The Little Prince


Title: The Little Prince

Author: Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Translator: Hengameh Khodabandeh

Publisher: Almas Parsian

Subject: Children’s story

Cover: Paperback

Age category: All ages

Number of pages: 112

Language: Farsi



The Little Prince is one of the most famous stories and the third best-selling story of the twentieth century in the world. This book is the best-selling single-volume book in the world throughout history.

The name of a story book by Antoine Docent Exupery was first published in 1943 .

The Little Little book is the “most read” and “most translated” French-language book in the world. This book sells an average of one million copies a year 1

This book was also published as 2007 French year selected .

In this story, Exupery expresses his philosophy of love and existence in a surreal way. In this story, from the point of view of a child who came from an asteroid named B 612 , he asks many people questions And their work.

This work has been translated into more than 150 different languages ​​مجموع It has sold over 200 million copies in various languages ​​ .

year 1935 , the aircraft of St. Exupery, which for He was trying to break the flight record between Paris and Saigon, suffered a technical failure in the African Sahara and was forced to land there .

The same accident inspired the little prince, in which the protagonist, an anonymous pilot, meets a little boy after landing in the desert .

The boy tells the pilot that he comes from a distant constellation and has lived so long that one day he decides to leave home to explore other constellations. .

He also tells the pilot of his beloved rose that his heart is in love with him, compliments other constellations, and the fox he met here on earth. .

The pilot and prince find a well that saves them from thirst, but eventually the little prince informs the pilot of his decision and says he has decided to return to his home star .

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Book Review

In this chaotic world, there are people who have made their hearts happy.

Those who spend every day to see roses, those who think every day about making their flowers happy and want to follow the world.

The Little Prince is the most famous book of the century by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. Exupery has narrated a story that will forever be remembered by the world, using soft, delicate and poetic language.

Tips for reading about the book

No one still knows where the main origin of the story of the Little Prince is and whether it is really Exupery with this Has the Prince of Dreams met or not?

But the tone of the book is so poetic that it can be ignored. The following are some of the most interesting things about Little Prince :

The  Little Prince’s book holds the record for translations into many languages. This enduring book has been translated into over 300 languages, the only unholy book to be translated into so many languages.

    • Some critics believe that The Little Prince’s book is inspired by one of Hans Christian Anderson’s short stories The Little Mermaid.

    • Hans Christian Anderson is one of the most famous children’s fiction writers with this title. It is believed that when Exupery was hospitalized with post-fall injuries, his friend Annabella read him the story of the little mermaid. Critics say that it was probably after hearing this story that Exupery decided to write The Little Prince.

Exupery’s wife Consuelo actually inspired the little blossoming flower. Exupery’s main job was piloting and she had to stay away from Consuelo for a long time. In the story, the little prince is far from his throat. 

  • All the images in the book were drawn by the author himself. Exupery never considered himself a painter, but due to his sensitivity to the little prince, he painted all the pictures in his book himself using watercolors.

  • Finally, Exupery never saw the publication of The Little Prince in his hometown. The Little Prince was first published in 1943 in French and English in the United States. Due to the political situation during World War II, Exupery could not easily obtain permission to publish his book in France, which is why the book The Little Prince was not published in France until the liberation.


The story of The Little Prince is about a pilot meeting a lovely little creature.

This pilot is the author of Antoine Saint-Exupery ‘s book. 

The Little Little poetic and love story begins where a different plant grows in the grass on Planet B612, which is the Little Prince. he does.

The flower that plays the role of the beloved in this story.

Little prince who falls in love with a rose is on a journey, a journey that leads to the earth in search of a friend.

Prince Little accompanies the inhabitants of seven asteroids on his journey and learns facts about life from people on each planet.

Although Exupery’s life was short and did not exceed forty-four, this short period of time led him to valuable works such as: “Aviator”, “Land of Humans”, “Letter of a Hostage” and ” Leave the “night flight”.

Exupery was not only a brave pilot, patriot and anti-fascist fighter, but his life experiences as a pilot are reflected in his delicate and imaginative novels and stories.

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Beautiful sentences and dialogues of the little prince, the fox and the rose

Prince Little said: But you will cry!

The fox said it ‘s right.

– so it does not work for you.

– Why. The color of the wheat fields …

then said:

Go to see the flowers again. This will make you realize that your flower is unique in the world. Then come back to say goodbye to me to give you a secret.

The little prince went and saw the flowers again. Told them:

You have no resemblance to my flower, you are still nothing. No one has domesticated you and you have not domesticated anyone.

My fox was like you. It was a fox like a hundred thousand other foxes. But I made him my friend and now he is unique in the world.

and the flowers were very embarrassed.

The little prince said:

You are beautiful, but you have nothing but beauty. No one dies for you. Of course, the flower sees me as a normal passer-by like you.

But he’s the head of all of you, because I just watered him, because I just put him under the bubble, because he’s the only shelter for him I made it, because he just killed his worms for him , because only I have listened to his complaining about his arrogance or sometimes his anger and silence. Because he is my flower.

About the author of The Little Prince: Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry was born on June 29, 1900 in Lyon, France.

He was born into an aristocratic family and was an aristocratic pilot responsible for delivering letters to South Africa until World War II.

Antoine showed his ability as a poet and writer during his studies, but never seriously pursued it.

Saint-Exupéry served in the army as a young man and became a pilot, and through his flights he became acquainted with many people and had the experience of seeing pristine nature.

He had a plane crash at the age of forty-four on a French Air Force mission, and sixty years after his death, the wreckage of his plane was found on the Mediterranean coast.

Among his other works, we can mention the pilot of the war of the earth, translated by Parviz Shahdi.

The Little Prince, The Little Traveler, or The Little Prince is the most widely read and translated French-language novel, and has earned the title of the best book of the 20th century.

This book is one of those books that everyone should read at least once, but once read too little for this book .

The layered structure of this book requires that each reader read this book several times and at different intervals because each time he reads, he will have a new understanding of this book. 

Part of the text of the book

Tomorrow Prince Little Returns .

The fox said: it would have been better if you had arrived yesterday. If you come every day at four o’clock in the afternoon, I will be happy little by little from three o’clock onwards, and the more time passes, the more I will feel happy.

I will be worried and excited at four o’clock and then I will realize the value of happiness. But if you come at an unknown time, my eager heart does not know when to come to greet you … in the end everything must be ritual .

The little prince asked: “What is religion?”

The fox said: This is also something forgotten, something that makes a day different from other days and an hour from hour to hour different from other hours. Thus the little prince tamed the fox and as the farewell hour approached the fox said: Oh … I will cry .

Prince Little said: It’s your fault. I did not want to hurt your life. You yourself wanted me to tame you

The fox said it ‘s right .

Prince Little said: Will you cry again?

The fox said: Of course .

Prince Little said: But crying will not benefit you .

The fox said: crying because of the color of the wheat field will be useful for me .

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