Persia: the immortal kingdom


Title: Eternal Land (4 volumes)

Author: Marijan Moleh; Hertzfeld Ernst Emil and Roman Gershman

Translator: Zabihullah Mansouri

Publisher: Book Gallery

Subject: Iran, history, before Islam

Age category: Adult

Language: Farsi



In the book collection of Persia: the immortal kingdom, the invasions, myths and history related to the period of the Pishdadians and Kianids, the Medes, the Achaemenids, the Parthians and the Sassanids are discussed.

After that, it shows that the Turks and various ethnic groups, especially the Mongols, came to Iran after the Achaemenids, and it was always the Iranian culture, civilization and language that made the invading nations and tribes Iranian. The element of form in the basic principles of Iranian thought and vision is dynamism, construction and maturity and has always inherently taken the process of reconstruction, revival and prosperity behind every invasion and has always remained as a mountain based on the height of history.

It is stated in this historical book: Undoubtedly, Iranian culture and civilization has had a fundamental, powerful and continuous continuity from the beginning until now. This culture and its intellectual and spiritual diagrams are like interconnected links in a chain.
Each ring or several rings of this chain have been made and paid by kings, scientists, artists, sages, mystics, etc. according to their time, place, taste and taste. In such a way that these seeds and rings are trimmed and prepared.

The creators of every age and period have inherited the experiences, lessons learned and data of their predecessors and could not have been needless of that treasure, but always equal in time and place and in dealing with other cultures and civilizations and in the thriving market of trade, what It has already reached them, it has added. It is this dynamism and stagnation that has left an ever-evolving, vibrant and new culture for the next generation.

Introducing the 4-volume volume of the book Sarzamin Javid:
The 4-volume volume of Manzouri’s Land of Immortals is a popular historical novel written by Marijan Moleh, Hertzfeld and Gershman, translated and published in Persian by Zabihullah Mansouri.

We Iranians are strangers in our homeland because we do not know it, and our information about our homeland does not exceed a few classical histories, all of which are incomplete and vague.

For example, instead of the reign of the Parthian kings that lasted for several centuries, a huge abyss was created in which nothing can be seen, if those great kings were all Iranians and ruled from east to west and could have armies Mobilize 300,000 people and some people think that they are Tatars. Buy the book Eternal Land

The history that we have from Iran and we give it to our young people to read is like the dead body of history and that is why no one is interested in reading it. Except for the professors who teach it and have to read it on the occasion of their profession.
The first time a history was written for Iran was about 40 years ago (now about 80 years) by the late Hassan Pirnia (Mushir al-Dawla), but that great and patriotic man had access only to French sources and to ancient Greek, Latin, German and He did not know English, Pahlavi and Sanskrit, if the sources of these languages ​​should be used to write the history of Iran, of course, it does not mean to downplay the work of the late Pirnia, but he is the first teacher in writing the history of Iran.

Now we are trying to introduce the history of our homeland to Iranians to the best of our ability, and the source of the writings are the historical discoveries of the last 40 years (before 1981) and works written in other languages ​​of Raja to Iran. What is presented in the book Eternal Land is adapted from others, namely historians and researchers of foreign scientists, three of whom are named as authors.

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