Good to Great


Title: From Good to Excellent

Author: Jim Collins

Translator: Zahra Bakhtiari

Publisher: Elham Noor

Age category: Adult

Subject: Creativity_ Change

Cover: Paperback

Number of pages: 336

Language: Farsi



Book introduction from Good to Great
From Good to Excellent by Jim Collins, published by Elham Noor, translated by Zahra Bakhtiari. With this book, we question our current beliefs and realize that being average is not enough to be successful, but being good and moving toward excellence is the key to success. If you are looking for a fascinating scientific study to understand the factors that have shaped the superpowers today, read this book. This book teaches you the secret to reaching the highest human status and creative thinking. It teaches you that in any situation you are in, you can achieve a higher position by expanding your attitude. Provides new definitions of terms such as strong CEO, management, acquisition and merger of organizations.

The ideal of every entrepreneur and entrepreneur is to find the right ways to use them to grow their business and achieve financial growth. Many companies stay in the same position for several years and do not make significant and effective progress. Every organization in the form of a set faces many challenges on the path to success and progress that require risk and endanger the position of the whole or part of the set. If risk-taking is done with proper analysis of the situation and planning, it will increase the value of the company and the organization’s staff. Changing old ways and taking a new path is like a razor’s edge; Sometimes it leads to dramatic growth and sometimes to falling from its current position.
Jim Collins is a successful business and labor marketer who has worked for many successful companies around the world. He describes his experiences with scientific citations in the book from good to excellent, why some companies jump and others do not. He offers solutions to increase the value of a collection from medium to high.

About the Author: Jim Collins
Born in 1958, James C. Collins is a prolific writer and motivational speaker. He is a graduate of Stanford University with a degree in Mathematics and Management. After graduating from the same university, he taught as a professor and became an official member of Stanford University’s School of Business. Jim received an honorary doctorate from the University of Colorado and the Outstanding Professor Award.

Collins has co-authored six books. Many know his name from the book from good to great. The book sold well over four million copies, making Collins even more popular. His other books include “Building to Stay”, “Excellence Based on Right Choice” and “How the Powerful Fall”.
In addition to being interested in the challenges of the world of economics and seeing them as a way to differentiate companies, Jim Collins is also interested in hard sports in his personal life. Jim has been rock climbing for about four decades, hiking in the wild and spending some time there. Some believe that Jim Collins’ fighting spirit is influenced by climbing.

In 2017, Jim Collins was included in the list of 100 living business brains worldwide, along with others such as “Mark Zuckerberg”, “Richard Branson” and “Donald Trump”.

From good to excellent; A book for individual and organizational growth
The book From Good to Great, Why Some Companies Jump and Others Do Not, was originally published in October 2001 under the original title Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap … and Others Don’t. The book from good to great attracted the attention of many managers and investors and was quickly translated into various languages ​​of the world. This book is written in the field of management and offers practical, scientific and experimental solutions for the financial growth of companies.

Collins, with the help of a research team, spent about five years writing the book, using 6,000 articles, 2,000 pages of text, and 384 megabytes of computer data. “I am a teacher by nature and it is impossible to imagine not sharing what I have learned with scholars around the world, and it was in this learning and teaching environment that I collected this book,” Jim Collins said of his motivation for writing the book.
Take a look at the content of the book from good to great
From good to great is not a simple book; It is a scientifically backed article that can be a useful reference for companies that want to grow and change their position in the market. In the book From Good to Great, Jim Collins and his team of 21 ask, “Can a company be a great company?” “And if so, how?” answers. Collins refers to “excellent” in the name of the book, significant growth and achieving better financial condition than partner companies in a certain period of time.

The book from Good to Great includes nine chapters entitled “Good is the Great Enemy”, “Level Five Leadership”, “First Person”, “Then Goal”, “Face the Bitter Truths (However, Do Not Lose Your Faith”) ), The concept of the hedgehog (simplicity within the framework of the three axes of thought), the culture of orderliness, the accelerators of technology, the cycle of growth and the cycle of destruction, and from good to greatness to sustainability.
His book is based on a very important concept, and that is “Discipline”. Jim Collins talks about three types of order: disciplined people and disciplined thinking and orderly action. Together, they can provide a growth cycle for companies. To-do list and more importantly, making a to-do list underscores the importance of discipline in the work system.

