I am Timur Jahangisha


Title: I am Timur Jahangisha

Author: Muscle Bryon

Translator: Zabihullah Mansouri

Publisher: Tav

Subject: Iran, history

Age category: Adult

Cover: hardcover

Number of pages: 582 p

Language: Farsi



I am Timur Jahangisha by Marcel Brion

The story of Timur Lang in his own pen. When one reads this book, one cannot find a definite theory about the spirit of Timur Lang unless he admits that he had the will and perseverance, and the attribute that seems most evident in this biography is his determination and perseverance.
Before writing this book, Marcel Bryon read all the ancient chronicles written about Timur Lang and read what was written in Arabic in the original text, and studied Persian chronicles in English, French and German translations and began to compile And wrote this book ….

The book that is now being introduced to readers and (Marcel-Brion) the Frenchman has taken the trouble to compile it is the memoirs of Timur Lang, the only Persian version of which was in the possession of (Jafar Pasha) the ruler of Yemen. (Of course, during the period when Yemen was under Ottoman occupation) and after the death of Jafar Pasha, the copy remained with the deceased until the scribe wrote a copy of the book and took it to India.
The book of Timur’s story in Persian was in that climate for a while after he went to India, until an English officer took the book from India to England, and we do not know whether the unique copy that arrived in India fell into the hands of that officer or he Has forced a scribe to transcribe it. However, he took the book to England, where a man named Davy translated it into English with the help of Professor White, a professor at Oxford University, and the English text was published in 1783.

Marcel Brion, a Frenchman, says: “The unique version of this book, which was in the possession of Jafar Pasha, the ruler of Yemen, and who died in 1610 AD, it is not known whether it exists or not. If that unique version exists, because nothing has been published yet. It does not diminish the value of this book. In this book, we learn the story of a ruthless man who clearly tells many unspoken things in history.

My book Timur Jahangisha is written by Marcel Brion and translated by Zabihullah Mansouri. The above work was published in the year 1372 and has been published in Mostofi Library Publications. This article is in Persian and has four hundred and forty-four pages. Manem Teymour Jahangisha is a work that includes the life and memoirs of Amir Teymour Gurkhani written by him.
He wrote this work at the age of seventy. Before collecting and writing this work, Marcel Brion read all the ancient histories written about Timur Lang and read what was written in Arabic in the original text and studied Persian history in English, French and German translations. And began to compile and write this book. The unique version of this book in Persian was in the hands of Jafar Pasha, the ruler of Yemen, and after the death of Jafar Pasha, the said copy remained to the deceased until a scribe wrote a copy of it and took it to India.

About the book I am Timur Jahangisha by Marcel Brion
“I am Timur Jahangisha” was originally written in Turkish, which was translated by Zabihullah Mansouri and translated into Persian.
Marcel Brion, the author of this book, introduces us to one of the kings and warriors of ancient Iran. It seems that this book is his biography and is supposed to acquaint us with more features of this lame creature.

There are very few rulers in history who can even instill fear in their enemies by mentioning their names. This commander, who was the sole ruler of a vast empire that stretched from the Danube coast to the Great Wall, bravely showed his influence in all states of all sizes. The great Hun Basbugo Timur, who wanted to rule the world on behalf of his people, carried out his plans step by step. He fought against the Western and Eastern Roman Empires and showed his fear and fearlessness to the whole world.

He bore the name “Kirbaci God” which was properly given to him for the rest of his life.
A human being born to scare people, to be feared by the whole world! ”
Marcel Brion (French: [bʁi.ɔ̃]; 21 November 1895 – 23 October 1984) was a French essayist, literary critic, novelist and historian.
After graduating from high school in Champiett College, Switzerland, he studied law at X University in Provence.
Working as a consultant at the Marseille Bar between 1920 and 1924, he left his legal profession and turned to literature.
Brian wrote nearly a hundred books in his repertoire, from historical biographies to studies of Italian and German art, and later novels of life.

Marcel Brion (November 21, 1895 – October 23, 1984) was a French inventor. He wrote more than 100 books on the biography, history and life of the elders. One of his well-known works among Persian speakers is Manam Teymour Jahangisha. Vipser Lawyer Brian was a classmate of Thiers with Marcel Pagnol and Albert Cohen. After high school at the University of Champitét in Switzerland, he studied law at X University in Provence.

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