy Abbott’s story begins on a sad Wednesday. Wednesday is considered the worst day of the month.
On the first Wednesday of the month, donors and the wealthy came to visit the John Greer Orphanage, and before that, the children had to endure a lot of pressure.

Lighting the wall and table chairs, preparing the dining utensils and arranging all the boards and other small and large tasks like this. Ninety-seven orphanages had to be clean and tidy to welcome guests.

Judy was as usual and did not know that this Wednesday was going to be the most memorable Wednesday of her life.

The enduring story of the talented author Daddy long legs, the famous author Jane Webster’s niece, Mark Tavan, and the son of one of America’s most prestigious publishers, is readable and lovable, no matter what the story.

Part of the text of Daddy long legs ‘s book
Dear  Daddy long legs

I have not written a letter for almost two months and I know it is a sign of my rudeness. But you did something this summer that I do not like as much as before. You see how frankly I speak.

You do not know how sad I was when I refused the invitation of the Macbride family to the airport.

Of course, I know that you are my guardian and I have to do whatever you say, but I really do not understand why you are doing this.

This airport was the best thing I could have done in my life.
If I were you, I would say: God, go with my daughter and have fun, meet new people and learn new things.

Experience life outside and get enough rest to prepare for a tough school year.

Daddy long legs is a long book by Jane Webster, translated by Mohsen Soleimani and published by Ofogh Publishing.

Jane Webster was a relative of Mark Twain and the eldest child in the family.

As a child with his maternal grandfather, his grandmother and mother lived under one roof. She died of childbirth at the age of forty, after giving birth to her daughter.

The main character of the story is “Judy Abbott”, a lively and intelligent girl who grows up in an orphanage, but with the financial support of her anonymous sponsor, she can go to a private school.

Judy, who does not know her sponsor and has only seen him from behind, calls him “Daddy long legs” and often writes letters to him about his life and activities (the novel is narrated in the form of these letters). .

At school, Judy works hard to bridge the cultural gap with the community around her that results from growing up in orphanage isolation. In the end, “Daddy long legs” introduces himself.

Readable parts of the text of daddy long legs
Dear Daddy long legs, did you not have a baby girl who was stolen from her cradle as a child? Maybe that’s my girl! If we were the characters in a novel, perhaps the last unraveling of the novel was the discovery of that.

It is really strange that one does not know who. It’s kind of exciting and romantic…

Writing a letter to someone who has not seen and does not know is a bit ridiculous, it is strange for me to write a letter at all. I did not have anyone to write a letter to, so if my letters are not first class, I hope you will forgive me…

I’m been alone all my life, suddenly someone is found who has expressed interest in me and my future destiny, so I’ve been thinking about you all summer.

I feel like I have found a family, now I do not know what to call you, because I have no information about you.

But what is certain is that you have long legs and I have decided to call you long-legged, I hope you will not be offended, this will be a joke between the two of us and we will not tell Madame Lipt.

Dear Babalang Deraz, I love the college and most of all I love you for sending me to the college, I am so happy that I can not sleep because of the excitement.

You do not know how different it is here from the Jean Greer Orphanage. My heart burns for the girls who can not come to this college.

Big joys do not matter much, it is important that one can be very happy with small things.

Babajon, I have discovered the real secret of happiness, and that is to live for the present, and not to regret the past or look to the future at all, but to make the best use of the moment.

After this, I want to live a busy life and enjoy every second of my life. I want to know when I’m happy.
Daddy long legs, my dear, these days I cry for any reason.

I can not believe the same sentence that I typed, tears welled up in my eyes. My heart has softened these days. I was sleeping but a stress and a passion persuaded me to come online.

Oh, every time I get upset, the thought of not having a family comes to my eyes and I cry, so I have to keep myself busy with other things.

Now everyone is sleeping and I…
I am also typing in the dark.

I want to paint to calm down. The only thing that helps me in these times is to pray that nothing bad has happened and that prayer and prayer and prayer. Daddy long legs, I am writing long, we are all fine, but… do not believe me

Babajon, as much as the college entertainment entertains me, its lessons are not difficult.

Most of the time I do not understand what the girls are saying and why they are laughing.
Their jokes are about the past, in which everyone except me shares.

I feel like a stranger in this world and I do not understand the language of the people.

No one here knows that I grew up in an orphanage. I told Sally that my parents had died and that an old man had sent me to college.

