Toxic people


Title: Toxic people

Author: Lillian Glass

Translator: Roghayeh Karimi

Publisher: Atisa

Subject: Differences between people – compatibility – swearing

Age category: Adult

Cover: Paperback

Number of pages: 264

Language: Farsi

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Toxic People by Lillian Glass deals with the presence of people in life in whose absence conditions are better, but according to the circumstances, these people are present throughout our lives. He calls these people toxic because they are not happy to see progress and success in the lives of others and try to prevent others from achieving success. These people harm our souls by saying rude words and two-sided behavior and directly or indirectly harm our lives.
Sometimes, these people, by their negative impact on the lives of their loved ones, have caused people to suffer from various mental and physical illnesses. “Over the years of my professional career as a speech therapist, interpersonal relationship counselor, and behavior therapist, I have clearly seen and experienced the tremendous impact that words have on humans,” says Lillian Glass. “I have witnessed firsthand the destructive consequences of the ugly and inappropriate behaviors of ignorant or toxic people in people’s lives, and I have seen how fragile and vulnerable we can be when we are targeted by the poisonous bullets of these people.”

About the Author of Toxic People: Lillian Glass
Lillian Glass specializes in international communication and body language. He completed his bachelor’s degree in speech and behavioral science at Bradley University and his studies at the University of Michigan. At the University of Michigan, he became interested in the apparent differences between the sexes. At a young age, Lillian Glass received her doctorate and began working as a speaker, researcher and associate professor.
In 2016, as director and producer, Glass made the documentary Reinventing Rosalee, in which he showed that it was never too late to achieve one’s dreams and that one should strive for them. The documentary won more than 40 awards and was screened at many film festivals. Golmore Magazine has selected Dr. Lillian Glass as one of ten young working women.
Lillian Glass offers a variety of methods in Toxic People that we can use to deal with these people and their effects; One of the most common ways to deal with these people is to stay away from them. Usually, these people, with their jealousy, take the peace and comfort from life and turn it into hell.
Toxic people are everywhere and we need to be able to identify them. A violent manager, a careless spouse, a negative-minded friend, or an addicted brother can overshadow our entire lives. We must manage our behavior towards these people and try to avoid the slightest impact. Our behavior in dealing with these people should be such that we can control their destructive thoughts and get rid of resentment, hatred and jealousy.
Toxic People, How to Identify, Control, and Neutralize the Role of Toxic People in Your Life, addresses these issues in two sections. The first part of the book is a test to identify and classify toxic people, and the second part lists ten techniques for dealing with these people. In addition to helping to build a better life by staying away from some people, Toxic People helps us not to be toxic to others.
Toxic People, How to Identify, Control, and Neutralize the Role of Toxic People in Your Life includes twelve chapters, entitled “Is There a Toxic Person in Your Life?”, “Toxic Behaviors,” and “What Makes People Toxic in dealing with others “,” Methods of identifying toxic people “,” Thirty different types of toxic people “,” Ten tricks for dreaming with toxic people “,” The most appropriate ways to deal with any group of toxic people “,” Choosing Dealing with the person’s place in your life, “Ways to deal with the anger and hurt of a toxic relationship,” “A set of symptoms of a toxic person,” “Improving relationships and re-establishing a toxic relationship,” and “Let go.” “Follow your life.”
“Meaningless friendships, insecure friendships, endless loves, troubled and broken families are the products of poisonous relationships and the connection between superficial and ugly souls,” says one of the translators of this book, the translators of this book, about the impact of poisonous people on our lives. … In the first step, you must know yourself. True self-knowledge is different from the knowledge that our hearts want people to have of us.
One must be honest with oneself and deal honestly with others. We must remember that whatever is gained by lying is the end of losing … Remember, it is not our job to attack poisonous people or to be responsible for their treatment. Rather, our job in dealing with toxic people is primarily to identify them and secondly to protect ourselves from being poisoned by them … In this way, you should try to be honest with yourself and evaluate yourself without compliments, because maybe performance “You yourself may be toxic to some people around you in some cases … If we want a healthy society, let us remember that this step always starts with self-knowledge and self.”

In a part of Toxic People, we read:
It is better to accept that some two-way relationships are not fruitful at all and you should stop insisting on maintaining it. There are people whose behaviors have completely toxic effects on your life, so the most logical thing for you to do is to end this relationship in order to save your future and your time and your life. Discard this relationship to maintain your dignity. “You need to find out who you are really angry with” Many of us spend our entire lives in anger, depression, or feelings of emptiness;
And it is instructive that we are often unaware of the cause of these feelings that paralyze us. We only know that we are confused and dissatisfied with life, or we wonder why nothing makes us happy. Note that we can only discover the roots of these feelings and the reasons why our emotions are dull when we dig deep inside ourselves; Review our past and present;
And we may often find that the cause of all this turmoil and anger is the influence of poisonous people or their poisonous behaviors and sayings in our lives. Maybe we are subconsciously angry with our mother because she did not behave the way we wanted her to, or maybe because of people who came into our lives as companions and were not the right person for us, because they caused us to despair from one person to another. Let’s go.
In any case, be aware that the anger caused by these cases should not be kept inside like a bowl of poison or poured on someone. Be aware that if you do not cleanse yourself mentally and emotionally, you will eventually become a poisonous person. Next time, before you try to swallow large chunks of chocolate, take drugs, or light a cigarette, ask yourself, ‘Who are you really angry with?’
Some people can really drive you crazy with anger! Is there anyone in your life who is driving you crazy, a relative, a boss, a friend or even a spouse? Are there people who make you feel inefficient, worthless, or miserable? If there is someone in your life who does not support you and does not wish you happiness, then you have a poisonous person in your life.
By reading this book, you will no longer have to be a victim, you are no longer someone who does not know how to deal with poisonous people; After that, it will no longer be a target for the ugly and negative professions of others. As a guide, this book will help you learn how to behave and speak so that toxic people can no longer enter your home and endanger your mental, emotional and physical health.
You will learn that you have the tools and abilities that can help you live happily ever after. This book is the secret of survival that teaches you to live and live in power among poisonous people, and at the same time, shows you how not to become poisonous people in the lives of others and let us have a healthier and better society. .

A poison person is someone who can stand up to you and your dreams. Someone who can poison your life, someone who is not supportive, someone who can not see your progress, someone who underestimates your aspirations and does not want you to have a happy and productive life.
A poisoned person is someone who poisons your life, has no supporting role in your life, is someone who is not happy to see your progress and success, is someone who does not wish you the best; And in general, directly or indirectly, it tries to hinder your path to success and your goals.

The content of this book is categorized into two general sections. The first part includes a test to identify toxic people and classify toxic people into thirty different types, which enables you to identify toxic people around you. And to some extent you understand why these people are like this.

In the second part, you will be taught ten techniques so that you can use them to deal effectively with a poisonous person and no longer have to internalize your negative emotions. Also, after reading and using this book, you will be able to improve your relationship with a toxic person or remove him from your circle of friends forever.

Once a young girl came to me for treatment for malnutrition, and during the treatment sessions it turned out that she had a friend during school who always called her a “fat cow” and the subconscious institutionalization of such a belief in her, led her to Anorexia, anorexia, anorexia nervosa or anorexia nervosa.

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