The secret of the shadow


Title: Secret of the Shadow; Rewrite your life story

Author: Dubai Ford

Translator: Farzam Habibi Esfahani

Publisher: Atisa

Subject: Self-improvement

Age category: Adult

Number of pages: 216

Language: Farsi



Introducing the book Secret of Shadows
Shadow Secret: Embrace the story of your life
Secret Shadow: Embrace Your Life Story by Debbie Ford, a New York Times bestseller, shows you how the most destructive thoughts can be a turning point in a person’s success and the realization of an ideal life.
In this book, Debbie Ford offers persuasive solutions that change your approach to life. He gives you the tools and processes you need to break free from the limitations of your life story.

The Secret of the Shadow shows you that your life story did not begin to describe your truth to the world. This story is just a small part of you that is confined to the repetitive patterns of the past and limits the love, peace, security and success you can achieve.
In order to be able to see your full self and glorious manifestation, you must step out of this story. Stepping out of the story of life allows you to break down the strong walls around your heart and get out of your fence.

To live in a world outside of yourself, you must heal your wounds and reconcile with your past; You need to recognize your suffering and accept your weaknesses and shortcomings that are part of your human nature.

Until you understand who you are and why you came to this world, you will not understand the great lessons that life teaches you and you will be trapped in the small world of your story.
To go through the story of your life, you have to face your daily battle and the world. You have to experience it with all your being. Because you can only change the course of your life when you experience it as it is.

To live outside the confines of your story, you must first learn to clearly define everything that separates you from others and encloses you in your story. Then gradually accept and embrace any shortcomings and non-existence inside you with love.

Then you have to learn how to define yourself so that no one confuses you with what you are not. You have to learn all the ways to describe yourself. The ways in which you try to fill your identity so that you do not feel the emptiness and deep void inside you that is hidden under your desires.

This book shows you how to understand the value of all your injuries and weaknesses and the wisdom they contain. It teaches you how to discover your own role in this world and unveil the secret you have hidden behind your story.
Now is the time to discover how you can use your life story to enrich your life and the lives of others. Time to understand the reason for your story. Why did you make such a story for yourself? But you can only use this story called “You” for your own growth and excellence if you step out of it.

Some comments about the book Shadow Secret:
– Just reading this book for a few hours will change your whole life. (Neil Donald Walsh, author of Conversation with God)
Cognition, Recovery, Evolution, Debbie Ford depicts these three main steps in life in this powerful book. (James Redfield, author of The Kingdom Mission)
The secret of the shadow of spiritual awakening is for those who are ready to go beyond the limits of their story and step into the world of unlimited opportunities. (Deepak Chopra, author of How to Know God)
This time around, Debbie Ford transforms our approaches to life in a very compelling way, giving us tools and processes to break free from the limitations of our life story. (Marian Williamson, author of The Miraculous Love)
In a part of the book Secret of Shadow, we read:
To free ourselves from the prison walls of the old story of our lives, we must first of all seek to free ourselves from the cocoon we have woven around us.

One day I heard a story when a young girl asked a wise woman, “How can you become a butterfly?” The wise woman replied with a twinkle in her eye and a smile on her face, “You must have so much desire to fly that you put your cocoon on the ground.” Laying down our cocoon can sometimes be a painful and slow process, but when we succeed in landing it, our souls are liberated and we fly in the joy of spiritual liberation.

To get rid of our story, we must first love it, appreciate it, and be grateful for every role it has played in our lives. We should be grateful for the experiences, gifts, and wisdom that life story has given us.

It is only in those circumstances that we can reconcile with the story of our lives, transcend its limitations, and realize our deepest dreams.
I am always amazed at the anger we humans have towards ourselves. Why do we always blame ourselves for what happened ten, twenty or even thirty years ago? Why do we not consider ourselves worthy of getting rid of past suffering or mistakes? I have been thinking about the answer to this question for years. I have seen many people who have ruined their lives for the past and deprived themselves of many opportunities.

How can we insist so much on destroying ourselves – or at least the dark or unwanted part of ourselves that we are ashamed of? The destructive aspect of self-loathing and self-blame can be seen in all aspects of our society today. Addiction, violence, harassment, giving up dreams and apathy have crept into our lives.

Index of the book
Chapter One: You and Your Life Story
Chapter Two: Your Exclusive Edition
Chapter 3: Discover the unique and mysterious story of your life
Chapter 4: Why are you clinging to your life story?
Chapter 5: Restore Your Power
Chapter Six: The Force of Acceptance
Chapter 7: Reconcile with your life story
Chapter 8: Discover your unique features
Chapter 9: Life Outside of Your Old Life Story
Chapter Ten: The Secret of the Shadow
About the book Secret of Shadows
The book The Secret of Shadow reminds you of your life story in 10 different steps. This relatively small and simple book contains points about human self-knowledge and inner analysis.

Debbie Ford introduces you to your story in the first place. In the second step, the instruction is reminded of the uniqueness of man. It then helps you discover the fascinating story of your life and brings you closer to it.

In the next two steps, the book focuses on the importance of your existential force: Reclaim your extraordinary power and use it to improve your quality of life.
In the following, it reconciles you with yourself and helps you to recognize the unique features of your story. In the last two steps, it challenges you to read your story from the outside, and at the end, it reveals the secret of the shadow.
Debbie Ford artistically gives the audience the opportunity to rewrite parts of her story that she does not like. Also, while reading this book, you will encounter the life stories of different people. This acquaintance will help you to know better about your story.

By reading The Secret Shadow, you will learn to direct your own life story and finish it in a way that you like. In this book, we often come across short sentences and writings, each of which hides tens of pages of stories on its own. Here is an example of these sentences:

The mind of the sinner seeks punishment. Sin causes people or living conditions to somehow acknowledge the guilt we have.

Is this book for you?
The book The Secret of Shadow is for those who have had a difficult life, even those who now feel that their lives are exhausting, or that they have lost themselves or are no longer kind to themselves. This book is also recommended for students and professors of psychology; Because it shows the right way to communicate with people who have a hard life.

In fact, this book is recommended for the age group of 18 years and above, those who like to organize their lives. Giving this book to those who feel we need it will not be without grace. This book can also be considered suitable for all those who have been challenged to accept responsibility for their own lives.

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