You do not know how much I want to be like other girls, but the memory of “Jean Greer Charitable” which is the perspective of my childhood is the biggest difference between me and them.

I was accepted to the basketball team. The school is getting better and better day by day. I love the girls, the teachers, the classrooms and the college garden and all the food.

I was only going to write you a letter once a month, if I did several black sheets every few days.

Finally, I was so excited that every time I saw a new story, I wanted to talk about it with someone. I hope this forgiveness forgives me.
Dear Babalang Deraz, Thank you for Christmas. I like fox skin, necklaces and ولی but I love you most of all. But your father should not lust after me like this.

How do you expect me to be able to concentrate and work on my future life as you get used to the pleasures of life? Now I can guess who sent the Sunday ice cream and the Christmas tree to the Jean Greer Institute.

God has the right to be happy in the light of these good deeds all your life.

Dear Babalang Daraz. where are you. Remember God to you. I’m very lonely and I want someone to remember me. Oh Dad, I wish I knew you, then whenever one of us was sad we would comfort each other.

I do not think I can stay in Lock Willow any longer. I’m going to get out of here. I have a lonely illness and I am thirsty for family.

The main characters of the book
Judy Abbott: The main character of Jane Webster’s novel, who grew up in an orphanage and is very interested in writing.

She is a very smart, sociable and happy girl and is under the care of a kind and at the same time strange man.

He hates his real name, Jorosha, but he loves Judy.

Sally McBride: A shy but sweet girl, she is one of Judy’s roommates at Lincoln Memorial High School.

They have a very close friendship. Despite his short stature and fat body, he has strong wills.

Julia Pendleton: A wealthy, selfish, tall, beautiful student who is one of Judy and Sally’s high school roommates.

Joanna Sloan: The manager of the dormitory where Jude and his classmates live. She often hates being called a lady because she is still single.

Jarvis Pendleton: He is Julia’s uncle, he is rich and very personable, but he does not care much about material things.
Mary: Strong woman, witty and with high power of action. He has a very realistic idea for educating orphans, which is why he is so popular with children.

Jimmy McBride: Sally is a kind, loving, and older brother who loves Judy Abbott.

Leonora Fenton: Judy’s new neighbor, who is 1 year older than her. He was out of school for a year due to a chest disease, so he became a classmate of Judy Abbott.

Katherine: The director of the orphanage is dead. Because of his strict temperament, the children often hated him.

About the author of Daddy long legs Deraz: Jane Webster and her other works
Jane Webster was a famous American writer and playwright who became a prominent artistic figure in the early twentieth century. Some of his stories became very profitable for film and television producers, one of which was this novel.

Alice Jane Chandler Webster was born in 1876 into a family with strong literary ties in New York.

His mother was the niece of the famous writer Samuel Clemens (aka Mark Twain) and his father was Clemens’ business director and later a publisher.

She grew up in a very different home run by her father, mother, grandparents, and grandparents, who were heavily involved in fasting, including justice and women’s rights.

The influence of women in the family only intensified with the death of her father when Jane was only a teenager.

Jane Webster enrolled at Wasar College and pursued a master’s degree in English and economics.
Webster had repeatedly expressed deep concern about the lives of the poor in New York, especially the homeless, orphans, and delinquent children.

Also, while he was in Vassar, the first seeds of the novel were sown in the life story of Judy Abbott.

He later worked as a journalist and, always with a strong sociological perspective, was able to write other novels.

When Petty went to university (1903), it was an unusual work at the time of its publication, as it was one of the first and perhaps the first popular books to describe how women lived on campus.

The book was published in 1912, and the book quickly gained great commercial success.

In 1915, Jane married Glenn McKinney. Everything was going well at first glance until a year later, sadness replaced happiness. On June 10, 1916, she entered the hospital and gave birth to a daughter.

Her initial condition looked good, but after her initial recovery, Jane Webster died the next day. After this, the book became one of the most famous novels in the world.

This fame was partly related to film adaptations, series, plays or cartoons. In Iran, its anime (Japanese anime) is more popular with the people than its novel.

Other works by Jane Webster
When Petty went to university (1903)
Princess Witt (1905)
Young Jerry (1907)
The Fourth Riddle (1908)
A lot of fuss about Peter (1909)
Only Petty (1911)
Dear Enemy (1915)
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