The Girl Before


Title: That previous girl

Author: GP Delaney

Translator: Arash Houshangifar

Publisher: Azarmidakht

Subject: American stories

Cover: Paperback

Cut: paperback

Number of pages: 464

Language: Farsi



The Girl Before is written by JP Delaney. The New York Times bestseller is a novel for fans of The Girl on the Train, The Girl from Brooklyn, and The Missing Girl. The description on the back of the book reads: “Jane is looking for a fresh start after what is happening in her life. To this end, he decides to change his house. Until he meets a house on Fulgate Street in London. Edward Mankford, a famous architect who advocates the style of simplification, designed this ultra-modern house. To live in this house, you have to go through difficult conditions that this attractive and at the same time mysterious architect has set. For example, a homeowner has to answer questionnaires regularly. “Little Jane feels helpless. The main purpose of this house is to change its inhabitants …”

Jane is a girl who has gone through a tragedy. He feels the need for a fresh start; So he is looking for a place to stay. The previous girl, however, and her boyfriend had an accident and were looking for a home. They were both offered a house on Fulgate Street. A house built by a very special architect and there are special conditions for renting it. In the house on Fulgate Street, the use of many decorations and ordinary living items, such as any kind of decoration and even books, is prohibited, and there are very advanced alarms throughout the house, and the landlord must approve the tenant himself. However, both girls choose this house to stay.
Jane, who has just arrived at the house, realizes that her ex-daughter has died, but strangely enough. He knows that he was his own age and had similarities to him. Jane tries to figure out what’s going on around the corner and distinguishes between truth and falsehood, but she seems to inadvertently follow Emma’s patterns and make the same choices as the previous girl, and of course the same. Experiences fear and panic.

After what happens in her life, Jane decides to change her house to a new beginning, until she meets a house on Fulgate Street in London. Edward Mankford is a well-known critic of the simplistic style. This ultra-modern house is designed. To live in this house, you have to go through difficult conditions that this attractive and at the same time mysterious architect has determined.

For example, the occupant of the house must constantly answer questionnaires. Jane gradually feels that the main purpose of this house is to change its occupants. After a while, he realizes that the previous owner, who has many similarities with him, has lost his life in the same house, while Jane tries to reveal the secrets and makes the same choices that she has made. Bod steps in the same paths he had walked and experiences the same fear he had experienced.
What . . Delaney is the name of an author who has so far released very successful and best-selling novels under other names.

Tony Strong’s previous book, Girl, nicknamed JP Delaney, tells the story of two women who move forward in parallel.

The story إMak is a girl who has problems in her life and now wants to live an independent life, but none of the apartments she sees are affordable or she does not feel safe there.

Until he goes to one of the streets and there he sees a building that is considered a masterpiece of architecture. A building with a minimalist design and a combination of stone and glass that has created a unique atmosphere. But this house and building has unique rules.
On the other side of the story is Jane looking for a home. Like us, he enters Fulgate Street and gets acquainted with the house and falls in love with the design and atmosphere of this house. A beautiful house designed by mysterious and charismatic architecture.

Chi Pi Delaney wrote the novel of that The Girl Before in 2017. A terrifying novel that passes between time and has the story of two young girls separately; But she tells her story and Jane tells her story. The two characters of the story enter a common story at two different times after going through hard personal adventures, and finally their destiny is somehow tied to each other without seeing each other. There is an interesting point about this book that some of its pages are blank. This is also part of the story!
The story was named a New York Times bestseller shortly after its release and was nominated for a Goodreads Book of the Year Award.

The former girl is one of the stories that is a very good subject for cinema people because of its attractive atmosphere and storyline.

We read in a part of the The Girl Before’s book
“What exactly did he do?”

“The company sent a complaint to the company’s human resources department that I had made him very drunk and then forced him to have unwanted sex. He said I threatened him that if you wanted to get into marketing, you had to contact me. He claimed that he did not accept it and I could not stand him and forced him. However, this is how I talked to the marketing manager to bring him to the marketing department. In fact, I was right; But this was before our relationship and not after;

But he took the story away from himself and cried after being forcibly raped and beaten. When the other women in the company, including my wife – Amanda, who is now, of course, my ex-wife – found out. They were very upset with me. They looked at me as if I had really done this and I am a very stupid person. Of course, when this happened, everything ended in my favor and I made good progress in my job; “But he did not start with this intention and ruined my reputation.”
“OK. What did you have? Relation? “A love affair?” There was a bowl full of nuts on the counter. When Shool was talking. I started eating too. “We had a relationship twice. This. One night at the hotel and one day we went out of town for training. “When you get drunk a lot, everything is out of your control.” “Look,” he continued sadly. What I did is not a matter of pride. Simon was my best friend.

He was my friend before he met Emma. In general, I am not strong in saying no. Believe me, it was he who came to me, not me. When I told him we had a good time together and we had to end the relationship, he insisted. I knew it was very dangerous for both of us. Especially him. He was happy that he had a secret relationship in Simon’s absence. It was Amanda too. “Honestly, I was kind to Simon, because otherwise he would never have known the real self.”

About the Author: J.
JP Delaney is a pseudonym for English writer Anthony Capella. Born in 1962 in Uganda, he graduated from St Peter College at Oxford University. He has written fascinating stories under various names and has become one of the most famous English writers. He is very good at creating psychological stories that have a mixture of horror and surprise. Capla published his first story, The Poison Tree, in 1997, and has written many stories over the past twenty years. Other books by this powerful author include Death Pit in 1999, Believe Me in 2001, Lie to Me in 2003, Marriage Counselor in 2006, Different Tastes of Coffee in 2008, and Chemistry. For amateurs “named 2009 and” great wife “2019. The novel “Believe Me” has been translated into Persian by this author, which was well received by the Persian-speaking audience.

Who is this book The Girl Before suitable for?
The former girl can be considered a book of the horror genre. This book is a great option for all those who like not to put it down when reading a book. JP Delaney has written a novel full of mystery, which at times captivates the audience. This book can take you away from your life and take you to a new world. A world that looks completely normal but about which nothing is known. A creative and knowledgeable writer, with his powerful pen, he draws the scenes in such a way that it passes in front of the audience like a film. If you want to experience the pleasure of reading a different novel, the former girl will be a good choice.

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