The five people you meet in heaven


Title: Five people you meet in heaven

Author: Mitch Album

Translator: Samira Bayat

Publisher: Rain Rain

Subject: American stories

Age category: Adult

Cover: Paperback

Number of pages: 168

Language: Farsi



The Five People You Meet in Paradise by Mitch Album is a psychological novel with a secret.

This book tells the story of a veteran named Eddie who has lived a life of depression and loneliness and feels trapped in the throes of life.

He is a car repairman at an amusement park, and the dark days of his life are reduced to work and regret;

Until, on his 83rd birthday, a little girl dies while trying to save her life and goes to heaven.

Then five acquaintances who have died before him reveal the secrets of his life and change the course of the rest of his life forever.

It may seem strange, but this story starts from the end;

But everything can be a new beginning.
We just do not understand this in time. The Five People You Meet in Heaven will be appealing to all readers as it seeks to show us another aspect of heaven called the awareness of the whys of life.

At the time of his death, Eddie was a man with a crooked back, white hair, a short neck, a bulging chest, a thick forearm, and faded tattoos on his right shoulder.

His legs were thin and veined, and his left knee, which had been injured in the fight, had now become arthritic over time.

He could no longer walk without a cane.

His face was sunburned, his roots were white and his lower jaw was protruding, making him look more arrogant than he really was.

He would put his cigarette behind his left ear and fasten his key ring to his belt.

His shoes had a rubber sole and he always wore a linen hat. His pale brown work clothes were indicative of his type of work.

He was in charge of repairing the Robbie Park Park and his job was to maintain the play equipment there. He walks in the park every afternoon, controlling everything from the game wheel to the water slide.
He found and repaired broken plates, loose bolts and nuts, and old steel nails.

Sometimes it stays still and motionless.

People passing by thought he was in trouble, but in reality he was just listening to the sound of toys.

“After all these years of working, I can now tell by the sound of equipment,” he always said.

Mitch Albom is the author of one of the best-selling books in the world, Tuesdays with Murray.

In this book, he changes all our beliefs about the afterlife and gives meaning to life in this world.

He is best known for his psychological and inspirational stories.

Critics of the world have called him the author of psychological novels because of the subject matter of his work, which is more about supernatural life and death.

Select the sentences of the book of the five people you meet in heaven:

– Life has an end, but love never.
– The afflicted soul endures the bitter game of destiny.
– People say they found love, as if it was hidden under a mountain.
– It is the only terrible game of destiny that puts man in this miserable situation!

In part of the book of the five people you meet in heaven, we read:

The other night, either when Dad was playing bad cards, or he was running out of alcohol, and Mom was asleep, he would angrily go to Eddie and Joe’s bedroom and knock on the door with a few toys. And then he unbuckled his belt.

He forced them to sleep on their backs and beat them every night under the pretext of beating them.

At these times, Eddie prayed that his mother would wake up.

But if he sometimes wakes up, his father shouts for him to be out. And the mother clung to her skirt in the hallway, and it was so much worse.

The handkerchiefs that emblazoned Eddie’s character were handcuffed, rough, and red with rage.

He was always punished with fists, kicks and whips until a young age. And after ignoring him, this was the second type of punishment for Eddie.
Injury from violence. Little by little, Eddie even guessed from his father’s voice coming from the hallway to his room.

But in spite of all this, and in spite of all these misdeeds of the father, you praise Eddie in the privacy of the father. He had learned praise in this way, before learning the praise of God, or a woman. A boy usually praises his father.

Even if it is stupid and there is no logical justification for doing so.

Occasionally, Eddie’s father would cover up his indifference to Eddie with his little affections, like the remnants of a fire that grows faster with blowing.

While Eddie was playing baseball in the schoolyard on Fourteenth Street, his father stood behind the fence and watched him play.

Every time Eddie smiled outside the square, his father shook his head.

And when Eddie returned home from the street fight, his father, seeing his injured hand or cleft lip, asked, “Tell me, what did you do to that unfortunate man?” And Eddie replied, “I got rid of him.”

This story is about a man named Eddie who starts from the end with his death in the shining sun.
It may be the beginning of a story from a strange end; But all endings are beginnings that we do not recognize at that particular time.

