The Fall of Heaven


Title: The Fall of Heaven: Pahlavi and the Last Days of the Kingdom of Iran

Author: Andrew Scott Cooper

Translator: Nima Nanavar

Language: Farsi



Introducing the book The Fall of Heaven: The Pahlavis and the Final Days of Imperial Iran by Andrew Scott Cooper
Paradise Falls; The Pahlavi Dynasty and the Last Days of Iranian Monarchy is the title of a revisionist book on the fall of the Pahlavi Empire by New Zealand historian and researcher Andrew Scott Cooper. Born in New Zealand, he has worked as a researcher for the United Nations and Human Rights Watch.

From the translator’s foreword:
Understanding the Thoughts and Analyzing the Thoughtful Policies and Behaviors of Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, the Last King of Iran and One of the Most Famous Political Leaders of the Contemporary Era, in Forming Iran’s Internal Crises, Especially the Developments Leading to the 1978 Revolution And the article inside and outside the country, still needs research and depends on finding more evidence and documents and reviewing them.

Andrew Scott Cooper’s research, The Fall of Heaven, is an attempt to open another window into the privacy and life of the late King of Iran, as well as a rare and readable search that is appealing to both researchers and those interested in learning about the events leading up to The fall of the monarchy and the rise of religious rule in Iran.
The present book is a combination of historical research and chronology of the history-making days of Iran, using a special research method and relying on the oral narrations of living witnesses. Hence, some of its slips can be attributed to some extent to the narrators that the author sometimes mentions and sometimes does not mention their names or refers to them by pseudonyms. Perhaps the advantage of this book is more in the unwanted design of new historical questions than removing the ambiguity about the formation of the revolution and the enigmatic behavior of the king of Iran in dealing with this amazing phenomenon of the era …

The Fall of Heaven by Andrew Scott Cooper
The book The Fall of Paradise, which is known by its title, The Pahlavis and the Last Days of the Iranian Empire, written by a talented and famous New Zealand writer and translated into Persian by Nima Nanavar in the United States, was published in the year two thousand and sixteen.

The book The Fall of Paradise uses official documents from the US Federal Reserve to complete answers to questions from the Pahlavi dynasty and those associated with the dynasty, such as conversations with Farah Diba and other influential people affiliated with the Pahlavi dynasty.
And it can be said that the present book goes forward using its reports, interviews and conversations with the mentioned people. Maybe we have read about this family to this day and we know it is different.

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