Assholes Forever


Title: Assholes Forever; A practical guide to cognition and treatment
Author: Javier Carment
Publisher: Elena
Subject: Treatment of personality disorders
Age category: Adult
Number of pages: 192

Language: Farsi



Introducing the book Assholes Forever by Javier Carmente
The Book of Eternal Consciousness; Recognizing Uncorrected Unconsciousness and Strategies to Deal with It

Assholes Forever; Recognition of incorrigible ignoramuses and solutions to deal with them.
Xavier Crement’s first book was for the unconscious and to know and treat their pain, which sold over 50,000 volumes in Iran. But the second book of Carment is not for the unconscious, it is about the unconscious. Especially stubborn, incorrigible and completely ignorant.

Carment wrote Assholes Forever for victims of unconsciousness about people who neither repent nor are corrected. Those who have become the finger of man and the world. Carment never thought he would have to write it one day. In this book, he concludes that some unconscious people are so committed to the unconscious that they are unlikely to see salvation.

The second book of Carment, Assholes Forever, is divided into three parts: In the first part, it tells you what the characteristics of the absolute unconscious are, and explains the ways to recognize these unconscious with examples. The second section lists the types of absolute unconsciousness.
The third section, entitled “Cosmic Unconsciousness,” refers to the fact that increasing unconsciousness creates a pervasive and organized unconsciousness, and is very dangerous. Examines and then explains the strategies to deal with them.

On the back cover of this book is:
Unconscious friends give themselves the right to tell you all their sorrows and griefs, and expect you to always listen carefully and compassionately. Whatever their problem, they expect you to always support them and reassure them that they are absolutely right; But you should not talk about your problems.

You must hate all the enemies of your unconscious friends. If you make friends with people who hate or are abandoned, you will be criticized. You need to pour endless encouragement, kindness, support and compassion on them. If you are not like this and you do not show them much love, your friendship will not touch their hearts.

Living with unconscious friends does not end there. These idiots say you should not criticize them for anything. Any discussion of their mistakes hurts their self-confidence; Therefore, you should ignore them.
Bitter than having an unconscious friend is having an unconscious spouse. In this world, there is nothing more shocking than waking up one day and seeing that you are married to an unconscious. Some people realize this bitter truth from the moment they sit at the wedding table; But some do not realize it for years after marriage.

In part of the book Assholes Forever we read:
When we want to photograph an unknown resident object, we usually think of a mountain; But over the years, I’ve learned something important about mountains. They are just in place. If you try to move them, they will not confront you. Your success or failure in this work depends on your own efforts and perseverance.

Objects that are really stationary resist movement. Like mules, they push their feathers firmly to the ground and disobey your orders.
The more you try to get them moving, the more they resist. You can never do anything by force, in order to move a mule you have to find a way to let him know that moving was his own idea from the beginning, not you. In other words, you have to rely on psychological motivation and a lot of luck.

Of course, mule deer are more common in government offices. That’s why the first time Mildred called me from the government’s human resources department to have a meeting, I felt scared and excited.

He wanted to know if it was possible to hold unconscious treatment classes in their administration. He asked if I could see him next Thursday. I had to cancel some of my appointments and reschedule to meet his wishes, but I did so willingly.
Thursday arrived, and I arrived at his office on time. But he kept me waiting for 45 minutes. But he apologized so sincerely that I forgot my grief. He had invited senior executives from their organization to attend our meeting.

I was impressed by their accuracy and great attention. They did not ask many questions, but took many notes. I left the meeting with satisfaction, thinking in my mind how to hold a workshop that meets their needs.
Two days later, he called again to arrange our next appointment for the afternoon of the same day. I told him that I could not hold the meeting for less than 4 hours. That’s why we scheduled the meeting for next week.

But when I arrived, they said that Mildred had called the office a moment ago, when I was on his way, and had canceled the appointment. The appointment was postponed to 9 a.m. the next day, but when I arrived I was told the appointment was for 8 a.m., not 9 p.m., and since I was not there at 8 p.m. Has been sent to start new projects. I had no choice but to go back to my office and calm myself down.