The last hour of Eddie’s life, like many people, was spent in Old Ruby, an amusement park on the vast gray coast.

The park had all the usual play equipment: a racetrack, a carousel, aerial trains, and the wheels of small cars bumping into each other.

Chocolate stall, and an area where you could shoot streams of water into a clown’s mouth.

The park also had a large, new recreational vehicle called the Freddy Freefall.

And it was here that Eddie was killed in an incident that flooded journalists across the country.
At the time of his death, Eddie was a hunchbacked, white-haired, short man with a short neck, swollen chest, and thick forearms, and a faint tattoo of an army emblem on his right shoulder.

Now his legs were thin and had bulging veins. And his left knee, which had been injured in the war, was paralyzed from arthritis.

He used a cane to walk. The old man’s rough face was spotted and dark in the sun, and he had a salt pepper beard and mustache.

His lower jaw protruded slightly, making him more arrogant than he felt.

The old man put a cigarette behind his left ear and hung his key ring on his belt.

He wore rubber heels and an old lined hat.

The faded brown robe of the old man made him look like a toiling man; That was really hard work.
Eddie’s job was to take care of the park play equipment, and in fact, he had to keep it safe and sound at all times.

He walked in the park every afternoon, inspecting the machines one by one and trying to identify and repair broken boards, loose fasteners, and worn steel.

Sometimes he would stop and stare at one of those devices, and people passing by would think there was a problem.

While he was listening;

only this. After all these years, he said, he could hear the crashing of tabs, the sound of pats, and the abnormal noise of entertainment equipment.

Fifty minutes left in Eddie’s life, who began patrolling the park for the last time. He passed a Mosen couple.

In their honor, he reached for his hat and greeted him.
They also nodded politely to him. Customers knew Eddie. At least those who always went to the park knew him.

They saw him every summer; Of those faces that evoke a place in the mind.

On the chest of his work shirt, on a piece of cloth, the word “Eddie”, the minister of that word “caretaker,” appeared, and sometimes some, with a smile, waved to him and shouted, “Oh, Eddie the caretaker!” , Though Eddie himself never thought it was funny.

Today, by the way, was Eddie’s birthday. It was his eighty-third birthday. Last week, a doctor told him he had shingles.

Shingles? Eddie did not even know what shingles was. He was once so powerful that he lifted one of the carousel horses with each hand. And that was years ago.

Eddie is an old man who has been repairing the furniture of a playground called Ruby Pierre for many years. Over the years, the amusement park has changed, and Eddie, from a lively and energetic youth, has become a bitter and tired old man who thinks that his life and work are full of monotony and futility.

And then Eddie dies in a tragic accident on his 83rd birthday while rescuing a little girl from a wheelchair crash.
At the last moment, he feels the little girl’s two small hands in his hands and then nothing … Eddie opens his eyes in life after death and seeks the answer to the question of whether he was able to save the girl’s life at the last moment. Whether he gives it or not, he meets with five people.

Five people who played a big role in his earthly life. Five people who are either loved ones or strangers; But anyway, they have all changed his life in some way.

The first is a man with blue skin. In his earthly life, because of his strange awesomeness and different skin, he had to work in a circus and play plays for people. Eddie was not more than seven years old at that time …

One day while Eddie and his brother were playing baseball, the ball fell out of Eddie’s hands and fell in front of the blue-skinned man’s car. Eddie hurries across the street to pick up the ball.
The man behind the wheel is scared and brakes when he sees a boy running in the middle of the street. Eddie picks up the ball and leaves. But the shocked man sometimes runs in the morning rain on wet streets.

Her heart rate rises. He loses control and inadvertently hits another car. And then he has a stroke behind the wheel and dies …

Eddie looks in disbelief at the man who inadvertently caused his death. He is ashamed and thinks that the reason for his presence there is his punishment from justice.

But the blue-skinned man tells him that in earthly life, all human beings affect life, willingly or unwillingly, and that heaven is actually a place to understand these relationships and why things happen.

The second person Eddie meets is Captain; His superior officer is in the military and in the Philippine War.

