Cyrus the Great


Title: Cyrus the Great

Author: Albert Shandor

Translator: Mohammad Ghazi

Publisher: Book Gallery

Subject: Achaemenid Cyrus – Shah of Iran

Age category: Adult

Cover: Paperback

Number of pages: 429

Language: Farsi



Cyrus the Great is written by Albert Shandor and translated into Persian by Hadi Hedayati. This book is published by Third Publishing and is marketed in 332 pages. Its last edition was related to the year 1390 and it can be included in the history section of Iran in terms of subject matter.

He was called Cyrus, who was also named after his father

And the word meant shepherd, but this young man did not have a sheep job.

Of course, hundreds of herds grazed on the slopes of those mountains and approached as the snow melted on the peaks. The herdsmen were guarded by the people of the year and shepherd dogs. It is a legend among the people that a shepherd named Cyrus guards his nation and leads them to bread and blessings and protects them from wild animals, demons and human predators.

Cyrus the Great:
Herodotus, a fourth-century BC historian, is the best narrator of Cyrus’ birth. According to him, it was Astyages, his maternal grandfather, who had a dream one night that his daughter Mandana had so much water that he learned of Ekbatan (the capital of the Medes) and his empire. The king asked Moghan to interpret this dream and they The king was intimidated by the future of his kingdom because he did not dare to marry his daughter to the material elders. Thus, Astana, Mandana’s father, gave his daughter to a Persian named Kambodjieh, who was a Persian nobleman, who considered her obedient and safe, especially since Kambodjieh was also mild and obedient.

Less than a year after Mandana’s marriage to the deficient Astyages, he falls asleep again, with a hair tree growing from his daughter Mandana’s belly and covering all of Asia. The interpretation that the Moghans made of this dream was more terrible than the first dream. They told the king that a son would be born from Mandana who would seize your throne. With this interpretation, the king forces his daughter to come to Ekbatan to see him, and as soon as he arrives, he monitors her in Ekbatan until she gives birth to her son.

After the baby was born, the king told a noble Median named Harpagus, who was also close to him, that he should take the newborn baby and go home to Harpagus and discuss the matter with his wife. The child has a family relationship with me and since the king of Media has no son, his daughter Mandana will take his place. Then what will happen to me if I kill his son? So he decided not to kill the child himself, so he called a royal shepherd named Mehrdad and told him that the king had ordered that the child be placed on a mountain to be eaten by wild animals, and that if he did not do so, he would be punished. And you will be punished. you’re welcome
There was nothing wrong with me

The shepherd’s wife, who was pregnant, was in the absence of a son who had died, and when the shepherd came home and saw his wife, he persuaded her to take care of them and raise them. Instead, they showed the dead body of their child to Harpagus and said that he was the same child. The shepherd accepted his wife’s opinion and handed over the body of his dead child to Harpagus. He was buried and the king of Media was relieved.

Cyrus soon became a prominent and efficient young man and playmate of the Amir Zadegans, and he always impressed his friends with the power of his leadership. In the meantime, he was known as the son of a shepherd. They chose to punish the son of one of the Medes who did not want to take orders from him while playing. The father of the punished child complained to Astyages.

When Astyages asked him why he had acted so brutally, Cyrus defended himself, saying that he was playing the role of a king and that everyone obeyed him except this boy, so one should obey his orders. Has not obeyed, to punish. Astyages realized that this was not a shepherd’s words. He thought for a while and remembered the incident ten years ago and ordered that the shepherd be brought to him and forced to speak by torture and threats, so the shepherd confessed that he was the grandson. Mandana herself and her child are her daughter.

The matter reached Harpagus, so he came to Astyages and explained the reason for not killing the king’s grandson, saying, “On that day I wanted to carry out your order and not be the murderer of your daughter, so I gave the child to this man.”

The king also said, “I also had a guilty conscience for this, so we should thank God and have a great feast.” Harpacus goes home with Cyrus and sends his son to the king’s court. They ate Harpagus, and after the ceremony the king asked him how the food was. Harpagus said it was very good. Punish.

After the party, Astyag gathered Moghan and told them the story of his grandson. And his mother sent Astyages, overwhelmed with joy at this answer, and sent Cyrus to Persia to visit his parents. Cyrus grew up in his father’s court.

At first he did not dream of rebelling against the Medes and reaching the throne, but Harpagus, who was always seeking revenge on his son from the Medes, encouraged Cyrus to revolt and secretly corresponded with Cyrus, sending him expensive gifts. He incited him against the king, and finally placed his mark on the belly of a newly hunted hare, sewed the belly of a hare and gave it to one of his own nephews, and sent him to Persia as a hunter. He brought the rabbit to Cyrus and said that he should open the rabbit’s belly. After reading Harpag’s letter, he thought of taking power from Astyages.
When his plan reached a critical juncture, he encouraged the Persian tribes to support him so that they could free themselves from the bondage of Astyages and the Medes. Cyrus marched on the Medes On the other hand, the king of the Medes sent an army to confront Cyrus and gave his army to Harpagus. When the two armies met, Harpagus joined Cyrus the Great with a large number of soldiers, thus doubling Cyrus’ power. Succeeded in overthrowing his grandfather, Astyages. Cyrus had the utmost respect for his grandfather and kept him with him. ..

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