The dictator’s handbook


Title:The Dictators’ Tutorial

Author: Randall Wood

Translator: Carmine Doluka

Publisher: Third

Subject: History of Iran and the world, political memoirs, dictatorship, political leadership

Age category: Adult

Cover: hardcover

Number of pages: 476 p

Language: Farsi



 The dictator’s handbook : a practical manual for the aspiring tyrant is written by Randall Wood and Carmine Doluca. This book is a satirical text criticizing the behavior of dictators, which teaches how dictators behave in a sharp and biting language. This book has been translated into Persian by Bijan Ashtari.

About Dictators Tutorial
Do you want to be a dictator? Do you find anything more lovable than Annan’s unbridled power, unlimited economic opportunities, and the joy of suppressing opposition? What morning is more fragrant and joyful than the morning when you know that you have humiliated or killed all your enemies and that the wealth of the country is in your possession?

What is a more satisfying goal than the fact that you are the only link between government, economy and society in the country and everything is under your control, the only decision-maker, and it is your word and nothing will be done unless you want it? Maybe you are a member of the family of family members. In this case, you think that after reaching old age, you will leave the leadership of the country in the hands of your son or daughter so that they can continue your path, maintain family wealth and continue your political achievements.
This book examines all the famous dictators in the world and teaches the reader how to be a dictator. The book has 13 chapters, and each chapter deals with one of the topics that led to the formation, rise to power, or even the decline of a dictator’s power. Authors have used various sources to write dictators’ tutorials so that we can come up with a valuable historical work. A work in which the authors have tried to examine all aspects of a dictator’s life under a magnifying glass and carefully analyze it.

Their analysis makes us not have to deal with a collection of simple reports, and we can understand the depth of the story by reading the dictators’ tutorial. According to the definition of this book, a dictator is someone who has not seized power through democratic processes, ie voting, either directly or indirectly. On this account, both Hugo Chوزvez and Hitler are dictators.

Who do we recommend reading the dictators textbook?
We recommend this book to all those who are interested in political science and humor. But do not forget that the purpose of writing this book is to condemn dictatorship, not to provide instructions for becoming a dictator.

Part of  The dictator’s handbook : a practical manual for the aspiring tyrant
The President of the Republic of Haiti, François Duvalier, made every effort to present himself to the people of his country in the form of a voodoo sorcerer, a god, “the embodiment of the Haitian nation, a voodoo Jesus Christ.” “I am the flag of Haiti,” he declared in 1963. “Whoever is my enemy is the enemy of my fatherland.”

1-2 Find out the religion

The above examples show that blowing a spiritual or mystical feeling into your personality cult helps you to make the most of the pure religious feelings of the people of your country. So try to make yourself a believer and God-fearing. This tactic has many benefits: first, it increases your popularity with the majority of the religious people in the society and strengthens your personality cult, then it strengthens your government and makes it easier for you to run the country. The best case scenario is that the regime and the religion of the people are so intertwined that each of these two is considered equivalent to the other.
Eidi Amin, for example, became a propagandist in Uganda in the 1970s, which increased his popularity. Eidi Amin was a non-religious man before coming to power, but as soon as he took power, he began praying in public, praising the Prophet of Islam, quoting verses from the Qur’an, visiting mosques, and giving financial aid to groups. Islamic. Eidi Amin was so successful that he was able to establish himself as a Kalashnikov prophet. He claimed that God wakes him up at night and tells him what policies to follow. Many Ugandans gladly accepted these words and gestures and even believed at one time that God had sent a faithful Eid to lead their country.

If you are a dictator dreaming of building an empire, know that religion is very useful to you. You can turn religion into a lofty ideal; An ideal that your fellow believers in your own country and in neighboring countries can unite around. Experience has shown that this way you can conquer smaller neighboring countries and satellites and achieve your expansionist goals. Another good thing about this tactic is that it provides an excuse to attack other countries.

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