The Compound effect


Title: Composite effect

Author: Darren Hardy

Translator: Amir Ehsan Rezaei

Publisher: Mehregan Ghalam

Cover: Paperback

Subject: Success – Self-help

Number of pages: 222

Language: Farsi

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The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy contains facts that will lead you to success beyond your imagination and create a dramatic change in your income, life and success. There is no secret or quick fix to success. In fact, this book teaches us how to become a master in executive instructions.
The book is a composite work, its theme and purpose is such that the manager, employee, man, woman, old, young and any audience in any stratum, age, job and profession can use it according to their needs and for success and continuity. Success requires it. As much as the author makes a big claim in the introduction to the book, saying, “It does not matter what you learn or what strategy and tactics you use, success is the result of a compound effect.”
Let’s be honest with each other! You will never achieve success with a week of positive thinking and effort that you feel a lack of desire in the depths of your being. Let’s be more honest!
Making millions is not only possible with high speed internet. You can never lose weight in a month by sitting on the couch and repeating your previous habits and chewing fat burners. None of the items you are looking for are available in stores as a package. Let’s separate from all the space around you for a moment and answer this question without a fight: Where do you stand in the way of your goals and life?
Success is not easy. No book can make the practical meaning of success come true without you, and no diet can make you lose weight without your 100% willpower. To be honest, success is not easy at all. You will never become a billionaire overnight and you will never build your own life without knowing, practicing, practicing and passion! But believing these sentences is the starting point.
If you can play the story so far, we have an irresistible offer for you. A suggestion just like a hot drink when your hands are numb from the cold.
We suggest you make the changes and methods that Darren Hardy wrote for you in his book Composite Effect. These changes are not new information at all. It’s all you know and do not do.
In other words, if you are waiting for a healing medicine that will turn your life upside down like a magic wand with a word, do not go to this book at all. But if you are looking for a practical plan and a comprehensive and concise plan, let the sentences in this book affect your expectations and clear up your previous assumptions, arouse your curiosity, and add value to your life.
Again, be careful! No miracles will happen by purchasing and keeping this book in your library. You have to believe in the small steps of life and believe that success cannot be achieved overnight, day or month! Miracles will happen with your own hands. Understanding the compound effect will free you from the expectation of “quick results”. The belief that success should be as fast as fast food is prepared, a glass of water is drained, text messages arrive in seconds. Give up this mindset.

The truth is, you only read the success story of a winner, but you do not hear from millions of losers. Harvard University psychologist Professor Neil Gilbert says that if lottery losers are given 30 seconds to say “I did not win” on television, it will take about nine years for all losers in a contest to say the same thing.
Just as it is important to understand that success is not easy, it is also important to understand that every decision, no matter how trivial, changes the course of your life, you need to understand the importance of this sentence, life is a set of choices. Whether you attend an absence or not, with whom you spend time, with whom you marry, today you break your diet lunch, you postpone your appointment to another day, I repeat every decision, every decision is effective. Darren Hardy gives a thorough account of conscious decisions in the book. How to plan this awareness for your goals.
Darren Hardy has written other books, including The Air Train and The Best Year of Your Life. In Aerial Train, Hardy addresses the challenges facing entrepreneurs, and in The Best Year of Your Life, he offers a practical way to plan and achieve personal goals.
As the publisher and editor-in-chief of Success Magazine, Hardy is in a unique position to interview leading-edge experts in the field of personal success and advancement, and add to this list many top CEOs, transformational entrepreneurs, superstars, and outstanding artists. And the Olympic champions, who in these interviews reveal the secrets of their extraordinary success and make it available to the public.
They have a strong passion for personal success and development, which is the core of his business and philosophy of life. He finds himself committed to helping others reach their potential to experience a richer and more fulfilling life.
In this book, we learn how small daily decisions and habits lead us to success; We put aside the worn-out and misconception that success is a chance or requires weird work, and we learn very simply by gaining effective habits and perseverance in our goals. To achieve them more than we thought we would.
Success is not achieved overnight; But Darren Hardy, author of the book Composite Effect, believes that with perseverance and enough effort and moving in the right direction, albeit slowly, any goal can be achieved. He himself is a living example of the principles he presents in his book. He has learned these principles after years of trying to achieve his goals and has compiled them in his book Composite Effect.
Hardy’s books have repeatedly been included in the New York Times bestseller list. Composite book was first published in 2010 and has become one of the most popular and influential books on success.
What is a compound effect?
Darren Hardy shows you clearly why you are not the person you wanted to be.
“Your life is the product of your momentary choices,” he says. No one wants to get fat, go bankrupt or get divorced, but why does this happen?
In fact, small things that you may never be encouraged to do (such as not eating a pack of high-calorie chips, keeping a daily financial record, sticking to dinner with your spouse, etc.) or never being blamed for instant things (such as eating a puff of salt every day). , Or failure to record daily expenses, not getting home dinner, etc.) will shape your success or failure.
The magic effect of our small, seemingly insignificant choices has great and strange results over time.
Every day we are making different choices. These are the choices that shape our future. Who are you marrying? Go to university or not? Are you in the company of friends who use drugs or not? All of this affects the compound effect of our lives.

