History of Tabari


Title: History of Tabari or the history of the messengers and kings

Author: Mohammad bin Jarir Tabari

Subject: History

Age category: Adult

Cover: Hard

Language: Farsi

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History of Tabari is known as one of the most important and famous books in the field of Islamic history. Tarikh al-Rasul wa al-Muluk, or Tarikh al-Umm wa al-Muluk, is the original name of this famous book, written in Arabic. As you can probably guess from the famous name of this book, Tarikh Tabari, the author of this book is none other than Mohammad Ibn Jarir Tabari, the famous Iranian historian and writer who wrote this unique and full of stories in the late 3rd century AH!

The introduction of this book is not without merit due to its importance in Islamic sources! Of course, all those who are interested in its history and stories will also be interested in this book. Stay tuned with this micro-article from Lightweight and review and introduce this valuable historical book.

Categorize the stories and narratives in this book
To introduce historical books, it is necessary to first get information about the writing process and thematic categories in them. The history book first deals with issues such as the creation of man and man and then tries to be a valuable and citationable source throughout history by quoting narrations from ancient prophets and kings!
This book, after examining the stories of the Sassanid kings in Iran and quoting stories from various prophets, talks about Islam, the Holy Prophet, and so on. It is interesting to know that the classification of Islamic stories and narrations in this book is valuable from the beginning of Islamic history to 293 AH!

The time of the beginning of Islamic history or the prophetic section of the history book of Tabari
According to available documents, Islamic history begins with the emigration to Medina (before which Yathrib was registered). Muhammad ibn Jarir al-Tabari, based on this year, which is the beginning of the history of Islam, has divided his book into two parts:
Pre-Islamic history: This section does not have an exact calendar and is written based on the subject, but since Tabari attached great importance to time, the subjects were written based on the date of occurrence. This is probably why the book of explanations begins with the time and Adam. This section focuses on pre-Islamic kings and prophets and is known as the most important section of the Tabari history book.
History after Islam: This section deals with Islam and after it and based on the events that took place and describes the time of the Prophet’s migration to Medina until 293 AH.

What is the most famous part?
Among all the historians and people who quote from the history of Tabari, the pre-Islamic section of this book is more famous! There are many narrations about this section of the book in history, but the most famous is that the section on pre-Islamic history was written after Tabari’s commentary on the Qur’an (Tabari’s commentary).

How and for how long the history of the messengers and kings or the history of the nations and kings was written
The book Tarikh Tabari has 16 volumes and based on historical documents and evidences, it has been written since 210 AH! Considering that the book examines the history of Tabari up to the time of the Abbasids and includes the events related to this historical period, but why is this book famous among Iranians?
Many historical events related to Iran up to 300 AH have been written in this book and this issue has made the history of Tabari as a suitable reference for the history of Iran until then.

What was the writing style like?
To introduce the history book of Tabari, it is good to know how it is written and how the news and narrations are presented in it. The style of writing of Muhammad ibn Jarir Tabari for this book is to mention the important historical events of each period and then to mention the details that few people have paid attention to.
This method was considered a special and unique method of writing among all the historical books that were written at that time and there was no other like it! After this book, other historians such as Yaqubi and Haitham Ibn Numadi followed this method and wrote their important books! Of course, the quality of writing in Tabari’s book has undoubtedly been much higher.

Sources used by Mohammad Ibn Jarir Tabari
The value of any history book is determined by the sources used! If it were not so, any person could write any lie and loudly declare that yes I am a historian! The history book of Tabari, which has been cited for many years, is famous today because of the valuable sources used in it!
Tabari’s history book has used terms such as hadith, hadith or qal as a source for its pre-Islamic section, which is in fact a kind of unknown form in Arabic and does not speak completely about the source. Of course, the sources and documents used in this book for the events after Islam are much more reliable that you can see in the book.

The most frequently asked question, however, is about the resources used for the period of creation! The period of creation was the time when man was created and the history of Tabari has tried to use Jewish and Christian sources along with some Iranian sources to study the events and narratives that have been formed during this time.

Resources used in for Iran!
Examining the stories and narrations about Iran used in this book, you will understand that the writings of Hisham Ibn Mohammad Kalbi have been used as a document to talk about the ancient period of Iran.

Why should we read the history of Tabari?
If you are interested in the history of Iran, the history of creation, the story of the great pre-Islamic kings, the Prophetic tradition, etc., the history of Tabari, as a citationable and attractive book, can give you everything you want! Of course, you should also keep in mind that some Shiite historians do not recognize this book as a citationable document, and their opinion is that the history of Tabari should not be used to cite rulings! How to write and have different quotes makes this historical book attract the reader and be worth reading.

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