Shah Abbas Sardar Sepah Shahsoon


Title:  Sardar Sepah Shahsoon: The Life of Shah Abbas I.

Author: Mohammad Reza Safian Esfahani

Publisher: Mirror of Knowledge

Subject: Abbas Safavid – Shah of Iran

Age category: Adult

Number of pages: 448

Language: Farsi

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The book of Shah Abbas Sardar Sepah Shahsoon is by Mohammad Reza Safian Esfahani.

The anecdotes and stories that are narrated from the life and kingdom of “Shah Abbas I” are very instructive. And he was prudent and thoughtful in the affairs of the country. But this behavior of the king was not unprecedented among the kings before him. It turns out that the king had studied the situation of the previous kings and benefited from their experiences.


Shah Abbas I (born 978 AH – died 1038 AH / 1571 – 1629 AD), known as Shah Abbas the Great, is the most famous king of the Safavid period. He is the son of Shah Mohammad Khodabandeh and the fifth king of the Safavid dynasty, who ruled Iran for more than 42 years from 996 AH until his death.

He was interested in architecture, music, painting, and poetry.

Shah Abbas was a strict and serious person.

He had no mercy on the offenders and dealt with them with very severe punishments, which made him safe on the roads and in the cities. Shah Abbas came to the throne when western and northwestern Iran was under Ottoman rule, and Khorasan became a hotbed of Uzbeks in northeastern Iran.

Inside the country, the power of the Shah had decreased during the 12 years after the death of Shah Tahmaseb and during the reigns of Shah Ismail II and Shah Mohammad Khodabandeh. The divisions of the Ghezelbashan tribes re-emerged in an increasing form, and the dichotomy between the Turks and the Tajiks (non-Turkish people) intensified.
As a result of these divisions, each government official was thinking of his own interests and power, and the country was in chaos. By prioritizing various problems, Shah Abbas was able to bring the Safavid dynasty to the peak of power, glory and grandeur during his reign.

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