Excerpts from the book
Spending two hours a day on the Internet does not bring in $ 200,000 a year. You can not lose 15 kilos a week. You can not remove the 20-year-old dust sitting on your face with a cream, you can not start your love life with a pill.
Also, you can not achieve lasting success with misleading designs that seem so great that they are unlikely to be true. It would be great if you could buy a package from the Wal-Mart store near your home and easily achieve success, fame, self-esteem, good emotional relationships, health and wellness within it.
But this is not news.
You are constantly under the onslaught of advertisements for getting rich, fitness, getting younger, getting more attractive, etc. These advertisements are getting more and more passionate every day and they all claim that overnight and with a little effort and They make these dreams come true for just three small $ 39 installments.
These duplicate advertising messages about the things that are necessary to achieve success have misled us, and as a result, we can no longer follow the simple but fundamental principles that are necessary for success. Let’s see.
I’m tired of this. I will not hold hands anymore and I will not watch these messages that have closed the eyes and ears of the people.
I wrote this book to get you back to basics.
Hardy believes that the misleading propaganda that surrounds us from all sides, the simple and basic principles necessary for success and rooted in our small and seemingly ineffective habits and practices. They have, we have forgotten. Now, we need to re-learn these principles and apply them slowly but steadily to our goals. We hear the following:
Before we talk more about this, I have to warn you: success is hard work. The process of achieving success is tedious, long and sometimes even tedious. Becoming a rich, influential person, and someone who is world-class in his field of work is a slow and arduous process.
Do not misunderstand me. By following the principles outlined in this book, your life will change almost immediately and you will see the results. But if you hate working, ordering, and taking responsibility, you better sit back and watch TV and rely on the first commercial, which is full of empty promises of overnight success; Of course, if you have a valid credit card.
In the rest of this book, Darren Hardy rightly points out that we all know what it takes to succeed. We have enough information and we will not need anything more. What we need is to use this information with a new program, to develop new habits. Hardy goes on to teach us how to move in this direction.
The process of achieving success is exactly that. Let’s get started!
About the Author: Darren Hardy
Darren Hardy is a popular and successful American writer and speaker who is both the publisher and editor-in-chief of Success Magazine in the United States, and has spoken to hundreds of successful American entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs, as well as launching television networks. And launching different companies and collections and consulting to various collections has been able to be considered as one of the prominent and successful entrepreneurs in the world. The book The Train to Speed ​​to Wealth is another work by this author. One of the hallmarks of this writer and speaker is that he achieved success at a young age. He was one year old and at the age of 27 he owned a company worth fifty million dollars.
Darren Hardy was born on February 1, 1971 in the United States. For about sixteen years, it has been one of the leaders in the industry of personal success and development. Darren is the result of applying the same principles that he himself exploits as a result of the compound.
As an entrepreneur, he earned over $ 1 million a year at the age of eighteen. At the age of twenty-seven, he owned a company with an annual revenue of $ 50 million. He has guided thousands of entrepreneurs, advised many large companies and institutions, and is a board member of several different companies and various nonprofits.
In 2007, he became the publisher of the popular “Success” magazine. Hardy wrote the book Composite Effect in 2010; The book that is considered by critics to be his best work so far.

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