History of ancient Iran


Title: History of Ancient Iran

Author: M. Diakonof

Translator: Spirit of the Lord

Publisher: Forbidden


Age category: Adult

Cover: Paperback

Number of pages: 517 p

Language: Farsi

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Introducing the book History of Ancient Iran by Mikhailovich Diakonov
History of Ancient Iran Mikhailovich Diakonov Spiritual Translation of the Master of Scientific and Cultural Publishing consists of 3 parts with the following titles:

Part 1: Iran during the Achaemenid rule:
Ancient Persia
Western Iran and Media
East Iran and Central Asia before the Achaemenid conquest
The revolt of Gumata the Magi and the beginning of the reign of Darius I.
Xerxes and the defeat of the Iranians in Greece …..
– Part 2: Greek civilization and culture and Parthians:
اسکند Македоونی
The legacy of Alexander
Formation of the Seleucid government
Antiochus III
Seleucids and Parthians
Part – A World Government
Rome and Parthia ….
Part 3: Sassanids:
Establishment of the Sassanid government
Empire of Eastern Dynasty and Iran of the Sassanid Period
Mazdak Movement and Ghobad Kingdom …

book introduction
The History of Ancient Iran by Mikhail Mikhailovich Diakonov (M. M. Diakonov), one of the most prominent and distinguished Russian orientalists, is considered by the dear readers. Compile the history of Iran in the Middle Ages. This book was written in 1945-1944; But during the writer’s lifetime, he was not adorned with nature. In the following years, Diakonov continued to write “History of Ancient Iran” and the manuscript of his book was widely used by young students and scholars. In 1954, coinciding with the sudden death of the author, the work was not yet ready for publication.

As a result of the many requests received in writing and healing for the publication of this valuable manuscript, it was first decided to publish Diakonov’s work, which was available after his death, in order to get acquainted with the history of ancient Iran and to gather information and information about it. And be published and therefore corrected by. م. Diakonov et al. گ. Peri Khanian took place. This book in its kind is a valuable work in understanding the history of Iran from the time of the Medes and Persians to the fall of the Sassanid dynasty.
The rare book “History of Ancient Iran” is a masterpiece of “Diakonov”, a great Russian Iranologist, translated by Mr. Rouhi Arbab. This book was published in 1967.

The book History of Ancient Iran by M.M. Diakonov is one of the rarest and at the same time the most important analytical books on the history of pre-Islamic Iran. In this book, Diakonov has written the complete history of Iran from the Achaemenid period to the Parthians and Sassanids. Diakonov has left this unique work with the help of historical documents, inscriptions, coins and writings. Dabakonov also discusses the history of the Medes and the history of the Parthians in two separate books.

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