Index of Eternal Unconsciousness
Part 1: With each name, its color is the same –
Chapter One: Absolute Unconsciousness
Chapter Two: Halloween Spooning
Part Two: Work Tricks – Chapter Three: The Unconscious Neck
Chapter Four: Unconscious Mind
Chapter Five: Unconscious of a Gear
Chapter Six: Unconscious Grumbling
Chapter 7: The Unconscious Sucker
Chapter 8: The Unconscious Mindful
Chapter 9: Unconscious Sludge
Chapter Ten: Unconscious Chaos
Chapter Eleven: The Unconscious Sacrifice
Part 3: Cosmic Unconscious – Chapter Twelve: Cosmic Unconscious
Chapter Thirteen: Conscious of Political Moderation, or Conscious Consciousness
Chapter Fourteen: The Green Unconscious or the Unconscious Pro-Environmentalist
Chapter 15: The vulgar unconscious
Chapter Sixteen: The Ignorant Who Hate Extremely
Chapter Seventeen: The Unconscious
Chapter 18: Destroy it
Introducing the book Eternal Unconsciousness; Recognize incorrigible unconscious and solutions to deal with them
“Eternal Unconsciousness” or “Recognizing Uncorrected Unconsciousness and Strategies to Deal With It” is the second book on Javier Carmente’s unconsciousness. His first book, which sold over 50,000 volumes in Iran. Carment was the first book for the unconscious. To recognize and treat their pain. But the second book is not for the unconscious.

It is about the unconscious. “Especially stubborn, incorrigible and utterly ignorant. It is also a book for victims. “A book I never thought I would have to write.” In this book, Carmente explains why he has come to the conclusion that some unconscious people are so committed to the unconscious that they are unlikely to see salvation.

Carment’s second book, The Eternal Consciousness, has three sections. In the first part, he explains the characteristics of absolute unconsciousness and explains the ways of recognizing these unconscious with examples.
The second section lists the types of absolute unconsciousness, and the third section, entitled Cosmic Consciousness, states that increasing unconsciousness causes a widespread and organized unconsciousness that is very dangerous, and then the types of social and political unconsciousness that operate in organized groups. Examines solutions to deal with them. Finally, this book is for recognizing the eternal unconscious and ways to protect society and life from their harms.

“Unconsciousness Forever” is the second book in this series, and “Javier Carmente” examines the consciousnesses (in his view) that he no longer hopes to cure.

By staying in this valley, they decided to remain unconscious forever. And they continue to rely on themselves and their unconsciousness.

The surprise of Carment is that such people do not make an effort to improve their lives and subsequently improve their society.

About Javier Carment
Javier Carmente was once a prominent physician who held a valuable place in professional and family life. There have always been a lot of people around and they respect him. Nobody talks about his words and everyone has been waiting for his decisions and opinions. A kind wife and two beautiful and healthy children have made her life even more dreamy.

But since he himself says so, he reaches a point where life stands in front of you with all its awe and power and says: “You are unconscious! “Now it’s time to see the consequences of your behavior!” Everything happens very fast. His wife, children and friends left him and now he felt ashamed and sad with all his being.

The turning point in Carment’s life takes place here. He suddenly realizes that what he considered to be respect and self-confidence is nothing but the fear that others have of him.
No one dared to oppose him, because everyone was afraid of his irrational and strange reactions. This is where he decides to take this issue seriously and in principle.

He ignored the perception of psychiatrists and specialists who believed that unconsciousness could not be cured. Carment not only proved that unconsciousness is a disease, but also claimed that it is as addictive as any drug. The result of Carment’s thoughts and research is this unconscious book that he published in the United States in 1990.
The book Unconsciousness can be considered a kind of inner journey and intellectual transformation in which the author speaks honestly and boldly about his wrong behaviors, from the times when he has hurt and hurt others. By writing this book, Carment has boldly defined the most shocking events and behaviors in this book.

After all these ups and downs, Carment was able to regain the trust of his family and friends and start a new life. He is now abandoning his medical specialty and, as an unconscious psychiatrist, is helping people live better and healthier lives.

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