the fifth mountain


Title: The Fifth Mountain

Author: Paolo Coelho

Translator: Mina Amiri

Publisher: Nik Farjam

Subject: Brazilian stories

Age category: Adult

Number of pages: 198

Language: Farsi



The book The Fifth Mountain by Paulio Coelho is a readable work about the spiritual journey of the prophet Elijah and the endurance and hardships he endures on his mission.

About the fifth mountain book
Paulo Coelho writes about the life of the prophet Elijah in the book The Fifth Mountain. The story is taken from the Bible and describes the spiritual journey and missions of a prophet. Elijah, one of the prophets of the Jewish people, escapes from the tyrant ruler of the region, Ahab, and arrives in the beautiful city of Akbar with his widow and son, where he takes refuge. This journey brings unparalleled love to Elijah’s life, and he takes care of his son after the woman’s death. Elijah is trying to maintain himself in a world full of oppression and now he is in a dilemma. The dilemma that has led him to a difficult choice between love and conscientiousness.

Who do we recommend the book of the fifth mountain to?
Those who are interested in meaningful novels enjoy reading the book of the fifth mountain. If you have read and liked Paolo Coelho’s other works, The Fifth Mountain will catch your eye.

About Paolo Coelho
Paolo Coelho was born on August 24, 1947 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. His mother Ligia was a housewife and his father an engineer. As a teenager, he shared his dream of becoming a writer with his family, but went to law school because of their opposition. He left law school after a year. He lived like a hippie for a while. In his eventful life, he has experience of being hospitalized in a mental hospital, addiction, arrest by the government, and so on.

After working as a songwriter and earning a good income, he reconsidered his dream of becoming a writer and began writing his books. He is the best-selling Portuguese author whose book The Alchemist has been translated into 70 languages, which is why he is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records. He and his wife currently live in Europe and Rio de Janeiro. One of his most famous works is Veronica Deciding to Die, A. Zuhair, I sat by the Pedra River and cried and wrote.

Part of the fifth mountain book
Elijah, do not sleep that night. For the first time in years, his childhood feelings had returned to him, but this time it was not his guardian angel who had spoken to him, it was a much bigger and more powerful “thing.” He feared that if he refused to obey the order, he would be cursed.

The next morning he decided to do what he was asked to do. In addition, he was a messenger of something that had nothing to do with himself; When his task was done, the voices did not come to him again to disturb him.
It was not difficult to arrange a meeting with Shah Akhab. In distant generations, with the accession of the prophet Samuel, the prophets became important in government and business. They were able to get married and have children, but they must always remain under God’s command so that legislators and rulers do not stray from the path of piety. History has recorded many victories with the help of these “transcendents of truth”, and if Israel had continued because of its rulers, when they deviated from the right path, there would always have been a prophet who would have turned them back to the path of God.

When he reached the palace, he told the king that a drought would take over their land until they stopped worshiping the Phoenician gods.
The king did not obey his word, but Isabel, who was sitting by Akhab and listening carefully to his words, asked several questions about his message. Elijah spoke of his observation, of the headache, and of the feeling of stopping time while he heard the voice of the angel. While he was describing what had happened, he had ample opportunity to look closely at the princess that everyone was talking about; She was one of the most beautiful women he had ever seen, with long black hair that reached to the waist and a very balanced body. The green eyes that shone in his face stared at Elijah. He could not unravel the woman’s gaze and did not know how much his words had affected her.

The Book of the Fifth Mountain by Paolo Coelho
Spiritual Struggle and the Search for the Truth:

The Fifth Mountain is the narration of Paolo Coelho of the Holy Prophet Elias, written with the same masterful and psychological prose of his other novel, The Alchemist. In the ninth century BC, the Phoenician princess Isabel, when she married King Ahb, ​​ordered all Baal prophets to be worshiped, otherwise they would be executed. At the command of an angel from God, Elias escapes from there and takes refuge in a land called Akbar; Where he unexpectedly meets a young widow and finds true love.

