Philosophy from forty perspectives


Title: Philosophy from Forty Views / School of Life

Author: Alan Dubaten

Translator: Shaghayegh Nazarzadeh

Publisher: Farhar

Subject: Philosophy

Age category: Adult

Number of pages: 89

Language: Farsi



The book Philosophy from Forty Perspectives is by Alan Dubaton.

The mission of philosophy is to teach us reason and reduce the suffering of our lives. This book, artistically, brings us on a journey of Western and Eastern philosophy by gathering forty central philosophical ideas.
We get acquainted with Eastern wisdom by looking at tea ceremonies, or walking in the bamboo forest and flower arranging methods, and we learn new things from the western culture of important schools such as Stoicism and Machiavellianism.
This philosophical guide once again tells us about Nietzsche, Heidegger, Confucius, and the Buddha, and rereads basic concepts such as love, occupation, anxiety, self-knowledge, and happiness in order to comfort our daily lives and invites us to its first mission: questioning.

About the author
Alan Dubaten (born December 20, 1969) is a Swiss / English writer. Dubaton was born in Zurich. His father, who was born in Egypt, immigrated to Switzerland and invested in the founders of a company, after which he amassed a fortune. She has a sister and spent the first twelve years of her life in Switzerland.

Dubaten was sent to a boarding school in Oxford to study English. He studied history and philosophy and began his doctorate in French philosophy at Harvard University.

Religion for atheists
Essays on love
Consolation of Philosophy
The art of travel
Dignity anxiety
How can Proust change your life?
How can art change your life?
The joys and sorrows of work

About observation and perception
A week at the airport
The calamities of being employed

Romantic Movement “Relationship, Shopping and Novel”
Love, work and dignity in the modern age

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