The door of secrets


Title: The door of secrets

Author: Ahmad Omid

Translator: Arsalan Fassihi

Publisher: Phoenix

Subject: Philosophy, novel, meaning of life

Age category: Adult

Cover: Paperback

Number of pages: 521

Language: Farsi

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The door of secrets is another novel whose story is tied to the lives of Rumi and Shams, and as you can guess, this connection with the main character of the book – a woman from London – is quite mystical. The book has been translated well by Arsalan Fassihi and has entered the market in the first edition with 7,700 copies, which is a very significant number today.

On the first page of the book, you come across an Indian proverb that reads: “The world is a dream in another dream.” So the reader can conclude that he or she is on the side of a novel that engages his or her mind, or even gets confused between the dream world and the real world in the story, or any other exciting subject. But you have to read the book to the end and then draw conclusions.

On the back cover of the book, there is a part of the introduction of the book which is very similar in structure to the introduction of the book Nation of Love. In fact, this introduction vaguely puts the end of the story in front of the audience, so we suggest that if you want to be a little more surprised, leave this introduction at the beginning of the unread book and read it as the last chapter of the book. In this text, we read from the back cover of the book:

There was blood on the stone and in the sky, Badr and in the garden the smell of soil. The trees were floating in terrific coolness. Sometimes it was the budding of winter flowers, the tail of the daffodils blossoming. Seven entered the courtyard… seven angry hearts, seven mocking minds of hatred, seven razor blades. The seven accursed men broke the silence of the courtyard and went to the wooden door, which was the place of their sacrifice, on the rock of blood, and in the garden of terrifying coolness. He was the only witness to Badr’s crime. Amazed, fearless, the Bealers looked through the dead leaves of the tall poplar trees. The youngest of them knocked on the door, the oldest of them called the man in the room. All seven at once plunged their blades into the dead man’s body. There was blood on the stone and hatred in the hearts of the people and deep peace in Badr…

Book Summary of The door of secrets
The story of the book is about a woman named Karen Kimia who gets involved in a past that she imagines she has gone through. Karen lives in London with her mother, and her father, who went to the monastery and was a lover of Rumi, leaves them after living in London with a friend for a while. Karen never understood the reason for this and did not forgive her father for leaving them.

Karen is an insurance expert, and when it comes to filing a lawsuit in Turkey – paying سه 3 million in damages from a hotel fire – the boss could not think of a better option than Karen. He knew the language and culture of the Turkish people and could easily do the job. So Karen goes to Turkey to find out if the fire was really an accident or the result of a deliberate sabotage. Karen’s pursuit of the subject also gives the book an enigmatic theme.

Along with all these currents, Karen’s arrival in Turkey brings to life the memories of her childhood and especially the memory of her father. She still can not understand why her father went with another man and what he was looking for in general? He had heard more or less about Rumi and Shams, but had never pursued it out of anger.
At the airport, he was followed by a company representative in Turkey. But an accident occurs on the way to the hotel and the car tire is punctured right in front of Shams Tabrizi Mosque. Karen decides to wait while changing the tire, and here’s the first big and strange thing in the story. As he walks towards the mosque, Karen sees a tall, black-clad man with black eyes appear in front of him and puts a ring in Karen’s hand.

I looked out of the corner of his long eyelashes at the man’s black eyes, which seemed to be congenitally red. There was no threat, no trick, no fear in these eyes. It was as if he was asking me for help. I did not know what to say; He was mourning like a beast, and I remained the same. I did not see him walk, but he approached. I did not see him move, but he approached. It flew as if it were not walking: like night, like wind, like silence. (Book of Secrets – Page 33)

This shocks Karen, but she still holds the ring in her hand and even touches it. More or less strange and extraordinary events take place and Karen is gradually drawn to the knowledge of Rumi and Shams, and besides all this, Karen tries to get closer to discovering her father’s secret. Karen’s encounter with the story of Rumi and Shams is largely the result of her own study, the definition of others, and visits to mosques and monasteries, but in some cases she goes through a mysterious chapter and travels to the seventh century in a trance-like state, witnessing the encounter of Rumi and Shams becomes.
The story of solving an insurance case and discovering new puzzles related to his father and his relationship with Rumi and Shams go together and a fascinating story is created for the reader. Finally, we need to see how these stories relate to each other and how they change Karen.

In another part of the text on the back cover of the book, it is about the story of the book:

A woman wandering between a lost father and the unborn child of a human being who seeks the meaning of life: Karen Kimia, a city whose gates are opened to secrets, nights in which secrets turn into miracles. The times when the miracle of truth is considered, the whispers that have been heard since seven hundred and one years ago, the fragrant souls of people who measure love only by love, the love that death could not remove, the love that has withstood the passage of time; The Love of Shams Tabrizi and Maulana Jalaluddin Balkhi ع A mystical story full of questions, awareness and excitement…

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