They had fought there, been captured, escaped and separated, and Eddie had never seen him again. He had only heard that he had died in the war.
Eddie recalls that while escaping from the enemy prison, they set fire to the wooden huts where he and his comrades were imprisoned.

But at the last moment of escape, Eddie sees the shadow of a child in the heart of a long fire and wants to go to save the child’s life.

But his friends stop him and in the midst of Eddie’s struggle to go to the heart of the fire, a bullet is fired at his foot.

Eddie is knocked unconscious by a fugitive, but the bullet fires Eddie’s leg forever. An event that will change the course of his future life forever.

Now Eddie realizes that the person who shot him in the leg was not the enemy, and that it was the captain who shot him in the leg to save his life and prevent Eddie from staying.

Eddie gets angry and hates with the captain, but the captain tells him to take his foot to save his life.

And Eddie just realizes that the captain, after saving his life and the lives of his other people from destruction, goes to a mine and his thousand-piece body remains in the same desert …
The third person is Eddie, his father. A father who had always ignored, loved, and abused and humiliated him since he was a child.

After Eddie returns from the war and the current of his disability, while Eddie’s spirit is very bad and devastated, his father’s harassment increases and he constantly asks him to look for a job and not fall on the bed in such a vain way. Father’s pressures also cause Eddie to start repairing old Ruby cars. Where his father and later Eddie worked for a lifetime until he was eighty-three years old.

Now Eddie realizes that in fact his father’s humiliation and pressure has caused him to pull himself out of the lock of inferiority and disability after disability.

The fourth is Eddie’s wife, Margaret. They marry with love, but never have children. Finally, at the age of forty-seven, Margaret died of a brain tumor, leaving Eddie alone.

And now, in the afterlife, Eddie sees Margaret, the burning love she had for her, alive, and realizes how much she misses him.

And he also finds out that although his father and the war had apparently damaged his soul, it was Margaret’s love that kept him on his feet …
And finally, the fifth person is Eddie, a little girl named Tala. At first, Eddie thinks she is the girl he could not save in old Ruby, and thinks that her death, like her life and work, has been in vain. But then he realizes that this is the same child who got stuck and burned in the stall he set on fire during the Philippine War.

Tala tells Eddie all her life, with the work she has done in Old Ruby as a toy repairman to save children’s lives; In fact, it has compensated for his death.

Eddie asks Tala about the amusement girl, and realizes that he has saved her life.

In fact, the two little hands that Eddie touched at the last moment of his life were Tala’s hands that lifted him to heaven …

The pure sentences of the five people you meet in heaven

“You meet five people in heaven. Each of us has been in your life for some reason. Maybe you did not understand why then. And heaven is for that; to understand your life on earth.”

“The greatest gift God can give you is to understand what has happened in your life. To justify your life to you. This is the peace you have been seeking.”

“Nothing is accidental. We are all connected. You can not separate one life from another, just as you can not separate a breeze from the wind.”

“The human soul knows in the depths of its being that all lives intersect. That death does not take only one. When death takes one, it does not take another. In the short distance between being taken and not being taken, “Many people’s lives change.”

“No life is wasted. The only time we waste is when we think we are alone.”

“Death is not the end of everything. We think it is. But what is happening on earth is just the beginning.”

“He wakes up the next morning and has a new world to discover. But he also has something else; he has yesterday. And that is heaven. Man can make sense of his yesterday.”

“Sometimes when you sacrifice something precious, you really do not lose it. You just give it to someone else.”

“Strangers are a family you are not yet familiar with.”

“What happens before you are born affects you. So do people before you.”

“We think hatred is a weapon that attacks our annoying person. But hatred is the second razor. We have done ourselves any harm with it.”

“Every end is a beginning, we just do not know it at that moment.”

“Everyone influences the other, and he influences the other … and the world is full of stories, but all stories are the same.”

“People say they find love. It is as if love is something hidden behind a rock. But love has different forms and is never the same for anyone.”

“Until the girl he saved grows up, falls in love, grows old and dies. Five people, with five selected memories in a place called the place of joy, are waiting for him to finally answer his questions about why he lived, and because “What a life.”

The five people you meet in heaven

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