In this work, the author examines eleven companies whose financial situation has tripled in fifteen years. These companies have been selected from five hundred collections and the influential factors in their development process that are accessible to other companies are expressed. “Disciplined people”, “disciplined thinking” and “regular performance” are some of the characteristics that James emphasizes are essential for the growth of companies. At the end of the book, there are four appendices from good to excellent, the selection criteria of which are eleven companies.
The Wall Street Journal writes of the book: “Mr. Collins points out two tempting messages from good to great in the book: that ordinary people can reach the level of top management and those who apply the principles of this book. “They will be able to build great and successful institutions.”

From Good to Great is a clear answer to this question: How do great companies come into being? What is the way to change from being good to being excellent and sustaining this transcendence? This is a question that has occupied the minds of Jim Collins for many years, until he finally came up with a complete answer with the help of his research team, examining hundreds of companies and pulling out the top companies from them based on certain criteria.
The author wants to break the myth of change in the mind of the reader and introduce him to new ways to achieve excellence. That is why he wants the reader to prepare himself for the discovery of a new world of facts and to put aside everything he has learned so far about the ways to achieve great results.

Jim Collins says a lot of what people have learned about success and excellence is just a myth. He found numerous repetitive factors in the careful study of successful and excellent businesses. Finally, these findings prove that change from good to great is possible for everyone and is not unattainable.
From Good to Great is the result of a 21-person team led by Jim Collins, who has spent five years researching the success of top companies. The group tried to study the process of becoming good from great and realized that this was possible.

They also learned how and through what steps you can improve from good to great and stay great for many years to come. Finally, all of these findings are available to everyone in book form. The book “From Good to Great” was published in 2001 and several new editions have been published so far. This book has about 400 pages and is in the category of management and business books.
The book has been published by various publishers from good to excellent. The first translation of the book was published by Avin Publications in 2004 with the translation of Nahid Sepehrpour. Afterwards, Arayan Publications translated Leila Rezaei and published a book entitled “From Good to Excellent: Why Do Some Companies Make Progress and Others Stay Back?” Published. This work was published by Almas Parsian Publications in 1396 with the translation of “Hengameh Khodabandeh”, “Navandish Generation Publications” in 1396 with the translation of “Fatemeh Baghestani” and in 1397 with the translation of “Mahdi Khairollahi” and in “Fara Publications” with The translation of “Fazlullah Amini” has been published under the title “Better than Good”.

Excerpts from the text of the book from good to excellent:

In fact, well-known executives who come from outside the organization, and run the affairs, have no role in bringing a company from a good to an excellent stage. Among the executives of companies on the road to excellence, ten out of eleven people have reached the position of management within the organization, while peer companies have tried six times more than others to choose their managers from outside the organization. (Book from Good to Great – Page 22)

Level 5 leaders ignore the needs of selfishness and pride and think of a bigger goal: building a great company. This does not mean that these leaders have no pride or self-esteem. In fact, they are incredibly ambitious, but their ambition is first and foremost for the organization, not for themselves. (Page 35)
Managers who make good to great changes were not the first to choose the source of the movement and then find the right people. They first selected the right people (and eliminated the wrong people) and then set their goal. They were actually saying, “Look, I really do not know what my purpose is. “But I know this: If we choose the right people, put them in the right places and eliminate the wrong people, then we can set a great and valuable goal for ourselves.” (Page 64)
Worthy people are the most important asset. (Page 93)

In his famous treatise The Hedgehog and the Fox, Isaiah Berlin divides the world into two groups: hedgehogs and foxes, which is derived from the ancient Greek saying: “The fox knows many things, but the hedgehog knows only one very important thing. . » (Page 130)

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