Attitude Is Everything


Title: Attitude is everything

Author: Jeff Keller

Translator: Ahmad Taha Mamdouh

Publisher: Nik Farjam

Subject: Attitude (psychology) / positivity

Age category: Adult

Number of pages: 144

Language: Farsi



Attitude is Everything Jeff Keller’s writing helps you discover the path to success and walk that path. This book encourages the reader to change attitudes and provides an effective way to do so.

The book is the attitude of everything

“Nothing happens by itself. “You will succeed in a task when you realize that you have to achieve it with effort and diligence.”

About the book Attitude is Everything by Jeff Keller
Jeff Keller writes about this book: “No matter how positive or negative your mindset is, this book is useful to you. If you have a negative mindset, do not despair, because by using the contents of this book, you can create a positive attitude in yourself and achieve extraordinary results in your life. And if you are still a positive person, you can use the principles presented in this book to reach higher levels of victory and success.

I have been researching for over twenty years why some people succeed and some fail.

During this time I have read hundreds of books and thousands of articles on attitude and success and listened to over three thousand hours of audio tape on the subject. In addition, I have interviewed countless successful people to find out the secret to their success.
Most importantly, I have personally implemented all the success strategies described in this book in my life. Therefore, I know from personal experience that these ideas are effective and can change your life.

But I know what it takes to have a negative attitude, because I spent the first thirty years of my life with it. “I know what it means to be skeptical of yourself and your abilities, because I have been in this situation for thirty years and all the positive changes I have made in my life are the result of applying the principles you will read in this book.”

An overview of the chapters of the book is the attitude of everything

The book Attitude means everything is written in three sections, in each section there are a number of chapters or according to the author of the lesson.
Part One: Success comes from your mind
Lesson1: Your attitude is a window to the world
Lesson2: You are a human magnet
Lesson3: Visualize your success!
Lesson4: Make a commitment … and move the mountain
Lesso 5: Turn your problems into opportunities
Part 2; Be careful what you say
Lesson6: Your word is your beacon
Lesson7: How are you?
Lesson8: Stop complaining
Part3: Move from you, God bless you
Lesson9: Associate with positive people
Lesson10: Deal with your fears to win
Lesson11: Go and fail!
Lesson12: Establishing effective relationships
Everything about Jeff Keller, author of Attitude, means everything
Jeff Keller is an American author, speaker, and educator. He is a law graduate and has been practicing law for a while, but after working in the field for several years, Claire realizes that she is dissatisfied with her job and does not feel happy. This dissatisfaction with his job gradually increased, and it was in 1985 that he became depressed and realized that he needed to change something to get his life back to normal.

“Early in 1985, shortly after I turned 30, I was completely paralyzed,” he writes.

Then … on an exceptional night when I was alone with myself, I realized that something had to change. “Because I did not know what to do, I said out loud, ‘My life must be better than this … better than this misery.’
After that, Jeff Keller became acquainted with a program of self-knowledge and self-improvement and decided to participate in it, and it was after that day that his life changed forever. He left his legal profession and became a full-time speaker. This change was the most important chlorine change in his life.

The translation of the book Attitude is Everything into Persian

Darsa Publications has published the book Attitude, That is Everything, translated by Amir Hossein Maki, and made it available to those who are interested. Amir Hossein Maki is a young translator born in 1351. He has published many books in the field of psychology and self-knowledge.

Among these books, we can mention the books of knowledge and psychology of colors and above all. Darsa Publishing is one of the publishers that, despite the fact that it has been established for about thirty years, has made a significant contribution to introducing books on psychology and self-knowledge to its readers. These publications have published more than one hundred books so far and today it is known as a reputable publication among publishers.

Why read the book Attitude is Everything?

The book Attitude is Everything is about the most important human trait, attitude, the way you see the world. A change of perspective can change your life, and bring you closer to exciting success. Read this book to know how to change your view of the world. The book Attitude means everything is in the category of psychology books.

Also, the attitude book means everything is suitable for the adult age group. The number of pages of the printed version of the book is 171 pages, which you can read in 8 days by reading it for 20 minutes a day. The attitude book means that everything is small and will be useful for people who do not have enough time to read long books and want to read a short book on psychology.

In a part of the book, the attitude means we read everything

Your current situation is a reflection of what you used to think

Keep this fact in mind: Your present situation is the result of beliefs you had in the past, and the thoughts you have from now on will shape your future.

In fact, the results you achieve in each area of ​​your life. It is a reflection of your deep inner thoughts towards yourself. For example, consider your financial situation. What are your beliefs in this area? Do you constantly think about money shortages? If you cling to this thought (lack of money), you will prevent attracting money to yourself.
Or pay attention to your relationships. If you think you are not a worthy person, the friends or partners you bring into your life will not treat you well. I’m sure that you know at least one person around you who puts his finger on anyone for marriage, the so-called “tozard” party comes out of the water! Do you think this is a coincidence? no never!

Rather, this person’s deep inner belief causes such people to be attracted to his life.
The same is true of finances, relationships, and careers: If you do not change your mind, the results you achieve will not change.

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