Journey to the East


Title:  Behavior to the Morning

Author: Hermann Three

Translator: Soroush Habibi

Publisher: Mahi

Subject: German stories

Another title: Travel to the morning; Travel to the East

Age category: Adult

Number of pages: 128

Language: Farsi

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Hermann Hesse’s Journey to the East is, in fact, his symbolic biography. Hesse published the book in 1932. When he married for the third time in his life and moved to Montreal with his wife.

Introducing the book of behavior towards the morning
This work describes Hermann Hesse’s spiritual journey to the land of the morning or the east. A few years after the end of the Great War, Hesse joins the circle of morning seekers to take part in this glorious journey. This behavior is an effort beyond time and space. Its east is not a geographical east and it is free from time constraints.

In this journey, the seekers stay one way after another and find themselves the only true seeker. With regret and regret for the dispersal of his companions, he decides to write a history of conduct. But he is also skeptical and thinks what if he himself has gone too far?

So he decides to look for the first servant named Levi, who was cut off from the ring.

This story, as has been said, is Hesse’s own symbolic biography and has been dealt with very cleverly. The various places and events, and most of the people present with fake names, also represent the stages and events of Evin’s private life.

About the book Behavior to the Morning by Hermann Hesse
Hermann Hesse’s novel Towards the Morning, with its simple and mesmerizing prose, tells the story of an earthly and at the same time spiritual journey. A German man named HH, who leads a band, is invited on an adventurous journey with a secret society whose members include historical figures such as Paul Kelle, Mozart and Albertus Magnus.

Participants in this voyage, overcoming time and space constraints, board Noah’s ark in Zurich and meet Don Quixote.

The final destination of these travelers is the Orient and the “Nest of Light”; Where the characters of the story expect to achieve spiritual recovery. But the coordination and balance that existed at the beginning of the journey between the members soon turns into an obvious conflict.
Each passenger finds the rest of the group unbearable and chooses a separate route for himself. HH, meanwhile, blames others for the failure of the trip and blames them bitterly. But long after the trip ended, H.H. By searching the association’s archives, he realizes his role in the disintegration of the group, as well as his sinister and threatening nature.

Excerpts from the book Behavior to the Morning

Everything I look at closely becomes unreliable and unreliable, everything disappears and falls apart.
Now, in this tragic stage, I listened all day in the heart of the yellow-clad autumn nature and under the blue sky to the songs of the Revolutionary Guards and their secret signs, and I waited for the return of the courier and the arrival of a message with increasing impatience. Each time I failed, I saw nothing but helpless and confused faces.
For the first time, I felt a sense of sadness and doubt in my heart, and the more intense this feeling became in my heart, the more I saw that it was not just the hope of recovering Leo that was weakening, but that nothing was certain anymore and everything deserved doubt. It was and was feared that the companionship of the companions and the faith in the journey and the oath of allegiance and even our conduct towards the morning and life itself would lose all their value and meaning.

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