Suffocation in the vaginal opening


Title: Suffocation in the vaginal opening

Author: Mazdak Cleaning

Publisher: Forbidden

Age category: Adult

Cover: Paperback

Number of pages: 187 p

Language: Farsi

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“Suffocation in the Vaginal Mouth” is Mazdak Nezafat’s first collection of poems and songs.

Sample poem from the book Suffocation in the Vaginal Mouth

The poem “Snake Venom” was the last poem in the book “Suffocation in the Vaginal Mouth”.
And how similar it is these days!

City to city is restless
Thought and remembrance will escape
When you are a generation of mice
Life will be snake venom

You sew your eyes to nothing
You burn in the emptiness of the city
Comrade’s hands one day
It will be a tight circle!
Our multiplication is the time of eating the impact
The end of the story of this tactic
The wounds of the tribe and lineage lead to
Will leave Yar and Diar!

The larger the neck
The bigger the dream
The wolf this lamb is!
The bottom of the story will be hunted!

A city lost in horrors, every night
Empty of the scent of jasmines, every night
Give in to scrutiny every night
The alleys will growl!
The man falls from both feet
The road to nowhere that falls
Whatever falls from the eyes
Will be void!

It hurts from the west and the east
You were drowning in the swamp
What difference does it make after death ?!
That winter will be spring!

Mazdak cleaning

The stray dog ​​was full around us

Life was hard and it made me wolf
My father was a blind owl, yes
He raised me in the ruins

The child inside my head was killed
A mother was dying in Saddam
My shoulders were shaking
He was shaking the mountain

I burned in the municipalities
Burn! It was the last negotiation
I left the city though
Younes’s body was a soldier
I was a mountain in my heart
I buried the sound of the sea
On my two tired showers every night
They buried the Culbers

In June, July is approaching
In November, there was a bullet in the distance
I was dying at night in memory of Amir
Day with Mohsen Mohammadpour

Now I’m scared
In the middle of the city sleep
A fairy in the second board
A child in the clothes of a giant
Like a bat against the light
A fugitive on my edge
A fetus left in the womb
I tremble in the darkroom

I clot three drops of blood
The truth of a long story that …
Like a living hero
In the middle of gas cellars that …

My brain is the brain of paralyzed children
My breath is left under a hundred rubble
The bones of a disabled girl
They seem to grow in my body

Whatever I cut, but
Reproduction warm like a cream
The idea of ​​production and fertilization
Sterile sperm of my sperm

Haji, sir, to my death
I said with two warm strokes
I have a stray dog ​​in my head
Blind owl inside my left eye!
Mazdak cleaning

Poem “Knot” from the collection “Suffocation in the vaginal opening”

It is the same everywhere on earth
Everywhere on earth around time
From “Tripoli” to “London”!
Take from “Monaco” to “Tehran”

I am and you are not …! It is always the same
“Cologne”, “Rasht” and “Prague”
Whether under snowfall and
Whether in the summer sun

Bloody hands everywhere
Bloody feet everywhere
Everywhere you look in the world
Filled with human filth!

Day and night are black and dark
It has been close for years
Martin Luther’s line to Imam’s line
The text of the “Bible” and the surah of the “Quran”
We did not eat wheat bread!
Although we saw the hands of the people!
The playmaker of “Qom” reader!
“Pop” play in “Vatican”

Everything on earth is the same
Like “Winston” and “Avalanche” smoke
The color of Rudsar’s dog piss and
McDonald’s coffee in Germany

Death is death! Whether in the shadows!
If you are beaten by Khaye!
Crush under the wheel of capital!
Or not! Under the boots of the guards!
Flight time … no! Will not be!
Happiness begins … no! Will not be!
This knot is untied … no! Will not be!
Not with our hands, not with our teeth!

Mazdak cleaning

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