Title: Ba sharaf

Author: A. Rasee

Publisher: Forbidden

Age category: Adult

Cover: Paperback

Number of pages: 739 p

Language: Farsi

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Introducing the book Bashraf

With honors are miscellaneous notes and at the same time the story of a girl whose every chapter in society is unfortunately exemplary. Bashrafha is a true story in the pages of which the secrets of love and lust, whims, secrets, thefts, and dishonesty of a handful are honorably unveiled and studied.

The story of the nobles
A girl who graduated from one of the best high schools in Tehran around 1320, goes to Lalehzar with her mother, and after these comings and goings, she falls in love with a market boy.
They become friends with the boy, and spend some time together. After the eyes get used to each other, the boy promises to marry the girl and says, “I am an honorable man.

And I do not say a word that I do not believe, I will not harm you and you are my fiancé and we will get married. The torment but the pride of the girl shouts “These thoughts belong to the old women, I am an educated and enlightened girl”, the boy says “we are engaged and the upper body is lawful during the engagement” and the body gets used to the caress and fears of the girl!

In the midst of the fire of body and beauty and need and habit, the boy asks the girl to go to his friend’s birthday party, and they go to the garden house of one of the boy’s friends. He gives the girl to the boss, and the privacy is lost.
The boss, who promises honor and family, asks the girl not to return home late so that the family does not worry, destroys the girl’s privacy and honorably rapes the girl for a week! After that, the girl is left on the street!
From here, the girl’s life changes! He can no longer tell his family his pain, and his comforter disappears. The boy gave the girl to the boss for a better job position and the girl alone!

The girl, who no longer had the face to live with her family, separates and turns to fornication. He makes a living for a while and then the soul gets tired of self-indulgence and loneliness. Changes the procedure.
He travels to another city and becomes a teacher and captures a man on the way. The man was skeptical, he had a wife, he was watching the girl. The girl who was accustomed to prostitution could not capture the man. “I did not want to live like this, but a story happened to me.”

The man, who was a ruthless human being, gets upset after hearing this story and marries the girl and divorces her, so that the girl can be released and the stigma removed from her forehead and she can lead an honorable life. She goes to another city and becomes a prosecutor typist and gets engaged to a man there.

They go to the honeymoon and the driver who was with them, during this time, makes the girl pessimistic about her fiancé and by saying “I am an honorable person and I do not want you to be caught in the hands of this devil”, stop the man at the roadside station. And the rest of the girl’s honeymoon is spent with another man.
I had read the story so far (about 600 pages) and remembered it. I was deeply moved, not by the clarity of the pen, not by the precise description of the events, but by the course of the story, the emphasis on dignity, the simplicity of the girl, the stories that flowed between the main story and its resemblance to today’s society!

I do not criticize, I respect everyone’s thoughts, and I do not even know what path I might take at the ups and downs of time! But this is life! Sometimes the beauty of a romance novel, and sometimes the bitterness of an ancient documentary that has been banned!

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