History of Religions (6 volumes)


Title: History of Religions (Analytical History of Religions and Beliefs in the World from the Beginning to Today)
Author: Hashem Razi

Language: Farsi

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Introduction of the book History of Religions by Hashem Razi, 6 volumes
New and realistic insights of this time include the foundation of true and original historiography. This means that events must be arranged as they were, based on the phenomena of cause and effect, and provided with a view outside of hard-thinking and short-sighted prejudices.

Greatness and grandeur are not in false pretenses and deceptive lies. Religion is the most chosen path and gift of the most ancient civilizations of the ancient world.

Religion is the method of conduct of individuals in society and morality in its general and broad sense. Methods and techniques such as magic. Enchantment and sorcery are among the factors and phenomena that have been incorporated over time by profiteers according to the principle of influence of religion and morality in this human method.
On the principle that religion and morality are included in this human method. On this principle, which includes the whole reality, it should be noted with clarity and correctness that any criticism and criticism that falls into the additional aspects of religion has a way. On the separation between right and wrong

The present collection in six volumes is the result of Hashem Razi’s years of effort and research on religions and the history of religions, which was first published by Kaveh Publications in the early 1930s.

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