Lady of the Blue Lake


Title: Lady of the Blue Lake

Author: Hassan Sholeh Saadi

Publisher: Reflection of Culture

Subject: Persian poetry

Age category: Adult

Number of pages: 128

Language: Farsi



The Lady of blue Lake  is also a collection of the poet’s poems that was published in 1996.81 Long and short poems in various forms make up the content of this book.

The poems of this book also have the atmosphere of my book and loneliness. In this book, the poet’s excessive love for Shiraz, the first sonnet, appears.

Eid came and spring and my heart is in love again
Only not me, who loves Shiraz
Butterfly with fire tongue Anas
Every winged chicken loves to fly
Even Nasim loves dead ends
The drunkenness of the cold is the magic of the lover’s song
This is not love, it is madness for no reason
Everyone who lives in Shiraz loves it

2 – Lady of the Blue Lake

This book consists of 81 pieces of poetry that were published in 2016. In this poem, the poet covers a wide range of personal, social, emotional and ultimately political issues. In this collection, the poet still suffers from loneliness and humanity. And he warns it on any occasion. Justice is one of his most important functions, which necessarily takes on the black color of politics. Pay attention to this short piece:

Congratulations on that moment
To rise from the roof of the firmament:
Oppression no longer lasts
Congratulations on that moment
Let the oppressor run away from his house!
The muezzin shouts:
That he is no longer coming
According to the poet, the fall of the oppressor is not reserved for a specific person or a specific country.

He also complains about laws that play a negative role. Laws are usually enacted to enforce justice, but in today’s world, and in most cases, the oppressor is protected and the oppressed are destroyed. Also note this piece:

This day is raging with everyone
Capture the oppressed and the oppressor
Frees from accident
This is injustice.
But the beloved’s infidelity and unfaithfulness is not something that the poet forgets.

A long incident
It was in the history of my emotion
A few lines from this date
Remained in your memory?
You went
Deep gap
It was in the palace of my emotion
Like a valley between two mountains
You are still a mountain
And I
Destroyed the level of Kasraim mansion
tell me
A few raw bricks
Of all that
For the sake of money?
However, the poet has hoped that someone will come and put an end to all these anomalies or at least take him to a safe land by himself, but at the end of his journey, he and his savior will not face winter. Winter is an expression of the coldness of life and It is an anomaly that freezes everything in itself and turns hope into despair. It considers the tree of despair as a manifestation of despair and unwillingness. Note the excerpts from the poem “Rider” dedicated to Ahmad Shamloo:

I was standing
Under the dry jasmine tree
I was looking for a way and guidance
You came through the water and the mirrors
And I said:
That this is the zealous rider
Takes with him
Me and all the suffering that is going on in my heart
At the time of land
In captivity he was from the earth ……….

But surprisingly
That no zealous taxman like you
And you have not suffered like me
We have not become the opponent of the winter giant
Now from this turbulent land
Take me with you
I’m so tired

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