Think Better Live Better


Title: Getting rid of negative thoughts; Better thought, better life

Author: Joel Austin

Translator: Maryam Emami

Publisher: Melina

Subject: Better thinking, better life / better thinking, better life / thought and thinking

Age category: Adult

Number of pages: 168

Language: Farsi

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Joel Austin’s book, Think Better, Live Better, teaches you how to plan your mind with specific and amazing strategies and achieve remarkable success because it is the source of your mind’s triumphant and successful life.

You are created in such a way that you can achieve anything you want and live a prosperous, victorious and faith-filled life that you deserve. But if your mind is poorly planned, instead of seeing opportunities, you will see only limitations, and failure in your life will replace victory. Think better of audiobook solutions; Think Better Live Better helps you achieve new successes and goals at higher levels and have a happier life by reprogramming your mind.

In this book, Joel Osteen teaches you how to get rid of the limiting and destructive thoughts of your life and create a wonderful life for yourself and your family by controlling your thoughts. When you learn to eliminate unpleasant thoughts and focus on the values ​​that the Creator of the universe has given you, God’s grace will come to you in unimaginable ways.
You need to know that from the beginning, God has planned for you to be successful, healthy, strong and creative. When you learn how to let go of the limited thoughts that occupy your mind and focus on your values, you can achieve the amazing life that God has chosen for you. When you think well; Rest assured that your life will be better. This book gives you a tool to eliminate dysfunctional thinking and gives you the power to control your thoughts and live a successful life.

Joel Austin is one of the greatest motivational psychologists and senior pastor of the largest church in the world, called Likwood. The content of Joel’s talk is more like a psychological counseling session than a religious sermon. He has published bestsellers that have been translated into various languages.

Think better of a part of the book; Live better we read:
Our mind is like a computer. It works the way we plan it. You may have the most powerful computer ever built, the fastest and most up-to-date model with the most memory possible, but if you install the wrong software on it, it will not work as it should. We all have virus problems, even on the best computers, the virus enters and starts infecting software. It does not take long for the computer to slow down, after which you can no longer access your files. None of this means that the computer is faulty or weak. The computer hardware is fine, but the reason is that someone reprogrammed the software. Inside it is somehow messed up, now the software is infected.

In the same way, when God created you, he took a step back and said, “I have created another masterpiece.” Your hardware is great, your size is absolutely right, your nationality is right, the talents God has given you are all right, in addition to all that God has put the right software in you.

From the beginning, he has planned for you to be successful, healthy, strong and creative. “You can do everything with God’s help,” says your main software. God has programmed you in this way: “Whatever you do, you will prosper and succeed”, He has planned you in this way: “You are the principle, not the subsidiary, you are the lender, not the borrower, you are the winner, not the victim.” You have been programmed to live a prosperous, victorious, and faith-filled life, and your Creator has designed you to do so.
The reason we do not always experience this kind of prosperous life is that we allow viruses to infect our software, we say to ourselves, “I will never succeed, I’m not so talented, I will never overcome this addiction.” “I’ve been addicted for a long time, I’m slow, I’m clumsy, I’m ugly, there ‘s nothing good in my future.” Because our software is constantly infected, we live with low self-esteem, we feel negative, we do not believe that our dreams will come true and we do not expect our problems to be solved.

But the good news is that you do not have any problems, you do not have any problems like that computer, you have no defects or problems, the problem is with your software, you have to get rid of viruses. All day long, just pay attention to what your Creator says about you. “I am God’s mercy, I am strong, I am healthy, I am confident, I am beautiful, I am valuable, I am victorious.” You need to go to your main software. If your thinking is limited, your life will be limited, you will have a better life when you think better.

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