Amir Arsalan Namdar


Title: Amir Arsalan namdar

Author: Mirza Mohammad Ali Khan Naqib Al-Mamalik

By: Saeed Nafisi

Publisher: Your works

Subject: Persian story

Age category: Adult

Cover: hardcover

Number of pages: 576 p

Language: Farsi



Amir Arsalan namdar for the work of Mohammad Ali Naqib Al-Mamalik

Narration is one of the professions that has a long history in Iran. A number of owners of this profession worked in the court of kings and were known by titles such as Samarkhan, storyteller and narrator. In the court of the Qajar kings, there was a position called Naqal Bashi. Some court narrators of this era have been nicknamed Naqib al-Mamalik. One of the most famous Naqib al-Mamalak is the narrator of the story of Amir Arsalan. For many years after the publication of Mohammad Jafar Mahjoub’s introduction to Amir Arsalan’s book, Mohammad Ali Naqib al-Mamalik was known as the narrator of this story. In recent years, some scholars in the field of popular literature have considered Mohammad Ali Naqib al-Mamalik as an imaginary and unknown figure and Mirza Ahmad Naqib al-Mamalik Shirazi as a narrator.

The full name of Naqib al-Mamalik is mentioned in the edition published with the correction and introduction of Mohammad Jafar Mahjoub as “Mohammad Ali Naqib al-Mamalik”.
The book of Amir Arsalan Namdar is a beautiful and readable book, written by Mirza Mohammad Naqib Al-Mamalak, which has been published by Barat Publications. Lak, the Roman king, is killed in battle with the invading sultans. His pregnant wife escapes and meets Khajeh Noman, an Egyptian businessman, and marries him. Shortly afterwards, she gave birth to a child from the king’s womb and was named Amir Arsalan. Amir Arsalan is a very beautiful and brave boy that everyone loves.

Years later, when Amir Arsalan realizes that his father was the king, he marches to Rome to reclaim his father’s throne. It becomes. Shah Farang has two skilled ministers in sand and astrolabe named Shams Wazir and Qamar Wazir, with Shams agreeing with Amir Arsalan and Qamar disagreeing. As a result of the evils of Qamar Wazir, Farrokhlaqa is captured by demons and witches and Amir Arsalan is on his way to save him from the land of magic. Reyhaneh, Marjaneh and Soheil are the negative characters of the book.

Amir Arsalan is one of the most famous folk tales in Persian. Years ago, this story was told to him by Mirza Mohammad Ali Naqib al-Mamalik, the storyteller of Nasser al-Din Shah Qajar, and at this time Fakhr al-Dawla, the daughter of Nasser al-Din Shah, sat in the half-open room of the eunuchs’ room and carefully wrote the stories for them. He was painting. In fact, the story of Amir Arsalan is left like this.
Amir Arsalan is a brave and gentle prince who falls in love with the daughter of a king named Farrokh and rushes to Diar Farang in search of her. Shah Farang has two skilled ministers in sand and astrolabe named Shams Wazir and Qamar Wazir, with whom Shams agrees with Amir Arsalan and Qamar disagrees with him. As a result of the evils of Qamar Wazir, Farrokh Leqa is captured by the court and the witches and Amir Arsalan is on his way to save him from the land of magic. The famous Amir Arsalan, after many hardships and wars and conflicts, reaches his heart ….

Amir Arsalan is an important book in the history of Persian literature, because on the one hand it is the last example of a novel in the traditional Persian style, that is, similar to stories like Hossein Kurd Shabestari and Ramzeh Hamzeh, and on the other hand it is one of the first Persian literary texts that have similarities to novels. It has its west. This epic-romantic work of the Qajar period was a very famous and popular story in its time; So much so that they even made a superstition for it: “Whoever reads the story of Amir Arsalan to the end will become a bloodthirsty and bloodthirsty.”
Numerous editions of this book were available in the Iranian book market until a revised version of this book was published in the 1940s by Dr. Mohammad Jafar Mahjoub. In 1334, a cinematic adaptation of this story was made, directed by Shapoor Yasemi. And for the second time in 1345, Ismail Kooshan made a film about Amir Arsalan, this time played by Mohammad Ali Fardin. Both of these adaptations have no artistic value and are in the category of Persian films.

