My Baby Book – A First Five Year Diary


Title: My Baby Book

Author: Desmond Marwood

Translator: Mitra Sadat Ahmadi

Illustrator: Patricia Ladlow

Publisher: Voice of Friendship

Subject: Children-growth / diaries

Age category: Child

Number of pages: 48

Language: Farsi



My Baby Book – A First Five Year Diary by Desmond Marwood illustrated by Patricia Ladlow. This book is published by Avae Doosti Publishing.

Excerpts from My Book and My Child (text pleasure)
It shows life and the beginning of life at the moment when fertility takes place, that is, the male sperm connects with the female sperm in the fallopian tube and merges with each other, a creature is created and pregnancy begins and a human life begins. Becomes.

(Figure 2)
Pregnancy is done in four stages:
1- Ovulation 2- Fertilization, 3- Fertilized cell division 4- Implantation – Ovulation: Every female girl has a range of 2 million eggs in her ovary at birth, but when she reaches puberty, the number Her eggs will be reduced. During puberty to menopause, every woman releases 100 to 150 eggs from a small sac called a follicle each month in the middle of the fourteenth day of menstruation, but only one of these eggs develops.

(Figure 2)
The free eggs move towards the horn tube. The eggs are so small that they are difficult to see. When an egg reaches the fallopian tube, if a sperm cell (male sperm) is present in the fallopian tube within 12 hours, it will approach it, penetrate it, and fertilize.

“Me and My Child” is a comprehensive guide for mothers by Dr. Javad Feyz, edited according to the latest findings of Ph.D. This effect provides comprehensive information on the health of the mother and fetus during pregnancy, as well as good food and care for the baby, attention to good parenting and growth, and prevention of various diseases.

“Javad Feyz” stated that the main goals of writing this book are to maintain the health of the fetus and infant, as well as to respond to the needs of mothers who want their child to grow and develop in the right and principled ways. Experience.
“Me and My Child” is written entirely on the basis of authoritative scientific sources combined with the author’s professional experiences, and in a simple and understandable language, provides a tool for parents to rely on with confidence. Books, grow your baby in a healthy and proper environment.

Awareness of the contents of the book “Me and my child”, the direction and development of intellectual and mental, emotional and emotional, mental and physical and even intelligence and physical of the child is very helpful and due to the simple and fluent prose of the book, all taken from parents and counselors Students and researchers can benefit from its contents.
From pregnancy preparation, pregnancy and nine-month care, childbirth and infancy to food, vaccination, development, play, teething, sleep, crying, and all kinds of illnesses and allergies, all Researches in great detail and reassures parents to take care of their child.

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