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Title: The Wealthy Madmen

Author: Darren Hardy

Translator: Ghazaleh Dalirian

Publisher: Nik Farjam

Subject: New economic companies – Entrepreneurship – Success

Age category: Adult

Number of pages: 231

Language: Farsi

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Introducing the book The entrepreneur roller coaster : why now is the time to jointheride
The book Wealthy Madmen was published in 2015 and attracted a large audience. The book was quickly translated into various languages ​​and was acclaimed by such prominent figures as Donald Trump, Robert Kiyosaki, Brian Tracy, Anthony Robbins, Jack Canfield, David Bach, and Barbaracurran. .

Many people, especially young people, are thinking of starting their own business. But being in a difficult and challenging path causes many people to give up on achieving their dreams. The path to success is a tortuous one in which each person repeatedly fails but eventually achieves his dream.

Darren Hardy, one of the most influential people in industry and commerce, his personal experiences on the path to success in the book Wealthy Madmen, How can we not be afraid and ride the train of entrepreneurial horror? Raises. The book Wealthy Madmen introduces the principles of entrepreneurship, and with the guidance of Darren Hardy, the reader of this book dares to start his own business.

The story of Darren Hardy’s failures and successes
Darren Hardy is a motivational writer and speaker who is remembered by readers for his book Composite Effect. He was born in February 1971 in the United States. Hardy started his business at the age of eighteen and founded Success Magazine (SUCCESS) at a young age. Among his activities are the management of several television networks, during which he interviewed people such as Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg.

Darren Hardy wrote and published the experiences of success and failure of his years of work, and his reputation as a successful writer doubled. In 2010, he published The Composite Effect, which topped the New York Times bestseller list that year.

Darren Hardy conducted numerous conferences and seminars to relieve many of the fear of progress. Following the writing of his books, he wrote the book Wealthy Madmen, which became a bestseller in the business world.

Other books by Darren Hardy include Increased Productivity, Release of Inner Power, Amazing Achievements by Passion, and Commitment to Goals, Achieving Goals, and 100 Years of Wisdom.

The entrepreneur roller coaster Trump’s acclaimed book
“The self-made rich man means that he goes beyond himself and his abilities and creates new horizons in his life, and it goes without saying that this transcendence and horizonization is also effective in the present society,” says Hossein Yaghchi, editor of the book Wealthy Madmen. “The self-made rich man gains his means by interacting with the community around him and the services he provides to them, and when he goes beyond himself, he inevitably goes beyond the community around him today.” “Experience has shown me that every time we fail, we learn a lot that supports greater success …” “Know success with its realities and also become a wealthy lunatic!”

book summary
The Book of Wealth-Making Maniacs, How Can We Not Be Afraid and Ride the Entrepreneurial Horror Train? Consists of eight chapters. Darren Hardy describes his ups and downs in various parts of the book. He shares his experiences during his breaks so that readers of his books can learn from them. The book chapters of The Wealthy Madmen are: “Height Needed”, “Fasten Your Seat Belt”, “Refuel”, “Fill in the Empty Seats”, “Rider in the Front Seat”, “Accelerate”, “Hands Up” “Smile at the camera.”

Before the book begins, Darren Hardy describes entrepreneurship as riding on a playground horror train. The horror train of amusement parks has a sweet and fascinating risk, the ups and downs of which are the same difficulties and successes of business and life. Darren Hardy believes that entrepreneurship is rooted in all of us and that by following the right principles we can enjoy train riding.

The author believes that after reading the book Wealthy Madmen, people gain more power and are well equipped for the path. Darren Hardy also believes that reading Wealthy Madmen boosts your self-confidence.
This book provides a set of tips that will help you get on the right path to entrepreneurship. Some of them are: “Be interested in what you do”, “Be interested in the reason for doing a job” and “Be interested in how you do a job”. There are also a number of exercises at the end of a number of chapters in the book that help the reader define success and sales.

Darren Hardy discusses three golden rules in the middle of the book: “Know what you want,” “Know what they want,” and “The Law.” At the end of the book, Darren Hardy speaks to his audience after sharing his experiences and teachings: “I believe. I, Darren Hardy, believe you. You can do this … it’s no coincidence that you’re reading these words. “These words are written for you.”

Various translations of the book
Wealthy Madmen, How Can We Not Be Afraid and Ride the Entrepreneurial Horror Train? Has been translated into Persian by Shadi Hassanpour and published by Negah Novin Publications. Other translations by Shadi Hassanpour include “10 Weeks to Unsuccessful Success and Why and a Few Other Notes” and “The Real Man in a Classroom for Impact and Success,” which are also written by Hardy.

In part of the book The entrepreneur roller coaster we read:
One organization that has been better able than any other organization to combat the inner reaction of fear in us is the military. If an ordinary person were afraid to speak, imagine how an irregular, slutty teenager would react to being shot and attacked by insurgents?

