The mistakes of a man


Title: It is not easy to give up

Author: U Sosa

Translator: Sonia Singh

Publisher: Majid

Subject: Male-female relationships / American stories

Age category: Adult

Number of pages: 112

Language: Farsi



Introducing the book The mistakes of a man my work by Sosa
It’s not easy to give up on separation, failure, inability to let go of the past and how to deal with such issues, how to stay strong, not get depressed, get up again and hope.

It is not easy to give up
ام. Sosa, a well-known author who has written extensively on various relationships and mistakes, and post-separation breakups and frustrations, now turns to the lesser-known dimension:

Psychological causes of releasing the past and getting stuck in its good and bad memories. The author, realizing that these people blame themselves in two ways – one is that they are not able to let go of the past and the second is that they are unable to form new relationships due to their fragile state of mind – tries to find a way to solve the problem by recounting the first problem. The second also smoothes.

ام. Sosa, meanwhile, addresses the problem of these people being misunderstood by those around them and the reproaches and feelings of loneliness that follow, and tries to overcome the third dimension so that broken people can pull themselves out of this vicious cycle and re-establish themselves by realizing their existential value. Know that having a new and healthy relationship.

The mistakes of a man book. Susa

In fact, this work is a necessary tool to achieve acceptance, which is based on the author’s past experiences and regardless of gender, age, occupation, education and social status, the psychological reasons for not leaving the past and getting stuck in good and bad memories. It paves the way for getting rid of the two blames caused by the past, that is, blaming oneself for not being able to do so, and blaming oneself for being in a fragile state of mind.

Excerpts from the book
It is not easy to love someone else, especially when you have spent the most intimate moments of your life with them. Most people still love their ex-spouses for a while after the separation, because their emotions and wounds are still fresh.

Unfortunately, some people also love their ex-spouse or fiancé for years, because they think that no one but themselves can replace them. They are afraid to meet a new person because they think they will be hurt and hurt again.

But I’m the only one who tells you there is nothing wrong with loving your ex-spouse. It is natural to still have feelings for him. Just because someone is separated from you does not mean that your emotions have to stop all at once.

Forgetting a broken relationship and giving it up does not always mean that the love you have in your heart will end. Part of you is fragmented by this distance, while another part of you knows that giving up and continuing to live is the best thing you can do.
Sometimes the only way to survive is to wish your ex your spouse the best, even if it means not being together anymore.

I know it is not easy to ask for the best for them, especially when they have hurt you so much and broken your heart into thousands. Part of you wants to see them suffer, and part of you wants everything to be the same. I understand. I have been in the same situation.

Emotions do not end when someone leaves your life. Those emotions stay the same and sometimes stay longer than we expect; Because we are not ready to give up yet. it is normal. So do not expect emotions to leave your body automatically.

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