Death in the Clouds


Title: Death in the Clouds

Author: Agatha (Miller) Christie

Translator: Mohammad Ali Izadi

Publisher: Hermes, Detective Books

Subject: English stories

Age category: Adult

Number of pages: 301

Language: Farsi



Death in the Clouds is another novel in Agatha Christie’s collection of Poirot Detective stories, first published in 1935 under the title Death in the Air. The title of this book was later changed to “Death in the Clouds”. Inspector Jepp accompanies Detective Poirot in this story.

The Book of Death in the Clouds

Mrs. Marple, Sherlock Holmes, Detective Magra, Hercule Poirot. These letters are familiar letters to readers of crime stories. Attractive detectives who each have their own unique personality and use their own special features to solve the puzzle. One of the most popular and famous of these detectives is Hercule Poirot. The Belgian detective in Christie’s stories is a man who is always where he should be. He solves the riddle from Jerusalem to Iraq and from Paris to London. Death in the Clouds is another Poirot story, and this time you can join Poirot in uncovering another mystery.

About the book Death in the Clouds by Agatha Christie

Death in the Clouds is another novel in Agatha Christie’s collection of Poirot Detective stories, first published in 1935 under the title Death in the Air. The title of this book was later changed to “Death in the Clouds”. Inspector Jepp accompanies Detective Poirot in this story.

The story begins with Poirot and ten others sitting in the back of a Paris-London flight. Madame Giselle, the great businessman James Ryder, Norman Gill, the dentist, the French archaeologist Armand Dupont, and several others are on board. When landing, a hostess notices Madame Giselle’s death. Moments later, Poirot notices a poison dart on the floor of the plane that killed Ms. Giselle. Police find a dart thrower near Poirot’s seat, Poirot, upset that he is suspected in the case, decides to solve the case, the killer is either a hostess or a passenger in the back of the plane; But who is he?

In this story, there is a murder with poison. A form of death that Christie is very interested in and of course she knows a lot about. The murders he plots with Sam have fascinating details, and despite the fact that there are no traces of bloodshed and heartbreaking scenes in them, they are very horrifying.

Death is very popular among the clouds and has been translated into many different languages. Various adaptations have been made of this story, and a part of this story has been assigned to this story in the Hercule Poirot series.

About Agatha Christie, author of Death in the Clouds

Agatha Miller, known as her first wife Christie, is one of the most famous writers of the twentieth century and the most famous woman writer in history. He is the creator of simple yet complex crimes, which makes him the best-selling crime writer in history and the second best-selling author in history after Shakespeare.

Agatha Christie was born in 1890 in England to an American father and an English mother. He was in England for the rest of his life and never showed a desire to have an American passport.

Agatha Christie spent the years of World War I as a volunteer behind the scenes, and it was in 1914 that she married her husband Archibald Christie, a member of the British Royal Army.

Archibald and Agatha’s marriage ended 14 years later with Archibald’s infidelity, and two years later he married an archaeologist named Max Malvan. Although Max Malvan was more than ten years younger than Agatha, they had a good relationship and because of Max’s work, they traveled most of the world, especially the East. Together, the two learned sports such as surfing, and Christie and her husband pursued another serious interest in life, painting.

Agatha, who began writing love stories, published her first crime story in 1920,

and since then her fame has grown day by day. Christie has written a total of 66 detective stories. Among the best works of this author are the books “Christmas of Hercule Poirot”, “The Crooked House”, “Death on Vacation”, “Death on the East Expressway” and the famous play “Telemoosh” which has been performed more than 23,000 times. , Cited.

Agatha Christie had one child from her first marriage, who died in 2004. Until then, all the proceeds from Christie’s books went to him, and after that they continued to belong to Christie’s family. Agatha Christie died of natural causes at the age of 85. He is the first person to receive the Grand Prix of the American Criminal Association.

Translation of the book Death Among the Clouds into Persian

Agatha Christie’s books in Iran, like the rest of the world, have attracted the attention of the audience, and as a result, various publishers and translators have tried to provide them with the best quality to the Persian-speaking audience. Mohammad Ali Izadi has translated Death Among the Clouds into Persian, and Hermes Publications has launched it in the Iranian book market in 1987.

Why read the book Death in the Clouds?

Death in the Clouds is a fascinating and entertaining story that can keep you entertained for hours. Christie has brought the mysterious crime to the book in such detail that the reader can imagine himself in the story space with Poirot and others. In addition to fascinating crimes, Christie’s stories reflect the lives and concerns of Europeans in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Death in the Clouds is another of the author’s stories that has a special atmosphere and arouses the reader’s curiosity. This story forces the reader to try, like Poirot, to pay attention to everything and guess the end of the story. This fascinating book, like other Christie stories, is perfect for anyone who wants to enjoy a detective story.

‌ In a part of the book, we read death among the clouds

After Thibaut left, the three of them tightened their seats a little. Jepp picked up his autograph and said:

– Well, let’s think and see what we have to do. There were eleven passengers on that plane; I mean the cockpit. We have nothing to do with the front hall at the moment. Eleven passengers and stewards, for a total of thirteen. One of these people killed the poor old woman, some of these passengers are English and some are French. I’s in charge of the French with Mr. Fournier and I am in charge of the British.

Fournier said:

Ms. Giselle did not just go to Paris. This past summer to several French coastal cities, such as Doyle, Le Pine, Vimro, traveled and traded with the people there. He also traveled to several southern cities, such as Antibes and Nice.

– You mentioned an important point. I now remember that one or two of Prometheus’ travelers were talking about their trip to Lupine. We should not forget them either. We also have to go to the scene of the murder and see which of the passengers was probably in a position to use the air cannon.
Next, he opened the large map of the airplane cabin and placed it on the table:

– Now we can check each and every passenger and the possibilities or even more importantly. Consider the possibilities so that we may reach a clue. First of all, we remove Poirot from the passengers’ faces and work on eleven others.

Poirot shook his head sadly and said:

Dear friend, you are an optimist and you trust everyone. It is not true. You should not trust anyone

To; To no one, not even me.

Jepp laughed and said:

-very well. if you would like; We will take you into account. Next. It is the turn of the hostesses. I think it is extremely unlikely that they did that. Because they are both good people. They do not have a bad record and do not seem to be the ones who can borrow a large amount of money from someone.

In another part of the book Death in the Clouds we read:

“He listened to the conversation between the two,” said Poirot.
– The papers you say at the bottom of the stairs and in a safe place, ma’am?
– Yes. it’s true.
Poirot smiled at him and said:
– But where there was no paper, ma’am. Where were they?
-That safe place was very old, Monsieur. No one could open it. In fact, the papers were kept elsewhere. In Madame Giselle’s bedroom.

Perhaps… Mrs. Ellis then paused and continued with some reflection:

– Yes. Madame Giselle pretended to her customers that the papers were kept at the bottom of the stairs and in a safe place. But in reality, everything in Madame Giselle’s bedroom.
– Can you show us her bedroom, Mademoiselle?
-Of course. The two men then went to the victim’s bedroom with Mademoiselle Grandier. Mrs. Grandier showed them a box. He opened the door and said:
– The papers are inside this box. They were kept in a large sealed envelope.

Fournier asked:
– Three days ago, when I asked you, you told me that you do not know anything about this!
– Mr. You asked me where the papers should be in a safe place. I also told you that I burned them. And he was right. I did not tell you anything untrue.
– Those papers should not be burning, madam.
– I just obeyed my master’s orders.

Index of the book
1. From Paris to Creedon
2. Discover a strange object
3. At Credon Airport
4. Interrogation
5. After interrogation

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