The military recruits these teenagers, who have never been far from their mothers’ arms, and turns them into fearless warriors through military training. As part of these developments, newcomers are exposed to endless and constant fear, pressure and stress. What is the result?
Future soldiers get used to fear. Now, when thousands of kilometers away from home and in Afghanistan, bullets are not looking for a place to escape during a fire. In order to face the enemy fire and run towards him again, you need a completely hacked brain. But if you can train your brain to run towards bullets and bombs, imagine how easy it would be to train it to run to the stage, make contact with a customer or a number of strangers. This process began for me as a child and under the tutelage of a second sergeant, my father. My first game in the Kids’ Baseball League, when the thrower threw the ball, I was constantly jumping out of the box. This was my brain’s natural reaction to defense when the ball flew towards me.

But this is not a good thing for playing baseball. Besides, I was like a girl to my father. Certainly my father was not going to father a son to any boy, so the next Saturday I took him to the baseball court to practice hitting with me. It was no longer like an amusement park, I was not at all eager for this father-son tour. “Well, you have to be there,” he said. Do not leave the bases out of there either. I do not care where the ball is, I do not see you put out the bases. “Did you hear what I said?”
The Book of the Wealthy Madmen; The principles of life in the new era. An era in which there is no news of the era of industrial mass production and no promise has been made to provide job security for individuals, and consequently security of life. In a way, we go back to a century ago, when there was not much talk of mass employment and a salaried society, nor of risk-free work with a monthly salary.

The responsibility of life is literally on us and it is we who have to pull the carpet of our lives out of the water. We must live like our grandfathers and their fathers; At that time, each person was an employer and entrepreneur and was responsible for securing his life and that of his family. Technology has once again taken us to the same age and taken us away from the bubble of the industrial age. In the meantime, only those who know and apply the techniques of life in the new age and do not think that the sky is always this color will be successful.

Now each of us is supposed to be an entrepreneur, and entrepreneurship with Darren Hardy’s artistic metaphor is like riding on the amusement train of horror, which secretly carries the risk of sweetness, and its ups and downs are creating the true and heroic meaning of life for everyone. .
Readers and readers are more likely to remember Darren Hardy in his book The Composite Effect. He started his business at the age of eighteen and founded Success Magazine (SUCCESS) at a young age. Hardy has conducted countless conferences and seminars in various countries to relieve people of the fear of success.

The book has attracted the attention of prominent figures such as Donald Trump, Robert Kiyosaki, Brian Tracy, Anthony Robbins, Jack Canfield, David Bach and Barbara Corcoran.

Darren Hardy, the author of the enduring book “Composite Effect”, this time in his book “Wealth-Making Crazy” has intelligently introduced the techniques of life in the new era in the form of a tortuous path of entrepreneurship and its real and fascinating stories. How many efforts and bloodshed to achieve goals that do not work and leave the person disappointed, and even if they work, eventually lead the person to the conclusion that from the very beginning the ladder of success to The wrong wall was leaning.
The horror train that Darren Hardy draws for entrepreneurs and introduces its seismic mazes are the same principles and skills of life in this new age that, like the horror train, have strange ups and downs and sometimes go there. It turns out that it goes beyond fear and becomes what should not be. The first point of the entrepreneurial horror train is right now, and it will be a choice. The choice is yours alone. You are standing at the ticket office. You can use the time and go through the entrance or go back and forth. What is your choice? Before making a decision, I want you to imagine something. It is now 20, 30, or 40 years and you are putting your grandson to sleep on your knee.

He looks at your house in astonishment and suddenly asks you with round eyes: What have you done? How did you get here? You can tell him: I was the right place, my child. I was there at a special time when the age of industry was over and at the beginning of the age of communication, and you can say the following: And I made the most of those incredible historical moments, and my right choices led to a full and successful life. I create that we all enjoy now…
Do not waste time, get on board. This book is your guide in professional life. You are travelers of this era and this book also shows you the techniques of a rich and successful life in this era. Entrepreneurship is rooted in all of us, but many do not succeed because they have not learned the really important points. As you read this book, you will learn three important principles: You will gain more power; You will be equipped for the route and you will find more confidence than before.

Do not read this book, but feed it! Yes, it’s right to turn it upside down and treat it like a workbook; Underline his sentences, highlight them, draw a circle and a star around them, write a note in the corner and mark in the margins. Fold or mark pages that have a big impact on you. Apply the key ideas of each chapter in the exercises at the end of each chapter and share effective book quotes and sentences with others.

Enjoy this exciting and wild route !!

Excerpts from the book The entrepreneur roller coaster
Fear is the fear that scares you. Fear itself bothers you more than what you fear.

