Rasputin : the last word


Title: Rasputin

Author: Amp Katsyubinski, d. آ. Katsyubinsky

Translator: Maryam Saei

Publisher: Superior Man

Subject: Russia, biography, court

Age category: Adult

Cover: Paperback

Number of pages: 890 p

Language: Farsi



Rasputin : the last word by A.P. Katsyubinsky et al. Katsyubinsky

Another book about Rasputin by the best-selling author of Stalin. Rasputin is a remarkable biography of a mystical monk and a strange swinger whose role in the Romanovs’ demise and the beginning of the revolution is only now well known. Nearly a century later, historians have only been able to speculate about the role that Gregory Rasputin played in the fall of Tsarist Russia.

Summary of Rasputin’s book by A.P. Katsyubinsky et al. Katsyubinsky
Gregory Afimovich Rasputin was a simple peasant who entered the court during Alexei Tsarovich’s illness, and when he succeeded in curing the prince, he remained in the palace and soon became the right hand of the king and queen and their confidant. So that he comments on all political matters, and this causes the envy of those around him, so that it leads to his murder. But this character has become a mysterious and enigmatic character due to his prophecy, as well as his boundless beard and the role he played in the Russian Revolution.

This book is written by A.P. Katsyubinsky et al. Katsyubinsky, published by Superior Man Publishing. Excerpt from Rasputin’s book: In order to access the documents of the Extraordinary Commission, I had to obtain a number of official permits from government departments; I do not intend to list here the efforts I have made in this regard.
Or I do not want to explain how these licenses were rendered useless in practice. Or I do not want to say that the only thing that helped me was my position as a successful playwright and screenwriter. I am content to have access to the archives of the Extraordinary Commission. Rasputin book with special discount.

Why should we read this book?
We recommend this book to all those who are interested in world history.

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