How the story of the famous Amir Arsalan originated:
Nasser al-Din Shah Qajar used to listen to stories before going to sleep. There was a room for musicians and porters next to the king’s bedroom. When the Shah went to bed, first the musician played songs and then the narrator for Nasser al-Din Shah “Naqib al-Mamalik” began to narrate a story.

Naser al-Din Shah had a special interest in the story of Amir Arsalan, as this story was told to him once a year.

One of Nasser al-Din Shah’s daughters, Turan Agha, nicknamed Fakhr al-Dawlah, hears from outside the story room and becomes interested in it. This girl, who is not without literary taste, brings a pen and a notebook and writes Naqib’s narration. When Nasser al-Din Shah learns about his daughter’s work, he gets excited and asks Naqib al-Mamalik to tell the story with more water and color this time so that Fakhr al-Dawla can write it.

A summary of the story of Amir Arsalan
“Khajeh Noman, an Egyptian merchant, finds the king’s pregnant wife on an island. The woman was hiding on the island to escape the French. After giving birth, this woman became the wife of Khajeh Noman. Khajeh adopts his son and names him Arsalan. At the age of eighteen, Arsalan finds out who his child is.

He conquers Roman Egypt with the army of Khadijah and plunders the churches, until suddenly, when he sees the image of “Farrokh Laqa” in a church, he falls in love with him with one heart, not one hundred. Farrokh Leqa is the daughter of King Peter of Persia. Amir Arsalan goes to Diar Farang anonymously at the request of Farrokh Leqa. In the meantime, wonderful adventures take place and cause Amir Arsalan to fight to reach Farrokh Laqa and to fight with demons, jinns and dragons.
Amir Arsalan has a big enemy called Qamroozir. This moon is one of the two ministers of Peter the Great, who is also fascinated by Farrokh Laqa and tries to eliminate his rival. In the meantime, Amir Arsalan, with the help of Shams, another minister of Peter Shah’s minister, who is a Muslim and pious man, succeeds in removing the obstacles and reaching Farrokh Laqa …. “

Excerpt from the story of Amir Arsalan:
“There are ten churches in this city, one of which was destroyed and there is no other temple,” the minister said.

Amir Arsalan said: I will not rest until I ruin everyone today! He pushed the minister forward. Wherever there was a church and a temple, he killed popes and looted furniture and destroyed the church until they reached the cathedral near evening. He saw a building that was equal to the dome of Sepehri. He saw the great gate. He rode into the church. Wow, he saw a place with purity! All around the pavilions and rooms with ornaments, marble sculptures, the image of the work of ancient painters and a dome of pure gold and hung in the middle of the dome of inlaid gables on the door and wall ..

Amir Arsalan looked to the right of Khaj. Another curtain was hung, he said to remove that curtain as well. Behind the curtain, his eyes fell on the image of a fifteen-year-old girl who has cast a shadow on the ground from the sky, of beauty, beauty, beauty, height, shape, image, flowers, salt, and charm of her mother-in-law! In height, composition, mole, mole, eyes, eyebrows, lips, mouth, well of women, oval neck, hair rope, and narrowness, there is nothing similar in this globe …
As soon as Amir Arsalan’s eyes fell on the beauty of this curtain, his heart, soul, intellect, wisdom, intelligence and senses were looted!

At one point, he was robbed of his work, calm down and settled down

The color faded from his face, his knees weakened, he trembled and sweat went from head to toe, and the more he looked, the more he got caught! The beauty they had portrayed remained as dull as two hours. At one point he came to his senses and learned that all the princes were standing around him and looking at him. He gathered himself and sat up straight. He turned to Khajeh Noman, who did not know why my condition was disturbed! “Let them bring wine. Let’s eat some. Maybe I’ll be fine!”

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