Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus


Title: Martian Men Venusian Women

Author: John Gray

Translator: Hamid Mirza Rezaei

Publisher: Shirmohammadi

Subject: Marriage, relationships between people, communication

Age category: Adult

Cover: Paperback

Number of pages: 360

Language: Farsi



Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus As John Gray’s Most Famous Book, Martian Men Venusian Women is one of the most well-known works in the field of emotional and marital relations. Dr. John Gray believes that men and women seem to be different from the two planets because of their different mental, physical, and different needs. But these differences, if properly understood, can lead to understanding. This book is very useful and reading it will be equally useful for married and single people.

How to talk to men to listen
One of the problems that women experience with men is that men are not able to listen and talk. It should be noted that there is a difference in the structure of men and it is not something that can be expected to change, but women are able to encourage men to speak more by acquiring skills and to demand their needs and wants from men in an appropriate way.

Martian men and Venusian women in the modern age
This book is based on the perception that came to Dr. John Gray twenty years after he wrote the original book, The Martian Men of Venus Women. John Gray Kay says that despite the success of the original book and the help of millions of couples, given that in recent decades the traditional roles of men and women have changed and new issues have arisen in relationships, couples need to share their knowledge. Increase.

Better sleep for men
In this book, written for men, John Gray examines the issue of sleep for men. He considers sleep to be very necessary for men’s rejuvenation because men work a lot on their bodies and if they are stressed or have hormonal changes, their sleep quality will decrease.

Venusian women in the fire of Martian men’s cold ice cold

Dr. John Gray, in his book Venus Women in the Fire of Wrath, Martian Men Cold Ice, addresses the issue of the role of hormones in the relationship between men and women. He believes that several factors are involved in hormonal imbalance in women and men. These include nutrition, blood sugar imbalance, methods used to deal with stress, and so on. This book is a guide to better understand these differences and solve the problems related to them.

Secrets of love permanence
This book, which is a continuation of the collection of books by Martian men, Venusian women, examines the issue of love and how to continue it. John Gray invites you to first understand your own needs and then the needs of the other person. This book contains lessons to learn more about your spouse or lover that you need to learn.

Better sleep for women
This book is also written to study the problems of women in falling asleep and having a stable and quality sleep. John Gray examines this problem from a psychological and hormonal point of view and points out the causes of common sleep disorders in women.

Lasting Love: A Guide to Enriching Relationships
In Lasting Love from Dr. John Gray, you learn that the issue of love and affection is deeper than having immediate feelings about your partner and the relationship between you. Our emotions, which arise from our thoughts, shape our behavior, and because of the different ways of thinking and feeling that men and women have, the end result, that is, their behavior, is so different. Dr. John Gray says that love is buried somewhere in life and must be rediscovered to be immortal.

Romantic monogamy
In Romantic Monogamy, Dr. John Gray introduces us to the wrong views and practices we have inherited from our parents about the opposite sex and the reasons for their inefficiency. He believes that the cause of marital problems is not understanding and accepting differences, and these differences must be taught. Therefore, you do not need to think that your marriage is wrong, because the solution is to make mistakes and make mistakes, and this book is written for the same purpose.

Spouses’ relationship in a complex world
Marriage is something that has changed a lot over the last fifty years. Because women have found other roles that they had not imagined before.

After women entered the society and gained education and found a job, other women came out of their traditional forms and adjusted their expectations according to the conditions of the day. This has made the relationship between the sexes in today’s world exposed to unprecedented challenges. Finally, marriage is a test for learning unconditional love, and we need to know the characteristics of relationships in the new age.

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