They have overestimated courage. Or at least they have gotten too high. You do not have to be brave from morning to night and every day to succeed.

In fact, you rarely need to be brave.

According to my calculations, you can be 930,5556/99% of the time cowardly. This percentage is for your whole day and the only exception is three times twenty seconds.

Why twenty seconds? Because you can only do it in twenty seconds…
… Pick up the phone and talk to that big, potential customer.
Introduce yourself to your dream client in various forums.
… Go among strangers and greet them.
… Volunteer to go on stage.
Ask the other party to make an appointment with you.
… Start presenting your content and…
OK. What should we do when faced with an uncontrollable wall of fear? Do this: Turn off your brain. Close your eyes, hold your breath (if necessary), and do whatever your brain signals tell you not to do. Straighten the heart of it!…

Darren Hardy, author of the enduring book “Composite Effect”, this time in his 2015 book, has cleverly presented the techniques of living through life in the form of a tortuous entrepreneurial path and its real and fascinating stories. How much effort and blood Heartbreaks to achieve goals that do not work
And they leave the person confused and frustrated, and even if they succeed, they end up concluding that the ladder of success has been leaning against the wrong wall from the beginning.
The horror train that Darren Hardy draws for entrepreneurs and introduces its seismic mazes are the same principles and skills of life in this new era that have strange ups and downs like the horror train.

And sometimes it gets to the point where it goes beyond fear and becomes what it should not be, but this horror train is not like the horror train of amusement parks that can be ignored and passed by it slowly, and this horror train went the same life in the era. It is new, which sooner or later makes us its traveler and captures its mazes
Whether you are an employee or an entrepreneur, Hardy’s book is your guide to your professional life.

Many people have commented on this book, we will only tell you some of them here
we do
The future belongs to entrepreneurs and the new book has instructions that future entrepreneurs need to start, grow and maintain a successful business. They too are in the wild and tortuous world of entrepreneurship.
Robert Kiyosaki, Lecturer, Entrepreneur, Investor
And the author of the book Rich Dad, Poor Dad

This remarkable book is full of practical and proven methods and techniques that you can use to save thousands of dollars and hard years.
Swallow frog writer Brian Tracy
Success leaves clues Darren Hardy not only mastered the entrepreneurial horror train himself, but also spent many hours interviewing and reviewing the world’s greatest current entrepreneurs. I’s a must-read. To unleash your talent and awaken the entrepreneurial giant that is ready and waiting in you
Anthony Robbins, Chairman of the Board of Directors of 7 Private Companies
New York Times bestselling author and professor of high performance

Excerpts from this book The entrepreneur roller coaster
The first and most important factor in building a successful business is that you have to love it and if there is no love it will be nothing or love it or something else
Many times successful people succeed who love what they do and as a result resist when hard work is done and those who do not love it give up.

If you do not like work, do you continue to do so? If you do not love your work, you will fail. Do you like your work? Your business beats your heart out
Throws? If you do not love your work madly, you will not succeed, you will give up and no one will know your fault.

Martin Luther King Jr. says if you have not found something you are willing to give your life for, you will not be worth living.
When you think about your business or career, what you do may not be very inspiring, you may not have any great mission or great reason to do it, you may not be very interested in how you do your daily work

This may be the main source of support and financial security for someone you love and want to take care of if you simply focus on what you are doing and why and how you are doing it. Who do you serve? Your interest soon arises, the key is turned on, and the whole process makes better sense
As Michael Jordan said, “Everyone has talent, but ability, it takes hard work.” Do you want to spend 10,000 hours at work? And what do you choose?
Do you believe you can keep track of those hours every minute? Do you want to work harder, be more focused, pay more attention and do your job longer, more regularly and with more discipline and seriousness than others? These are necessary to succeed in the entrepreneurial horror train

If you have these features, congratulations, your height is standard for riding. You can even wait in line. The front doors are open and the train is waiting for you. Go and we want to move inside the train.

Falling is good for you
Learning to accept rejection and fail is not just for getting fat. Falling down makes you stronger and better, and failure is good for you.
One of my first encounters with this life lesson was on a downhill skiing. When I was six years old, my father taught me to ski on the snow. When I was eight years old, I skied easily. I smiled proudly and said, “Dad, I skied all day alone and I did not fall even once.”

What? This was not the answer I was expecting. The father, who saw my confused look, explained precisely, “Look, if you want to get better, you have to push yourself forward. If you push yourself, you fall. If you do not fall, then you did not push yourself.” “Eating is part of getting better.”
I owe a great deal of my success to my father and this philosophy owes me not only that failure is not a flaw, it is an important part of the path that proves that you are moving forward and getting rid of your former limitations. It is a confirmation of your progress. As a result, I have never avoided retreating, obstacles, rejection or even pain. I consider them as a sign of progress on the way to higher levels.

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