Collection of stories by Anna Gavalda


Title: Anna Gavalda

Author: Anna Gavalda

Translator: Reza Zare

Publisher: Azarmidakht

Subject: French short stories

Age category: Adult

Cover: Paperback

Number of pages: 424

Language: Farsi



Anna Gavalda’s collection of stories is the work of Anna Gavalda, a French teacher and novelist born in 1970. This well-written writer became famous in Iran with his two famous works, “I Wish Someone Loved Me Somewhere” and “I Loved Him”. Anna Gavalda has both novels and short stories in her works; He has special powers and skills in both fields. She has a delicate and feminine style, which makes reading her books attractive to readers and those interested in French literature.

Biography of Anna Gavalda
Anna Gavalda French novelist and novelist Anna Gavalda was born on December 9, 1970 in France. He is a descendant of Dorothy Parker, an American poet and novelist. His first collection of short stories was published when Gavalda was a French language teacher in a high school. This collection was released under the name I Wish Someone Was Waiting for Me Somewhere. The series also attracted critical acclaim and sold well in the market; So much so that more than 750,000 copies were sold in France alone. The book was translated into several languages, including English and German. It is interesting to know that the book “I wish someone was waiting for me somewhere” also had many fans in Iran and was translated into Persian several times. Famous translators such as Elham Darchinian, Ghazaleh Ramezani and Nahid Foroughan translated this book.

Anna Gavalda is divorced from her husband and now lives with her two children in the French city of Mellon, 50 km south of Paris. He is currently writing professionally and in addition to novels and short stories, he also writes for Elle Magazine.

Feature of Anna Gavalda’s pen
Anna Gavalda’s first book was published while she was still a teacher. The name of this collection of stories, I wish someone was waiting for me somewhere, was also a great success. This book has twelve short stories, these stories are: “Delicacy etiquette in the San Diego”, “Pregnant”, “This man and this woman”, “Apple Touch”, “Amber”, “Vacation”, “Event of the day”, “Sewing Thread”, “Junior”, “Later Years”, “Click Click” and “The End of the Work”.

In each of these stories we see that the author speaks subtly about the details of life. Details that we usually overlook or do not care about; But Anna Gavalda, using love and feeling these seemingly simple and insignificant issues, tells the audience in a way that after a while, the reader may feel how simple and easy it is to fall in love with life and express this love to Human beings offered.

The stories of the series I Wish Someone Was Waiting for Me Somewhere is now one of the topics taught in schools and universities around the world. The stories in this book give readers a good view of modern French.
Anna Gavalda’s first novel, I Loved Her, was first published in February 2002. This book was also so well received that it was translated into English in less than a year. “I liked his book,” Gavalda said.

“I love this book, I feel proud of it.” The novel is about the art of living and reminds us of our failures, our lies, our cowardice and our surrender. Gavalda portrays life for us again With his questions and deadlocks, this is how many of our perceptions of life are questioned and re-evaluated.

“I think there is a way to talk about the bitter and unpleasant facts calmly, but this is the best way out of the slump in the daily market,” writes Anna Gavalda about the book’s sad story.

According to statistics available until 2007, Anna Gavalda’s books have sold an astounding three million copies in France alone.

Famous works of Anna Gavalda
Anna Gavalda’s works are:

I wish someone was waiting for me somewhere
Pleasant escape
I loved him
I want to make mistakes sometimes in life
Under the skin of life
I open the lock of my loneliness
Together, that’s it
So the curtain
better life
35 kilos of hope
Anna Gavalda and the identification of women with her
The subtlety seen in the works of Anna Gavalda is less seen in the writings of authors. Not only does Anna Gavalda have delicate prose, but in her stories she pays attention to details that can only be seen through the eyes of a woman.

Beautiful sentences by Anna Gavalda
I have learned that you should not become dependent on anyone or any relationship! And this damn. It was the most impossible thing I have ever learned.
When you stay and forgive, they think you do not know how to go. People should be reminded of the loss, people do not always stay in any situation; They open the door and leave forever.
You have to cry for everything once. Until the tears are dry. This sad body should be tossed and then the book of life should be flipped. He thought of something else. You have to move your legs and start all over again.
It is always easier to be sad in life than to be happy, but I do not like those who choose the easiest way at all! Rejoice in God and do whatever you can to be happy!

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