But this spontaneity and joy can not last long. Elias sees all his hopes and aspirations lost. , Because he is in the vortex of events that threaten his existence. In the novel The Fifth Mountain, Coelho gives a quiet account of a man who has been touched by God. A man who must be able to overcome his frustration in order to pass the test of loyalty.
Elias is forced to face “inevitable” things when he least expects it. A crow and a shepherd help Elias find his destiny. Only through conflict with God can he rebuild his life and complete his mission.
On the fifth mountain, Coelho reveals the secrets of the real search – overcoming past limitations, breaking free from rigid habits, and practicing with passion.

Another part of the fifth mountain book
God hears the prayers of those who want to be hated, but the prayers of those who want to escape from love are not heard. All the battles of life teach us something, even when we are defeated. Forget it. Create a new story for your life and believe in it. Only focus on the moments when you get what you want. This force helps you to do what you want.

Fifth Mountain
Life has many ups and downs and it is in these ups and downs that the main capacities of human beings are found. Paolo Coelho, author of the famous book The Alchemist, illustrates this in a readable story in The Fifth Mountain.

The Fifth Mountain by Paolo Coelho
The fifth mountain, known in the world as the fifth mountain, is one of the famous stories of Paolo Coelho, which is dedicated to the life of the prophet Elijah. This book was first published in 1996, in which the author talks about the sufferings of the prophet Elijah, his power to love himself, his capacity to love others, and his greatness in forgiving others.

According to the Jewish Bible, in the ninth century BC, the wife of the king of Israel decided to execute all the prophets who rejected the pagan religion, thus inspiring the very young prophet Elijah to flee the land. Elijah experienced many ups and downs along the way and struggled with his breath. Coelho gave this story a twist and turned it into his own story. In the story of Coelho, the destination of the prophet Elijah is at the top of the fifth mountain, and he has interesting conversations with God along the way.
Critics have said a lot about the book The Fifth Mountain. Some consider it a literary rich book, but many religious people object to the way the book is expressed, believing that the character portrayed by Coelho is not a prophet. The book of the fifth mountain has been translated into many languages ​​to this day and has many fans in different parts of the world.

About Paolo Coelho, author of The Fifth Mountain
Paolo Coelho is one of the most famous Brazilian writers in the world. Born in Rio de Janeiro, he attended the Jesuit School. As a child, he was interested in becoming a writer, and this led to many conflicts with his family. Paolo eventually decided to give in to his family’s demands and go to law school, but he could not survive and dropped out.

It was then that he took a different approach and traveled around the world from Europe to North Africa and had some strange experiences. He has worked as a songwriter, theater actor, and journalist, and has been involved with the government for some of his work.
The author’s first book was published in 1982, but was unsuccessful. His next book is The Memoirs of a Magician, based on Coelho’s experiences during a trip to Spain, but what made him famous was The Alchemist. The book suddenly made its author famous, and to date it has sold more than 70 million copies in more than 70 countries. The author has other books in his repertoire, including “I Sit by the Piedra River and Cry”, “Breida”, “Veronica Decides to Die”, “Eleven Minutes” and “The Devil and the Fairy Maiden”.

In another part of the fifth mountain book, we read:
Elijah said to himself, he is dead. I do not want to go back there. He has already died or maybe a miracle has happened and he has been saved. So he will come in search of me. At this time his heart ordered him to go to the house where he lived. Elijah was arguing with himself. At that moment, it was not just the love of a preoccupied woman whose whole life, her faith in the will of God, the greatness of her hometown, and the thought of being chosen by Jehovah for a mission that she could accomplish, had stirred her mind.

He looked around to find a sword and use it to end these difficult days of his life. But the Assyrians had taken with them all the good things of the city of Akbar. He thought he was throwing himself into the flames, but he was afraid of the pain and burning of the fire. He spent moments that were completely numb. Gradually, he regained his discernment and was able to analyze the conditions in which he lived.

His wife and child have no doubt left this world by now, but he must bury them according to his religion. Whether or not there was a remembrance of God at that time was his only peace of mind, and when the burial and prayer ceremony was over, then he turned to his heavy sorrow or went into doubt.
Besides, they might still be alive, so he could not stay there without doing anything, but I could not bear to see their jagged faces and skins separated from their flesh, whose souls flew freely in the heavens. However, he bent down under the burden of suffering, with a grudge in his throat and a teary eye amidst the blinding smoke of a city burning in the fire and blocking his view from the well, he rushed home.

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