A year amongst the Persians


Title: One year among Iranians

Author: Edward Brown

Translator: Zabihullah Mansouri

Publisher: Forbidden

Subject: Forbidden, History, Diary writing

Age category: Adult

Cover: Paperback

Number of pages: two volumes

Language: Farsi

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Introducing the book A year amongst the Persians by Edward Brown, translated by Zabihullah Mansouri
Studies on the life, morals and spirits of the Iranian nation What has been inferred during the twelve months of residence in Iran from 1887 to 1888 are attached to the biography of Professor Edward Brown, a professor at the University of Cambridge.

The content of the book is much richer than ordinary travel memoirs and goes beyond ordinary travelogues.
This book, in addition to introducing and presenting a vivid picture of the land and people of Iran, is in fact a reliable guide and reliable reference of modern Iranian literature and thought, and for this reason it is worthwhile in the library of researchers, along with other lasting works of history Iranian literature should be included.

This book is in the history and memoir group.

About the author
Edward Granville Brown is an English scholar who was born in 1862 and died in 1925. The most important book he has written about Iran is the history of Iranian literature. Brown was associated with the intellectual elite for his mastery of the Persian language and his knowledge of Islamic literature and philosophy, as well as the principles of Zoroastrian and Babi beliefs, which continued until the Constitution and beyond.

The book “One Year Among Iranians” is the result of Brown’s trip to Iran in 1887, about nine years before the Constitutional Revolution.
According to him, he spoke Persian very well before this trip and the description of the conversations that he wrote in this travelogue shows that he knew our language much more than everyday conversations. For example, in Tehran, he learns the principles of Sabzevari’s philosophy from Mirza Asadullah, and in Shiraz, he has a literary conversation with two sons of Vesal Shirazi. Contact us to buy the book One Year Among Iranians

Chapter One: Introduction
Chapter Two: From England to the Iranian border
Chapter 3: From the border of Iran to Tabriz
Chapter 4: From Tabriz to Tehran
Chapter Five: Tehran
Chapter Six: Sufism – Our Metaphysical Philosophy – Witchcraft
Chapter 7: From Tehran to Isfahan
Chapter 8: Isfahan
Chapter 9: From Isfahan to Shiraz
Chapter Ten: Shiraz
Chapter 11: From Shiraz to Yazd
Chapter Twelve: Yazd
Chapter 13: From Yazd to Kerman
Chapter Fourteen: The people of Kerman
Chapter Fifteen: Among the Qalandars
Chapter 16: From Kerman to England

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