British wage earners in Iran


Title: British wage earners in Iran

Author: Ismail Raine

Publisher: Badrakha Javidan

Subject: Freemasonry, Iranian, British politicians, foreign relations, Qajarians

Age category: Adult

Cover: hardcover

Number of pages: 478 p

Language: Farsi



British wage earners in Iran? The work of Ismail Raine

In the conflict of political events, the record of many rulers of Iran is not white.

A group of rulers were patriotic, devoted and defenders of the rights of the Iranian nation, such as Mirza Taghi Khan Amirkabir, Abbas Mirza, etc.

The second group were people who had good intentions and did not have a very dark case, but they did not do anything

As for the third group, they directly affected the British government, such as Mirza Fazlullah, Minister of the Army, Allahyar Khan Asif al-Dawlah, …. who are introduced in this book with solid documents.

The book of British wage earners in Iran?
Ismail Raine, the son of Gholam Hossein Raine known as “Gholam Hossein Piano”, was born in Bushehr in 1298 A.H. (1919). He completed his primary and secondary education in Bushehr and Saadat High School. He received a bachelor’s degree in journalism from the University of Tehran. He studied radio and wireless at the Post School. He also had a correspondence degree from the United States. Raine began his press career in 1318 by writing articles for the Iranian Gulf newspaper in Bushehr. While working as a journalist in “Kayhan”, “Information”, “Fire”, “Iran”, “Khorasan”, “Tehran Illustrated”, “Intellectual” and “Ferdowsi” magazines, he studied extensively and traveled to different countries, including The United Kingdom was able to publish valuable research books and provide extensive evidence.

His works are counted in more than two hundred books and treatises, and so far there are 50 unpublished books by him.

In his book “Iranian Maritime” he has proved that, contrary to what Europeans say, Iranians have not only been sailors, but have dealt with the sea and navigation since ancient times, and the Iranian navy in different seasons of history in the world’s seas. They have been in traffic.

He was a founding member of the Writers ‘and Journalists’ Union, and for several terms chaired the board and served on its executive boards.

.. Among his works: Correction and introduction of the oppression of Iran (by Morgan Shushtar, translated by Abolhassan Mousavi Shirazi, 1345);

Documents and memoirs of Haidar Khan Uncle Oghli (1358);

Secret Associations in the Constitutional Revolution (translated and authored, 1345); Secession in the Baha’is (1357);

The first printing house in Iran (1347);

Armenian Iranians (1349);

Sons of Solat Qashqai (1333);

British wage earners in Iran (1247);

Haidar Khan Uncle Oghli (1352);

On the shores of Karun and Shatt al-Arab and historical documents of Iranian rule (1330);

Iranian Maritime Two Volumes, 1350);

International Oil Traders, Travelogue of Mirza Saleh Shirazi (1347); Forgetting House and Freemasonry in Iran (three volumes, 1347);

Jungle Uprising; Notes of Mirza Ismail Jangali (1978);

Mirza Malek Khan; His life and efforts (1349);

Yapram Khan Sardar (1350

Mirza Abul Hassan Khan Elchi

Russia and the West compete in Iran

Secrets of the sedan house

_I came from Bahrain or Iranian legitimacy documents

Travelogue of Mirza Saleh Shirazi

Mirza Saleh Shirazi

Termination of Iran-Britain relations

Georgian and Caucasian bombers in the Iranian revolutions

Newspapers and journalism in Iran

US invasion of Iran -1856 -___

– The Communist Party in Iran from 1298 to 1320 AD

And …

Ismail Raine sometimes signed his articles in newspapers and magazines under the pseudonym “Bahman”.

Ismail Raine died of a heart attack in 1979 (1979) following a verbal dispute over the authorship of his books at the Amir Kabir Publishing House in Tehran. And was buried in Zahra’s paradise in Tehran.

There are several unpublished works left by him that are in the possession of his family. Raine’s research office on Mofteh (Roosevelt) Street in Tehran, which had been established since 1967, was closed after his death.

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