Your Sacred Self


Title: Your Holy Self

Author: Wayne Dyer

Translator: Mehdi Asgharpour

Publisher: Phenomenon of Knowledge

Subject: Self-improvement

Age category: Adult

Cover: Paperback

Number of pages: 448

Language: Farsi



Your Sacred Self Wayne Dyer takes us on a wonderful journey, the Sacred Journey of Spirit Overcoming the Soul. He considered the liberation of the soul from the bondage of materialism as the ultimate goal of life. “Deepak Chopra

This book is categorized around 4 general concepts:
1- You are holy and in order to achieve it, you must upgrade your old belief system.

2- You are a spiritual being who must rise to self-awareness through knowing your sacred self and with the help of the key factors of attainment.

3- Your holy self can overcome your carnal dimension and be surrounded by all your vital powers.

4- You can see the border of this self-awareness in the light and affect the lives of all people on this planet.

These concepts make up the four sections of the present book. Each chapter is written with a purpose statement to familiarize you with the principles specific to that chapter. The ancient writings above have some very useful teachings that I would like to introduce you to. These teachings state that our purpose in life is to move from the abyss to perfection. But to move to the next point, we must first fall – this provides the energy and knowledge needed to move us to the next point. So every failure you experience is actually an opportunity to gain energy. This acquired energy is a powerful tool for you to progress and achieve your goals in the next step. Your holy self knows that these failures are the foundation of your success in achieving this goal.

Failure in my personal life has given me the energy to reach such a level that I am now writing these lines for you. I could not have published this book unless I had reached a higher level than the spiritual level. In the divine system, failure is inevitable. Gaining the energy to move to a higher level of spiritual cognition is entirely up to us. My message is quite clear. Take advantage of your failures to realize the power of superiority and the love that is always with you.
The energy you gain is like a javelin throwing hero who uses his spear power to jump towards the bar at a height. I know this spiritual knowledge, and I believe that this book can help you to know your holy self, which is always with you.

Your Holy Self: The Decision to Be Free
Your Holy Self: Deciding to Release Wayne Dyer’s work is a complete and comprehensive guide for those seeking a spiritual experience who believe in freeing the soul from material bondage as the ultimate goal of life.

Wayne Dyer in Your Sacred Self: Making the Decision to Be Free takes you on a wonderful journey, a sacred journey in which the soul overcomes the soul.

Each chapter of this book is written with a statement of purpose to acquaint you with the principles of that chapter. The ancient writings in this book have very useful teachings that you will become familiar with. These teachings state that our purpose in life is to move from inferiority to perfection.

But to move to the next point, we must first fall. This creates the energy and cognition necessary for us to reach the next point. So every failure you experience is actually an opportunity to gain energy. This acquired energy is a powerful tool for you to progress and achieve your goals in the next step. Your holy self knows that these failures are the foundation of your success in achieving this goal.
Wayne Dyer was the author of the best-selling American self-help book and motivational speaker. The Realm of Your Mistakes became one of the best-selling books in history in 1976. Most of Wayne Dyer’s books revolve around “spirituality” and “mysticism”. Dyer was named the best speaker in the United States in 1987. In 2011, Watkins magazine named Wayne Dyer the third most influential spiritual man in the world.

Excerpt from the book Your Holy Self
You are on the wrong track! The most important insight you can have is that you are on the wrong track to get the better part of your life.

Right now, take a few minutes to understand what I mean. Imagine yourself in any situation you want. Standing, sitting, lying down, the most comfortable position you can imagine. Now look at your mental image. What you see in this exercise is an image of yourself that always looks away from something and always looks outside of itself. You are on the wrong track!

Now imagine that you are back and you are moving in the opposite direction. If you can do it in a magical way, then you are back inside. This is not a mental exercise that you just imagine you have come back to. I am proposing a way for you to realize your spiritual identity, and I believe you must accept this challenge and enter your sacred search.

We have always been taught to look outside ourselves for life, to look beyond yourself for power, love, prosperity, health, joy, and spiritual success. We have been trained to believe that the privilege of life has been given to us from outside of ourselves. But we can change our attitude from the outside to the inside, and when we do, we will find the energy we felt; An energy we had not noticed before.
In this book, Dyer examines the current prevailing beliefs and ideas in society and challenges them and tries to offer a different interpretation of life.

In a part of the book called “Fear and Doubt” we read:
There is an old proverb that says (I do not know who said it or where it came from): “Fear comes, faith answers and no one was there.” Fear stems from the doubt we have about our divinity. “The antidote to fear is faith.”

I always knew from the inside that I was not alone. I knew that a divine guide was with me at all times. This inner insight makes the emergence of horror impossible. You are not alone and an ever-present guide is available to you if you wish.

When you truly realize that this present love is always with you, the possibility of living with fear and doubt will be ruled out. You have to give this insight the quality of being known. Then the issue of fear will disappear.

When you begin to get rid of fear, a kind of self-confidence will develop in you that will open your inner self to your divinity. In his book, Gentleness is Power, Gabriel Sol Helig describes how fear disappears as doubt is eradicated:
“We still tremble like the child within us before darkness descends. But when we bravely find our way into the heart, we will find that we have entered a world whose depth will lead to light. “There will be no end to it.”

We all often have attachments and interests that are hard for us to let go of. On the other hand, these interests and dependencies have taken away our psychological comfort and security. In this book, Wayne Dyer teaches us how to free our souls from bondage and ultimately enjoy life in peace and without dependence.

Imagine two children in the womb, one whom we call the soul and the other the soul, having such a conversation: The soul tells me: I know it is very difficult for you to accept this, but I believe that after death There is life.
I answer: Do not say nonsense, look around and see what it is. Why are you always looking for unreal things? Accept your destiny and relax and forget the nonsense of life after death.

The soul calms down for a moment but its inner voice does not let it calm down: Do not be angry, but now I have another word that there is a mother.

I say with a sneer: Mother. How can you be so nonsensical? You have never seen a mother, why do not you want to accept that whatever it is? It’s a mother’s idea to have madness. You and I are alone here. It’s your reality. Now stick to this field. You are holy, and to know the sanctity of your being you must elevate the ancient belief system.
You are a divine being who wants to know the secrets of attaining higher consciousness and the saints themselves. Your holy self can overcome me igloo and take control of your life.

It is your holy self or the secret of looking inside the book that, once read, illuminates the flames of true love in our institution, a love whose origin is the awareness of the sacred secret of existence, that is, the emergence of consciousness and order in this infinite space.

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