Title: emma

Author: Jane Austen

Translator: Arezoo Khalaji Moghim

Publisher: Nik Farjam

Subject: English stories

Age category: Adult

Cut: paperback

Cover: hardcover

Number of pages: 270

Language: Farsi



Book Introduction emma by Jane Austen

The novel, however, is by Jane Austen, written about a misunderstanding of infatuation. It deals with the struggles and attachments of women in the George W. Bush era. She is a young, rich, beautiful and very narcissistic woman who has lived a carefree life almost all her life. Different people and bringing the lover and the beloved together.

Emma’s romance novel is about the attachments of English women in the eighteenth century and reflects the rural lifestyle of that time. Emma Woodhas is the main character of the book, who tries to reconcile the lovers with kindness. The story describes Emma’s fantasies by looking at the social conditions of the nineteenth century. But that he does not intend to get married, he engages all those around him in romantic relationships so that his way of thinking gradually changes as a result of events.
Emma is considered by many to be the masterpiece of Jane Austen, the author of the book, and has been selected as the seventh book in the list of the 100 best English-language novels by the Guardian. At the age of 21, Emma is sure that she knows better and more than anyone else and decides to make connections between friends and acquaintances. For example, Emma decides that Harriet Smith “Mia Ga”, who has a bit of childish behavior, does not behave too much as an adult but is very loyal, she will be a good wife for Elton “Josh O’Connor”. Emma also thinks that Frank Churchill’s mysterious “Klum Turner” will be a new romantic pastime for him, which can be a major setback for Frank with the negative answer he gives him.

Jane Austen; Author of Women’s Concerns
Jane Austen Jane Austen was born into a typical family. Austin (1817-1775) spent his entire forty-two years in England with family and friends, never marrying. During this time he wrote six love stories, which, despite the fame he brought to Austin today, came to fruition very late in his life, and for a long time the title of the book was used instead of the author’s name.

However, this did not stop Austin’s passion for writing and, in his own words, “know your happiness and joy. You need nothing but patience. Of course, it might be better to give it an attractive name; “Sing his hope.”
The main sources of information about Jane Austen’s life are her family letters, especially those she wrote to her sister Cassandra from 1796 onwards, who had a very close relationship. Another part of this information came from the memories left by his family, which were not available in writing until half a century after Jane Austen’s death.
This includes the existence of a library of five hundred volumes of books in Austin’s father’s house, which gave Jane the opportunity to read serious and popular literature. Jane Austen’s early letters were about dances and celebrations in Hampshire, which can be seen in Austin’s work. In these letters he speaks of his visit to the cities of “London, Bath and Southampton” and his presence in various plays.

Jane Austen’s writing style
Jane Austen Jane Austen tries to portray a part of the daily life of the people of a small village in England with a social pen that is sometimes accompanied by humor and avoids giving details. One of the issues that played a significant role in women’s lives at that time was the issue of marriage. The period when a good marriage was a great success.

The story begins with the introduction of Emma as a young, simplistic girl who thinks she can judge people and make decisions for them, but as Emma’s story progresses, she transforms and becomes self-aware. In fact, Austin in this book shows that his writings go deeper than romantic fantasies. Two centuries have passed since the novel was written, but it still has a reader, cinematic adaptations are made of it, and critics find new insights into its various dimensions.

Jane Austen’s secret is that the characters in her stories are oblivious to their flaws and shortcomings. The deadly embarrassment that forms the drama of the story after being aware of the mistakes and harms they have done to others and then knocking on every door to make up for it. The failure of this desperate effort has led to the demise of many recent adaptations of Austen’s work; That’s why the 2005 Pride and Prejudice version of Pride and Prejudice, which ignored Lizzie’s transformation of herself and her behavior, caused some to dislike the film.
One of these points is the attention paid to Jane Austen, who has led to her being called a feminist; Because in her works she has interpreted, criticized and commented on patriarchy and the role of women in eighteenth century English society.
In his books, Austin goes beyond the romantic adventures of his ordinary characters and indirectly addresses the political turmoil and social inconsistencies of his time; Inheritance laws that made women dependent on their male relatives, Britain’s economic dependence on slavery and its colonies, and attention to a militarized environment with control of political expression are among the themes addressed in Austin’s work. Austin’s knowledge of women’s lives and his skill in corners and allusions made him one of the most famous novelists of his day.

Romantic novel characters emma

Emma Woodhas: A beautiful, intelligent and dreamy girl who lost her mother as a child and has been a housewife since her older sister got married.

George Knightley: A thirty-six-year-old man, a close friend and the only helper but the only one who criticizes him.

Jane Fairfax: An orphaned, beautiful and intelligent girl who excels at playing the piano and singing. He is the only one who is jealous of him.

Harriet Smith: A young girl and friend who considers her her only guide, helper and caregiver. But he also supports her a lot and tries to find a good wife for Harriet.
Mrs. Anne Weston or Mrs. Taylor, who cared for Emma for 16 years before marrying Mr. Weston. Ms. Taylor’s marriage made her interested in bringing lovers together.
Henry Woodhouse: The selfish and withdrawn father of Miss Emma, ​​who is constantly grumbling.

Isabella Knightley: Emma is the older sister.

The authors’ opinion about Emma
During these two centuries, the works of Jane Austen have always been considered by various authors. A romance novel is no exception to this rule. «جی. کی. Rowling, author of the Harry Potter series, is a fan of Emma, ​​and has said of her: “Jane Austen is a popular writer of all time. I have flipped through Austin books over and over again. “But I have read emma at least twenty times and it is my favorite book.”

“Emma compared to previous novels, Austin has a simple plot story,” said Sir Walter Scott, a Scottish novelist, poet and historian and the father of world historical novels. “The author’s knowledge of the world, along with the mesmerizing humor he presents in describing the characters, makes the reader know the characters as if someone had painted them for them.”

A cinematic adaptation of Emma
Viewers’ interest in watching Jane Austen’s work has attracted the attention of filmmakers. Emma the film was made in 1996 based on the same romance novel directed by Diarmood Lawrence. In 2009, a mini-series based on the novel was made by the BBC, which reflects the atmosphere of the romantic novel Emma well.

The film, however, is based on one of the most popular works by English author Jane Austen. Jane Austen is one of the greatest English writers who wrote great works in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries such as Pride and Prejudice, Wisdom and Emotion, Northanger Abbey and others. Publishing his novels anonymously, he wrote Emma in 1814. Before that, he had published 3 other novels, which made him very popular. Emma is the story of a rich and beautiful girl named Emma who interferes in the relationships and lives of others and her friends.

On November 21, 2019 (November 30, 1998), the Emma movie trailer was released, which is a fascinating and musical trailer. The second trailer of this film was released on December 16 (December 16, 1998), which provides the audience with more information about the film and its characters. In this trailer, we learn about his influence on those around him, and we find that despite his cold-blooded and indifferent appearance, he is very interested in interfering in matters that do not concern him. Then we will watch the movie trailer together.
The story begins where, after the marriage of a friend, he travels in search of a new friend. He eventually chooses a girl named Harriet Smith as his friend. Harriet, Mr. Smith’s unwanted child, lives alone, but enjoys the support of the great Smith.
He learns that a farmer whose tenant is a relative has proposed to Harriet and is trying to change Harriet’s mind. He initially claims that he does not interfere in the matter, emma causes Harriet to refuse the answer and provides the cause for her friend’s upset. But she believes that Mr. Elton, one of the most respected men in town, is interested in Harriet; So he tries to persuade Harriet to marry him.

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